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Oh yeah, it is so annoying when people do that.

Stick I can sometimes take that long, or I can crank someone out in less then an hour... Like Inari was made in a half hour XD

Ah, well it's against standard roleplay decency and expectations I'd say, and imo it's ground for abandoning my roleplay with those alltogether

Well sadly Syl, there are just as many people willing to do that as there is people willing to respect not doing such

My character profile took me about 3 hours to make so far xD

One thing I do absolutely insist on is getting art rather than faceclaims

Im always working on my character profiles and adding to them.. when i have the time and attention to do it

Honestly I just don't know what I want to add.

I try to respond as fast as possible, but problem is, for a detailed post, I'm so slow, that it takes me awhile..

Characters usually take me about 3-4 months to make

Stick this is one that took me a few days.. but I was inspired by a song and I even listed it. Though his profile could be much larger then it is.

Syl I love making characters as much as I like to rp XD I tend to make more characters then I will ever use.

I don't mind faceclaims from other players, but I want art for my own characters

I.. can't handle faceclaims. They bother me.


I should make art for my characters but I get lazy.. Oh wait now that I have a tablet it should be easier.. +-+

whats a face claim?

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)