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Churchtuary wrote:
Strange how a gaming laptop lags on browsers, heh.

its an HP it works for my games, but it dont like to let me use the Internet... aka the issue is I have an HP

Afternoon Kansas

How are y'all?

Hey mothy

Ayyy, Arky.

How are you doing?

Not too bad. How about you?

Other then pissed my other charger for the Toshiba I use to rp died, Im amazing lol.


Yeah least this one is working, though I had to rig up my browser with a VPN thing on it so it will let me use it at speed. I cant hear the chat sounds, but it works and thats what matters.

That's good.

well Its not as fast as the other pc, but its working lol

That's better than nothing.

Yep. And I just started a warrior on DA:I on nightmare difficulty lol Ima get my arse kicked so much

Good luck with that. XD

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Forums > Smalltalk > Just Talkin' :)