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More examples can be found on my deviantart: Slipkast

Headshot - 10 USD
Waist-up - 15 USD
Full - 20 USD

Color (No BG)

Headshot - 15 USD
Waist-up - 25 USD
Full - 35 USD

Tarot - 50 USD

Full Illustration - 80 USD

+10 USD per extra character on all

Please contact me through PM on rpr or on my discord @ Glitch#9114 with the type of commission you are wanting, details and references (if any) of your character(s), and any other pertinent information for the piece. I only take paypal and will give my address once the commission has been agreed upon.

Will Do
Humans, Kemonomimi (people with animal ears/tails), Objects/Clothing Design, Nudity (non-sexual), OCs (OC can be for existing 'world', like Harry Potter, Star Wars, ect.)

Will Not Do
Porn, Anything inappropriate involving underaged characters, Fanart

If you are unsure, just ask!

Commissions are completed in order.

1) ] 2) 3) 4) 5)

Please comm this magical person, I fully endorse



This was the most recent she's done for me!



this is the most recent thing i got LOOK AT IT

I need to get more art from Pen!

I'd like to commission you!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your art! <3


still open

This one is incredible!!!


still open

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Forums > Art & Creativity > Pen's Commissions [OPEN]