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I must say I very much enjoy reading the posts from both of you! I'm itching to reply right now, but I'll give EeveeMaster a day or so to reply first... :)

Sorry to be a slacker GM! I'm so far behind these past 2 weeks!

I'll assume everyone wants at least one more post, but let me know when we can time skip ahead to morning. The beast won't be back tonight. :)

Have room for a later adventurer after the time skip?

I'd need to catch up a little bit on the plot, but after the timeskip, I'd be very up for joining in too.

I would like to discuss character creation with you, but if you're okay with that I'd be lovely to join a fantasy rp again.

ChapterBillion and Thekaleidoscope, I think we could certainly accommodate!

Let me know what you've got in mind, character-wise. You might consider being a resident of Hirot already (which would come with some starting rumors/knowledge.) Though that's not required.

If possible and I'd need to go through a few documents to re-find everything about her, but I've got an old fantasy explorer I could throw into the situation.

She'd be someone who could stumble on into the village and then be willing to protect it. Although if you'd prefer me to play as a resident then I'd be fine with that. Also feel free to call me Theo ^^

Resident vs outsider is completely up to you. :) But an explorer type would certainly work. Stat-wise, she might work out either as a fighter or as a rogue.

I wouldn't mind playing resident thief. A matter of fact, I think I have an interesting and unique way to do it that would amuse you. Would an awakened animal be available for a PC? Backstory could be enchanted pet, an Eldritch Horror's science project, resurrection gone awry, etc.

What do you think?

I like him. :) When I'm off work later, I'll shoot some info your way via PM.

Remind me, it is d20s for all rolls right?

Mostly yes. The only exception is damage, which are a d6.

hi hi ♥ I'll be getting a post for Nysphina in here soon!

Good of you to join us , Dream.

@JohnTheWarden, if you can put away the magical flashbang, I think we can help each other get inside the town :P

@ChapterBillion I'd love to but in terms of RP that'd be difficult because of the attempt at stealth. Should I throw it your general direction so it won't blind your character but will make the situation clear or do you prefer sneaking into town?

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Forums > RP Discussion > Doom of the Savage Kings - OOC