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"Yeah, I believe it. They are pretty good! They get out of the car and go to the door. Steve opens it for Amber to go in.

*amber smiles and says thank you for opening the door for me you Are real sweet guy Steve and looks at her watch*

"I try." he sauys as they look at the menu. They order tacos and frozen lemonades and Steve points out a table for them to sit at. "Hopefully they are quick in making them."

((Sorry i left, something happened to my acc.))

*anber smiles at Steve as her eyes shine in the light of the restaurant she feels special that she find the guy she was looking for and as sweet as he is everybody is saying we will be cute together*

Amber seemed to be quite happy that they were spending time together. He wouldn't mind having her on his arm as they walked the school halls. They were sitting at the restaurant eating their tacos when Steve received a text. He decided to leave his phone in his pocket until they were done.

((Couuld I join the rp?))

*amber smiles and takes a sip of her frozen lemonade and she enjoys having Steve in her arms she is really having a good time with him and she is defenitly excited about Steve was coming over tonight she was thinking about what she was going to ask Steve to be her boyfriend or wait for him to ask her out*

((May I join?))

"You are a pretty cool chick Amber" Steve said as his phone went off with another text. "Um, excuse me, I should find out who is texting me."

He got his phone out of his pocket and saw he had three. The first one was a number he knew. The second two came up a a phone number so they weren't any of his contacts. He read those first. He looked at Amber and said, "Somehow one of your exes got my number and apparently saw us leave school for lunch together"

*Alex walks off on her own not really a big fan about being around people sense she was usually bullied because of what she is*

*sits at the corner of the lunch room and eats her food*

Steve Harrison wrote:
He got his phone out of his pocket and saw he had three. The first one was a number he knew.

Jessica ended up getting sick and left school after one period. Once she was home, she put some classic rock albums on her vinyl turntable and was rocking out since nobody was home. Later, she sat and drank a bottle of water. She got her phone and decided to text Steve Harrison, a guy she met a couple days before. She had given him her number and was a little down she hadn't heard from him. She lay on the couch and typed out a txt. 'Hi Steve. You should come over for lunch. Parents won't be home until 5. Spend the afternoon with me?' Yes, Jessica knew she was being forward. I mean, they only spent a whole day and evening together. But she was feeling gutsy. It was likely he was flirting up other girls at school. She wasn't there.. out of sight, out of mind...

*later that night Alex goes to her house and scrolled around for a bit which was useless sense she never hears from anyone having no friends*

After the long and somewhat lonley school day, she had gone home and kept staring at her phone. Eventually waking up to find it was another school day, sighing she gets up and showers quickly.

Running downstairs, hair still wet and backpack slung over her shoulder as she booked it out the door of her home, avoiding her parents yet again. It was cheer practice today so she wore her uniform under her cheer! Hoodie, getting into her mustang and headed off to school.

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