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What's up? I got a new laptop and downloaded furcadia after not being on there for ages. Are there any active dreams still up apart from TGT? Humanoid or feral.

Ahhh 8D I've missed you, child.

I usually hang out in Bramford now. Modern supernatural. You should swing by and say hi <3

The Cosmos (eh-heh a bit behind on our Epic). Coming up on our one-year anniversary, too! Scifi outer-space RP, and pretty dang active for an Imag dream these days. Main focus around a Merry Band of Mercenaries, but lots of other things too. Bit of an eccentric dream design.

To tack on to Bramford; maybe I'm biased but I think it's a blast. If you're just looking for a friendly place to hang, the ooc is usually bumping, but if you're looking for role-play? Definitely a good time. Between events and spontaneous opens there's often a lot to do and our seeking section is constantly growing with new ideas for people to build on together. It would be neat to see an old face around there. ;)

Wooh, long time no see!

Not to remention already-mentioned dreams, but I've been hanging around Bramford and Cosmos, too :)

Sweet I'll have to look for them the next time I'm on! Thanks everyone! <3 <3

We have Ward Six! it's modern, set in Washington DC AND slightly in the future (it's currently 2026). We welcome all characters, humanoid, furre, supernaturals, and anything you might be able to think of in between. Even Canons, within reason and following our set guildlines of what may or may not be approved, we have to be sure a specific canon may fit into our continuity.

The theme is set not long after the exposure of non-human species, and takes a very 1960s feel, where species are grouped into a "type system" based on how dangerous they are to humans. Humans would equal out to a position struggling to maintain supremacy, while the supernatural characters fall into a minority and struggle to re-establish their place in the States. The continuity features plots themed around what changes characters may influence through RP in the community. This could mean anything themed between peace rallies, building awareness, battle events, espionage, and anything in between.

Don't let that scare you, we allow the players to chose how they want their character known. We have many systems in place where supernatural a are still capable of hiding as humans, or they may run around freely in their true forms. While there are a lot of characters that have exposed themselves, there are still many characters that are in hiding and masquarading as humans.

We actively encourage our community to openly interact. This is because what our community does effects the entire dream! We look to have our community active, and encourage everyone to interact and involve themselves in the theme of the IC continuity alongside their person plots, as well to be interactive with our super duper friendly and welcoming OOC community. The goal is to generate change in the IC community, and work towards IC equality! We on the staff team also like to throw curve balls, so the unexpected should always be expected! Variety is the spice of life, and we certainly want to keep our guests entertained.

It was a 16+ IC community (no OCs may be below the age of 16), and an 18+ OOC community (no persons may be below the age of 18).

If you'd like an invite to our discord, send me a PM! You don't even have to play in the dream to chill with us, we just love people ;3

I was looking for ward 6 and I couldn't find it D8

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Forums > RP Discussion > Furcadia dreams?