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Alright, so lately I have been extremely bored and have been craving a new show to binge, so here we are.

Suggest ANYTHING but keep in mind a couple of things.

-I have already seen shows like the office. Yeah I like them but it’s not really what I’m looking for rn. I’m looking for a show with a main plot.

-I like drama and thrillers. I like other stuff those are just my favorite.

-I want to be on the edge of my seat.

I want a show that will make me crave more after the first few episodes. A show where anything can happen.

Suggest your favorite shows that are Netflix below and I’ll check them out :)

(Also keep in mind I’m okay with gore and stuff like that. I’m NOT okay with nudity every episode so if it’s a show with a lot of that, chances are I probably won’t really feel comfortable watching it)

In which country are you located, my Liege?


I think House of Cards is good...if you start it from the beginning. (Political and intrigue.) Black Mirror is amazing and very mentally trippy, it's like the Twilight Zone on I can't even explain it. Star-Crossed is a cute sci fi romance that I wish i lasted for more seasons.

It's a kid show, sort of, but I liked Stranger Things. I like The Originals (vampires), erm....... Designated Survivor but that's on Hulu....

Oh! The 3% (it's dubbed but it's soooo freaking good. Dystopian science fiction).

I agree with Abigail Austin on Stranger Things and Black Mirror, although I suggest perhaps not watching Black Mirror before bed if you get affected by disturbing or potentially creepy things easily. Stranger Things might be a bit on the darker side, but not so much that it ever gave me the heebie-jeebies.

Now, I am in Canada, so I'm not certain how many shows will be available to you, but if you like drama and thrillers, Icelandic murder dramas are a particular favourite of mine. Trapped is quite lovely. In the realm of murder dramas, there's also Broadchurch & Shetland. Albeit, Broadchurch is set in England and Shetland is, well, Scottish.

When it comes to drama, rumours and guilty pleasures, I will say Dynasty is pretty good. Mind you, there is some nudity/sexual things involved, so be aware of that. And I cannot emphasize drama enough. You want tangled webs, family issues, and backstabbing, Dynasty is your show. XD

I also recommend the Blacklist. Mind you, I really only watch it because I positively adore James Spader and his talent for dialogue. He has the most fascinating voice that enraptures me instantly. Think FBI, criminals, hunting them down, drama, etc etc. Although some have said they find the main character to be annoying. It depends on what you want to take away from it in that regard.

Now this next little nugget again does have some nudity/sexual things in it. However, it is really good. It was never renewed for a second season, but it was a co-operation of both Canada and the US to make this show. It's called Ascension, and is a fictional tale. Its not truly sci-fi, but I can't tell you why without destroying it. But think space ship on a 100 year journey, and you are introduced to this vessel starting off with a murder mystery. I sincerely hope you have access to this one if the sound of it tickles your fancy.

Those are all the ones off the top of my head. :)

Travelers. Consciousnesses from the future coming back to the past to try to save the world. It's 3 seasons, very tense, and delicious.

Also Stranger Things.

What Demi says about Black Mirror is true. Don't watch it before bed if disturbing stuff might keep you up because some of the episodes are hard-hitting and disturbing. The kind of thing you're still thinking about three days later. Ascension sounds interesting and do does Travelers.

I don’t have a ton of time because I’m on way my out the door but End of the ****ing World is fantastic. Each episode is about 20 minutes so it plays altogether like a movie, but broken into I believe eight episodes. I watched it one sitting because I couldn’t get enough. Definitely thrilling and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next — but it’s also just beautifully shot and the actors are phenomenal.

Hope it helps! I’ll try to think of more later to drop if/when I get time! :)

Marvels agents of s.h. I.e.l.d. I’ve become attached to a few characters in that series and I’m only on season 2!

The Original Star Trek Series' Star Trek, TNG, DS9, and Voyager are all available on Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events, my dude.

My dad had me watch a show called Ozark which sounds like exactly what you're looking for. It's a thriller about a guy helping launder money for the mob boss or something. Anyway the mob boss finds out someone robbed him of like 5m or some such number and about kills the guy until he convinces him of some wacky idea to make the money back. Of course it doesnt all go right but its exciting and thrilling and fun to watch. I think its Netflix original actually.

I’m not going to bother with all the triggers and such as everyone is responsible for themselves. I’ve been enjoying Orphan Black on Netflix today.

I recently watched "Haunting of Hill House" and IDK if it's still up there, but it was pretty great. I will warn you there are jump scares and heavy topics (drug abuse, child abuse) but they both end up with happy endings and closure. The ending itself might not tie up everything, but it might just do enough for you to be satisfied.

There are maybe one or two sex scenes.

Episodes typically drop at cliffhangers that will have you wondering frantically what happens next and who will survive. You will be rooting for one of the characters by the end, I'm sure. It's a real and believable family dynamic drama with supernatural elements.

Well I tend to binge watch shows. but I like criminal minds, Law and order, and recently warched POLAR which was pretty sweet. all really depends on your tastes but if your into crime drama shows CM is super great.

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