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hello everyone, the name's Muffin and I'm a 18 y.o girl from Argentina who (tho admittedly mostly unexperienced) loves RPing.
Haven't been doing this for long and truth be told, I've only ever done it with one person, so I apologize if I come off as....stiff, I will try my best to make my characters sound as real as possible!
I also apologize if I mispell anything, english is not my first language and I'm still learning.
That aside, I hope to have a great time here n get to meet a lot of people!
(also a little disclaimer, I'm a high school student, so I apologize if I sometimes don't give instant replies)

Hey! Welcome to RPR, hope you have fun! I was new to RP when I first joined, I'm sure you'll improve quickly!

Muffin acquired!


Welcome to RPR Muffin!

Hello and welcome to RPR.

Welcome to RPR and high school is easy if you put your mind to it

Welcome Welcome Welcome. You'll have a blast here in RPR. I'm new and I made so many new friends. As will you! :)

Hi, and welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here.

It's nice to meet you, Muffin! I look forward to talking with you

Welcome to the site!

*slides in* *falls flat on face* *swears for an exceedingly long time*

Welcome, to the RP Repository! I am absolutely stoked to see you here and glad you've made the absolute life-changing decision to join us all as we slowly plot to take over the world!

I am FlamingPsycho, virus extraordinaire!

I've been roleplaying for a while and would love to RP with you now that you are here, lol. I'd also love to answer any questions you have!

So, if you need help or are just up for a roleplay, please please PLEASE PM me! I'm always around!

Well, nice meeting you! Enjoy our little haven here, and I hope to see you around!


Welcome to RPR! Don't worry about being stiff; with the amount of daily active players we have here, you should get the swing of things generally quickly :D

Hello and welcome to RPR! You will love it here and if you need to talk or rp with someone, you can talk to me or I can show you where you can go! Have a great time here!

Hello and welcome to rpr!

Hello and welcome to RPR! Enjoy your time here! :D

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Forums > Introductions > Muffin has joined the party!