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Would you like to be EPIC and give something back to your author/writer?

You have until tomorrow NOON EST to post in this thread as a character with one specific request to your own author/writer, of how to improve your profile.

You can win a Greater Rune of Epicness and show RPR what an awesome character you are!
(It comes from a Chocolate Box and says "Since this item was intended to add Epicness to a whole group, if you use it on yourself it will add 20 days of Epicness to your account.")

EDIT: I am changing this to a choice between a Greater Rune of Epicness and an Oil of Epicness to avoid confusion.

The draw would be held by random number generator tomorrow Sunday at 12 pm (noon) EST.

Good luck!

So far we have:

1. Vethos
2. Sarah Jefferson
3. Mal
4. Seo yeon
5. Lisa Adrean Adeptus
6. Victi Aurora Silverfur
7. Thomas Meyers
8. Tigris
9. Kinsey
10. Karna Tighapauva
11. Captain Jacqueline Sparrow
12. Blind Vampire
13. Darrell Sanders
14. Lu Di
15. Venus
16. Jayden Larke
17. Kenzie Lingler
18. Phoenixheart Hiro
19. Narmis
20. Asteria Rowena Turner
21. Rowan Charles Halvorsen
22. Eden Jane Windsor
23. Roxanna Grey
24. The Black Stallion
25. Winter Durant - winner
26. Evilynn
27. Alf Williams
28. Elyndar Nyntynel

More detail written on his recent history!

Finish my god damn profile, woman.

Tweak my profile a bit more, would you?

Cookies stop eating chocolate cookies and stop watching tv , fix my profile and please try to improve your English no one can read this!

Stop abusing me.

I'm surprised I'm still a half-way functional member of society after the [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] you put me through.

Avi, learn how to add pages. And actually use themes other than on your own character page. And get a better icon for me. Seriously bird! Make something for me if you have too! Gods, it's not hard.

KV, could you please give me a sidekick or an archenemy or something? It's getting boring around here!

A snarl of her lip, crinkle in her nose, the beastly alien roughly snarled. "Come on. There's barely anything there and I'm so much more than that. Can't you just put some effort in to it and stop getting so distracted? Come on!"

The faerie settles down at a table, placing a hand to her forehead. "Look... I get it. I'm in a lot of plots with a lot of people. But could you please, for the love of God, give me a break? Just a small one? You know... maybe not get me into such complicated situations, stop constantly playing me with everyone you meet... not so many cameos...? Just a break. Just... something nice, and low key. For goodness sakes, people crashed my wedding!"

She squints at her player. "Kunabee. Please. A break."

"Not particularly one to speak my mind so abrasively. However, how could I possibly pass up such an opportunity?" Inhaling deeply before he continued, he stole a moment to close his eyes, trying to ease the anxiety locked within his shoulders.

"You have made me exiled by my own people, my family is most likely deceased, and while I am thankful to the Gods for my टशुक्, you persist on keeping me a living shadow. I rarely leave the establishment my wife runs, I have the hardest time gathering rest of any kind whatsoever, and people view me with an insatiable skepticism. I would like for a friend or two. Perhaps a cheerful development aside from the ebb and flow of work so that I may not appear so dismal to others? I think that is not asking much, don't you?"

Sob sob." It's hard living up to my father's legend. I need a face picture on my profile and after I get out of the brig. I could use a crew and a ship. Oh well back to my bottle of rum". Thanks for doing this.

Valerian stared in the direction of his writer, Winter, and held a blank expression while his glazed eyes seemed to pierce through his writer's soul. Figuratively of course.

"Look. I get it, I think, why you designed me as you did. A son of a Priest who strays from the path of the Church, because the non-humans are very interesting. You then make me get into a fight with my old man, who damages my optic nerves so I become blind...and at the end of it all, you have it that I killed my father. Really? It was bad enough my old man made me blind, but then I killed him? On top of it all, I get turned into a vampire. Who the heck has heard of a blind vampire?"

Valerian took a calming breath, as he attempted to relax.

"Can't you figure out something more for me? I mean yes I'm grateful for my wolf and werewolf friend, but that's all you've given me. You've also basically restricted me to being in Transilvania, Romania, simply because I knew what it looked like before becoming blind and can fairly well navigate through the place. Also. Why the name change and why that name? 'Son of Vladamir'? Really? Come on. Don't make me as some sort of vampire that will be somehow related to Dracula, since I have no clue who my Sire is that turned me. Give me an updated section, or something for the love of role play! Please! It is quite boring being so inactive here."

”Hey you! Yeah you me creator/writer! I’m a musician yet I have no music! Hope you can fill in my profile with something more than the usual boilerplate.”

"Can you give me a less anti-climactic death?" The warrior asked with a dull expression.

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