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And here we are... you all awaken in separate rooms divided by glass walls you have been stripped of your weapons ad have an explosive collar. You are able to see each other through the wall and then you hear a disembodied voice "please stand through the door the helix trials are beginning." at that moment a door come up out of the ground. what do you do?

"The hell? Where am I? Who's talking!? Hey!" She bangs on the glass before looking back at the door and takes a deep breath. She place a hand on the collar on her neck and begins walking to the door. "Please... please dont let this be a trap..." Before she enters she finds a near by rock and tosses it in seeing if something were to happen.

Maxwell hear the voice and stay on the foor,’This can’t be happening,’ Maxwell thought to himself, he see a person throw a rock somewhere,’ Oki, this is what I know, some voice tell me too go to the door, I’m in a glass room, there more people like me, I have a collar on, oki that all I know.” Maxwell realized that the wall is made of glass, so he do the smartest thing he thought of, pick up a rock and throw it at the glass where the person is.

She turns at the sound of a rock hitting the glass wall behind her. She feels a bit relieved. "Good idea!" She gives him a thumbs up incase the walls are sound proof. She feels around the collar to inspect what she can find while at the same time observing the person throwing the rocks' collar. She is extra careful though.

Maxwell got tired of throwing the rocks, so he pick up the biggest rock and smash it on the walls, he also give a thumbs up to the person, then he realized fully that he have a collar on,”Heh, that kinky,” he said to himself.

"Aye smart idea kid." She extends her hand careful to not step on any glass. "My names Jessie. Any idea on why we are here?"

“Thank you,” he extends his hand too shake her hand,”Nice to meet you Jessie my name is Maxwell, and no I have no idea why we are here, why we have these collar on, which is kinky now that you think about it.” Maxwell said,”The real question here is how do we get out of here.”

She chuckles "Kinky? Hmmm perhaps a little." She winks. She rips part of the bottom of her shirt and wraps it around a sharp piece of glass. "I am not sure exactly how to get out but... I definitely am going in with something. So what we have now my door and your door? Perhaps there is a secret button on the floor or something?" She scratches her head. "These collars we have. I have seen something similar in a movie a long time ago... and if these are those then... we need to get these off like right now"

“You are overthinking with this, we just go though one doorway, but I agree with you, these collars doses seen similar.” Maxwell said while sitting down,”These collar most likely will be impossible to get off, I seen a lot of movies that I know what happened when you try to get it off,” Maxwell said getting back up and going to one of the doorway.

"Overthinking is more or less what I do. But yeah I dont see any keys to get them off either... so you thinking that door? Or should we go in our own door?" She looks around seeing if there is anything they were missing.

((Is this an open forum, by chance?))

Thyrkeon wrote:
((Is this an open forum, by chance?))

Um I know me and Maxwell found the creator in "Looking for RPs" or something but the other guys never showed up bc there is supposed to be what? 2 more other than me and Max. Perhaps DM if you can the main guy which is the AI who is not me or Max. Personally I'd love to have ya

Yeah, I will love to have you here with us.

((I believe you can join))

the ai repeats but louder "The helix trials are beginning please enter or I will use lethal force"

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