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He gives an annoyed sigh, “Jaxon.” He turns around to face her. “Trust me, I feel a presence as well. And what crown or voice or whatever nonsense you’re speaking?”

"Well Since you have been out there has been a voice telling us what to do." She rips more of the bottom of her shirt and heads back out to the room with the glass and makes another knife like tool. "Now was that so hard?" she chuckles then hands him the knife. "You seem like you can handle yourself, so i'll save you the speech." She puts her hair up and continues. "Now, does this mean we are teaming up for now?"

“I work alone.” He’d always had relied on himself for everything: fighting, helping himself to his wounds, surviving. He wasn’t ready to just change his way of life just like that. He grabs the newly made weapon and starts walking to look for this so-called ‘crown’.

She sighs. "Well I'll be here if you change your mind. After all without me you would be weaponless right now." She smiles a bit. She goes along the walls seeing if there is a button or something. She presses something and part of the ground under her breaks away. She gives a little gasp before grabbing the edge. looking down she sees some spikes. "Phew... now I just have to.... pull my..self up!" Right when she was about up more rocks slipped from under her hand and now hanging from one hand she dangles. "Shit..." She looks down at the spikes one more time. "I will not go out like this..." Her hand was slipping. "Not like this!"

Spikes in the ground, useless tactic. One red eye glowed dimly, watching and waiting. It observed their hopeless endeavor, all others doing the same in different locations. It would toy with them, then end them; exactly as had been done with others that were trapped here.

He hears her gasp and turns around to not see her there. Confused, he holds his shard up onto defense mode and walks to where he hears her gasp. Seeing a hand on the rocks, he chuckles and looks over the edge. “Stop playing around. You’re supposed to be looking for the crown.” He says with a smile.

"Ha Ha... please help me u--" A ray of light hits her eyes. Her eyes widen. "JAX! I think I found it." Her grip slowly fading. "How about a truce just for now? Pull me up and that crown is ours! You can't get it without me and as much as I hate to admit it... I can't get it without you." She looks up at him but no sign of fear in her eyes. Rather her eyes were smiling back at him like she's enjoying the danger.

He cringes at the nickname. “Don’t call me that.” He reaches his arm over and grabs her arm, pulling her up. “Where is this crown?” He picks up his shard and puts it in his belt.

"I think the nickname works well on you" She smiles at his scrunched up face. She puts up her hands. "Jaxon it is then I'm sorry. As for the crown. Look down at the spikes." She unintentionally moves closer to him and points at the shiny crown stuck between 2 spikes. "I'm thinking it ended up there from the last person who was trapped in here." There is a skeleton laying beside it. "Looks like they didn't make it." She shrugs and pauses. "Are you up for the challenge with me?" She smirks.

“Never has to ask. I’m all up for danger.” He says. Normally he’d just slowly climb down and try to survive without getting hit by the large spikes but he’s in a new place. Who knows what kinds of extra dangers there would be. “What do you have in mind?”

"Then you and me will get along alright." She's oddly happy that he's not pushing her away like she thought he would when she first met him. "Well I'd say hold my feet and lower me down but do you think I'll be long enough? Plus that means I'd be putting a lot of trust in someone I barely know. I imagine that's similar to you as well." She looks around. "I don't exactly see any rope." She looks at his face which is studying the spikes below. "If you are wondering what else could happen, well, that's why we are risking my life right?"

“The hole seems to be deep down. Too deep for me to hold you over and for you to successfully get the crown.” He lays on the ground and reaches his hand over the edge, scraping at the rocks. “It’s easy to scrape these off. Maybe too easy. If anyone was to go down there and get it, it’d have to be you. You’re lighter than me. Maybe you’ll hold the rocks up. You’ll have to clear some rocks out as you climb down though.” He realized how long he’d been talking and clears his throat, standing up and looking at her. “Think my plan would work better?” He asked.

"Clever indeed. I like it!" She smiles at him. "So more or less we need to make a 'stairway' before I try this right?" Her eyes fill up in excitement. "You are pretty smart you know that?" She pauses for a second. "Hey... so before I do this you realize we have explosive collars on right? I had almost forgotten about them... but if his goes off well that could be troubling. Any ideas on how to remove this? I haven't gotten a good look at it to be able to see how to remove it. So, before we do this dangerous task I ask you what you'd like to do here. Have me look at your collar to try to remove this or you try to remove mine? I guess we could also leave them on and risk it all."

He’d never had anyone ever tell him that he was smart. It was pretty motivating in a way.

When she mentions the collars on them, he feels it. Looking at hers for a reference, he tries stretching it, which doesn’t seem to work. “How can you be so sure as to if they’re explosive?” He feels for any buttons, feeling some but not risking pushing them as they could activate the collars. “At best, I think we should just go with the collars on...unless you’d want to risk your life pressing the few buttons there are on these.” He explained. “If we have any chance of getting out of here, we’d either need to be safe or be risky. No in between. Are there any other people around here, preferably dead, with the collar on, that we could test these out on?” He’s never actually talked this much in a long time. He looks down at the skeleton in the pit. “The skeleton has the collar on. I think it’d be best to risk going down there and get the crown and try to get the collar if you can.” He looks really focused.

"Good eyes!" She looks down at the skeleton and her eyes light up at his idea. "So since I am risking my life, I think I should get the collar off the skeleton, grab the crown, toss to you... that is me assuming you are good at catching" She says with a teasing smile. "then I come up with the collar. I mean i could bring the crown but... if it explodes and I still have the crown it'll just make things harder for you right?" Her eyes are filled with determination. "Oh and the voice said it was explosive... and I have seen these before in an old movie so I have an idea but id rather risk the pattern of buttons on a collar thats not on someones neck." She chuckles.

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