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((quick question is this a room or maze of mirrors? I guess im asking if we are in the same room and I can see you ))

((It’s just a big empty room with one big mirror at the end. Im not that creative so bear with me.))

((No I like it! Is the mirror kinda reflecting how we see ourselves? And can the other see what you see? ))

She sees Jaxon from a far and notices herself standing there in the mirror. "A room with mirrored walls?" She muttered.

“No-” He says and runs to the door, which is now locked. “My reflection...” He starts to try prying the door open, which doesn’t work at all. He turns back around and sees his reflection again on the mirror, but directly facing him and not turned like he was. He looks at the girl. “Look.” He points to the odd reflection of himself.

She watches his panicked expressions. She looks at him and then his reflection. "Is... Is everything okay? Jaxon it's just your refl--" She looked over at her reflection which was her holding the shiv and starring at her then to Jaxon. "Oh... I see it now..." She holds her head in her hands and hits her forehead not to hard and speaks up. "This.. this can't be real Jaxon! Logic dictates that this is crazy!" She looks at him with a confused look.

“Yeah?! Well, there’s no logic at all here!” He looks at the reflection, which then speaks, “What are you running from? You can’t run from reality!” It follows up its saying with crazed laughter. “Reality knows what you did, fool! You kill him and you’re too afraid to admit it!” The reflection states.

"Jaxon... my logic brain is telling me... this is a mirror that displays our fe---" She stops mid sentenced when she witnesses what happening in the mirror as her reflection says "Nobody knows you Jessie! NoBOdY WiLl EVER ReMEmbEr YoU! YOU! WILL! END! UP! ALL! ALONE!" The reflection then whispers. "And you know it"
Jessies' eye widen and she falls on her bottom. "No... I'm not alone... SHUT UP!" She holds her head

“You blame it all on society but even you know it’s all your fault!” Jaxon walked up to the mirror and stabbed it with the knife, to which it made a giant crack in the mirror. He looked up, expecting to not see the reflection but instead seeing a smirk as the reflection reached a hand and punched the mirror open, hand coming through. He backed up as the reflection started breaking the mirror to make a big enough hole for it to enter the room with them.

She looks over at what was happening. "Jaxon? W-What happened?" Her reflection started banging on the mirror. Jessie grips her shiv. "One of you was enough" She tries to chuckle but air came out. She takes a deep breath. "It's just a zombie.... it's just a zombie... just a zombie! It's not real!" A tear falls as she realizes what she has to do.

He keeps stepping back, not taking his eyes off his reflection, until he reaches the door. He again tries to open it with all of his strength. The door moves a tiny bit but doesn’t open. Suddenly, the glass breaks enough for the reflection’s whole upper body to show. “The door won’t open! Don’t just sit there! Try helping!” He looked at the reflection and at her.

Her eyes become more cold. She holds the shiv tight and walks to his reflection and stabs him in the temple and twists the shiv. She removes it as blood leaks out and the reflections body droops down making the glass shards below him dig into his chest. She pulls him out as She grabs his hair and bashes it against the floor. She looks back at Jaxon and blinks. "They're... just a zombie..." her eyes feel more real again "Like I said... I am always here if you need me. Even if you think I'm nothing but trouble." She smiles slightly, her hands covered in blood. "Sorry you had to see that." She glances at her own reflection.

He was just shocked, his mouth was slightly agape as she stabbed the other him. “It’s not a zombie...” Then, the reflection stood up. “Hey watch out!” He yelled to her, running over to where they are. He grabbed the reflections wrist and kicked it in the stomach, knocking him to the ground yet again. There was a lot of blood on the other him, but it still remained and it shuffles to stand up.

"How are we going to beat these guys? I mean all I can think of is destroying the mirrors but that means other me will come out... and I mean if the we break them all and it does nothing... what will we do then?" She has a terrible thought and clenches her chest. "If they aren't zombies then how is he still alive anyway!" She goes to slash his throat then tries to break his neck but gets thrown into the broken glass. "Shit!" She begins pulling glass out of her body.

“Why would you think they’re zombies?! They just came out of a mirror! There’s no way they could ever be zombies!” He goes for an attacking but ends up being kneed in the stomach. He is brought to the floor and coughs, but gets right back up before the other him can do anything. “Wait—I know these moves. I’ve used them against others. I think it only knows what I know.”

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