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"Well that was rude. He could've helped pick up the coin he dropped." She helped pick up the coin and wrap it back into the bag. "Well my place it is. We can walk or I can fly us there, however it's up to you." She begins walking outside the town and into the woods. Once out of sight she transforms into her more demon form. Her horns and wings spring out as her fangs grow in. She hands him his food incase he wants to eat on the go. After some time they make it to the abandoned light house house and she enters. "This isn't much but come on in." She sets her food on the table motions him to sit. "Please make yourself at home. Oh and be careful. Some things in here are... well not meant to be messed with." She warns.

He saw a glimpse of her turning into a demon and growled. He hated demons. He was destined to kill her at any means. He followed them all the way there and he was hiding behind trees

Victi Aurora Silverfur wrote:
She seems genuinely confused for a moment, and then smirks at him, "You'd have more luck with that in your other form. And no. Don't.... don't try that, though petting and brushing are negotiable... No, what I mean is that, while cold, sharp steel is nice, it's better with a magically honed edge and on fire.

With a chuckle Drake pushes himself off the wall and saunters to the center of the room, casting Victi a smirk. "Shame, we are in a private room, after all."

He folds his arms together and pretends to more carefully consider her actual offer with furrowed brows and a long, low hum while his last comment sinks in.

Nothing happens for a moment, but then her eyes widen, her pupils shrink, and she's quickly sitting up and holding her muzzle in her hands looking absurdly embarrassed. If she could blush, her face would be bright red, but that not being something her kind does, it's up to Drake to imagine it.

She thinks back, moment by moment, shame building as she realizes the suggestive wording, actions, and behavior from the last several minutes all at once.

"Everyone in this building thinks I'm a whore," she concludes at last, voice carrying the tone of someone who just messed up real bad, still coming to terms with it, "I can't even really blame you for it either. Oh for...."

Adriannu wrote:
Upon hearing Raven's reply, Adriannu quickly answered back with. "Wow, a talking cat and ok Raven, no more kitty." The fact that child so readily agreed to call her by her name likely helped to soothe the feline's ruffled fur. After staring at the black cat for a little longer in wonder, the catlike child went back to work cooking the pheasant. While cooking, she asked Raven a few questions showing that she had a curious nature. "May I ask how you can talk Raven? I never met a cat who could talk before or any animal for that matter. Have you met other talking animals?"

The child then seemed to hesitate before asking a more solemn question. "Is there a way to tell a cat that can talk from one that can't? It'd be nice to have someone to talk to again. I couldn't ask you to stay since I'm sure you have places to go and people to meet. However maybe there is another cat out there who is lonely and would be willing to be my companion."

During their talk, Raven was free to look Adriannu over for her shard, but wouldn't see a clay shard on her anywhere, though she did get an odd look from the girl because of the way she had been staring. Not too long after, the pheasant finished roasting and the cat child started blowing on it to cool it. Once it was cool enough to touch, she tore off a small strip of breast meat before offering it to Raven. "Want some?" Assuming she did, the child would set it down for her to eat before starting to eat herself.

Raven flops over to lay on her side, setting the pheasant's head between her paws. As the child fires question after question, she cheerfully answers them. The cat is more than happy to talk about herself.

"I don't know for sure; I think I'm magic."

"I have a few times, but we're not that common.”

The third one gives her paws. As far as she usually explains, no. It's impossible to tell a normal cat from an enchanted one until they open their mouths. Raven likes it when people believe that; it prevents them from looking for the signs of a familiar enchantment.

But she’s grown fond of this girl, so she tells her the truth. "At least not by first impressions, but if you ever meet an animal who's acting a little too smart, try looking them in the eyes." She widens hers. At a glance, there’s nothing truly magical about them, but they hold a spark of intelligence one would never see in a normal animal. "The eyes are windows to the soul, so they say."

Raven graciously accepts her offering of meat. That means she hooks it from the girl's hand with a couple of sharp claws and tosses it into her gaping maw without a word of thanks. Tear, chew, swallow, and repeat until the snack is long gone.

Satisfied, she licks her lips and yawns, about as comfortable as she'd be with Lisa. Oh, right.

She talks with a low purr, gazing at Adriannu with half-closed eyes. "If it's companionship you're looking for, you can have it." She pulls a cheshire-cat grin. "I think you could really use some right now, for more reasons than you let on."

"Wait, you really haven't been- my gods!" Drake doubles over in laughter. While Victi buries her face and sits hunch-backed, stewing in her own embarrassment, he struggles to keep his feet under him as his sides start to cramp.

It takes maybe one uncomfortable (for Victi, at least) minute for him to settle down. When he looks up, he wipes away tears. "Hah! Ha-hah, heh...oh, my gods. That was good."

He comes to her side and plops onto the bed, crosses one leg over his knee and leans over to try meeting her eyes. "So, you were talking about flaming swords, O-Great and Terrible Sorceress?"

After Charlotte and Yuna's little dance number they stood side by side to give a quick bow before beginning Yuna's magic act. The audience continued to cheer and applaud at the girl's stellar performance.

People began throwing their drinks into the air, whistling and throwing money onto the stage causing Charlotte to step back so she wouldn't get hit with gold. Yuna quickly picked up the extra change while thanking the audience for their generosity.

Charlotte instinctively lowered her head as she waited for her friend to give the ok to leave the stage before she got pelted with more money.

"Hey, maybe you can give me a private dance, sweetings!" A patron called from back making Charlotte's face turn completely red.

Yuna quickly stopped grabbing the money to respond to the patron's lewd request, "sorry but we do not provide that kind of services." Yuna gave the audience a stern look to let them know the girls were not that kind of entertainers.

The air got a little tense for a moment but Yuna put on her usual smile to lift the mood. "Besides, she is not the only one who can entrance an audience!" Yuna walked in front of Charlotte and pulled out a wand the illuminated a blue glow from the tip. She turned to look at Charlotte and jerked her head to the stairs of the stairs giving her the signal to leave.

Charlotte grabbed her cloak from the floor, folded into a ball and scurried off the stage while the crowd was focused on Yuna's next act.

Dancing in front of people was embarrassing but it was worse when they started making strange requests afterward. Charlotte has met many lustful patrons during her travels but she still hasn't gotten used their comments.

Charlotte walked over to what she thought was her room, she had her mind set on packing her belongings so she could finally leave this filthy in.

However, no matter how many times she pulled on the doorknob it wouldn't budge. Charlotte came to the realization that Yuna must have locked the door so their belongings wouldn't be stolen.

Charlotte let out a disappointed sigh and squatted in front of the door. Hopefully, Yuna's act would be over soon.

Charlotte would actually find the door to be completely sealed an unopenable, as if cemented shut, which is itself suspicious. If she has any way of sensing magic, there is an impressive spellform running through the walls of that room. ((Mentioned very shortly after they got into the room))

"You mean the one I should drive through your abdomen?" she replies to Drake, hopefully not seriously, though the eyes that meet his aren't the most reassuring, "Yeah, I can do various echantm-- you just used that as another innuendo, didn't you?"

She glares for a moment.... before he feels a tug on the cord around his neck, Victi's hand having moved freakishly quickly to bring the shard into more full view. She let out a mischievous giggle as she stared at it, a hum of magic filling the room as her large fluffy tails wave weirdly behind her. It almost seems like she's looking through the shard more than at it....

It had been a few minutes since Charlotte sat in front of the locked door waiting for Yuna's return. After the sound of loud applause, Charlotte excitedly stood up from where she was sitting assuming the noise of cheering meant Yuna was done.

Charlotte went back to the bar of the inn to go find her friend who was still soaking up all the spotlight.

Some customers had noticed that Charlotte had returned from behind the stage and began whistling and waving at the girl.

"Back for another dance?" One patron asked.

"I am sorry but I believe this is the end of our show." Charlotte declined as politely as she could.

"What if I pay extra for another dance or buy you a drink, sweetings?" The customer persisted.

"My apologies, sir, but I need to speak to my partner about another dance. Again I apologize." It was clear that this stranger wasn't going to let it go so Charlotte began walking faster towards Yuna.

Charlotte was by the stairs of the stage waving her hands and whispering to Yuna to get her attention. Yuna eventually noticed Charlotte's arm movement's that gave the impression that something was wrong or she needed something.

Yuna smiled at the crowd and waved goodbye as she stepped off stage.

" could have waited for me to finish." Yuna groaned.

"I'm sorry but the door to our room was locked and I needed the key." Charlotte made an apologetic smile.

Yuna rolled her eyes and started looking Through her satchel for the room key. "Alright, but I gotta get back to the innkeeper so we can get paid."

Charlotte led Yuna to the same room with the locked door and turned the doorknob to confirm that the door was still locked.

Yuna placed the key into the keyhole but the door wouldn't budge.

"Are You sure this is our room?" Yuna gave Charlotte a suspicious look, it wouldn't be the first time they accidentally walked into the wrong room.

Charlotte took a moment to think that maybe she did walk towards the wrong room.

Yuna turned to the door once more and sighed, "you could always just knock if you do not know..." Yuna said with a hint of annoyance.

"Sorry..." Charlotte lowered her head because she felt guilty for having possibly wasted their time.

"Hey, is anyone in here!?" Yuna shouted as she pounded on the door.

Neo would sit on the floor and start eating.Even though he wouldn't admit it,the food was pretty good.As he chew,he would close his eyes,going back to a certain memory with his family.With the uncle cooking,while everyone else was talking.After he finished,he would say,"Ok,time to chose your weapon"

The sound wouldn't reach Drake's ears, Victi's privacy spell would see to that, but that same spell would let her know about commotion, or knocks at the door.

She suddenly tilted her head and quirked an ear as the knock reached the magical part of her hearing. "One moment please, we have company," she says to Drake, annoyed.

She doesn't let go of the shard as she supresses the privacy spell, and shouts, "What d'you want?" toward the door.

Drake first snickers at the threat but freezes when Victi snatches the shard dangling around his neck. He halfway reaches for his sword, the fear that she’s changed her mind about killing him crossing his mind.

Then a flicker of irritation crosses her face as she flicks her ears at at a sound he, for some god-forsaken reason, can’t hear.

When Victi turns to address this issue, he pulls back, trying to rescue the shard and himself from her grip.

She sighs and lets go. A brief, nauseating wave of loose mana washes over Drake. "I was in the middle of using that to sense for the other shards, but fine, have fun with your panic and mild backlash," she mutters.

Both Yuna and Charlotte flinched when they heard a response from the other side of the door. Well, at least they could confirm that Charlotte was just the wrong room which was no big deal.

"Sorry, wrong door!" Yuna nervously chuckled, from the tone of the stranger's voice they might have been interrupting something important.

"We are so sorry if we disturbed you", Charlotte replied.

Yuna stepped away from the door, making a hand gesture to Charlotte to signal her to follow so they could look for the right room.

"No problem!" Victi calls back 'cheerfully', her lips tensed in irritation to make her mouth run the entire length of her jaws. She sighs and reactivates the privacy spell before asking Drake, "Could I get back to scrying now?"

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