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Raven watches excitedly as Jules stitches together a miniature backpack just for her. She looks away only once to cast Alastor a suspicious glance, then mirrors him by suggesting, "Why not put all the shards in my new pack instead?" She blinks innocently. She doesn't expect the guy to agree, but there's a point to be made in how suspect he sounds to her.

Granted, it might just be an inkling of paranoia. That comes with spending too much time with Lisa.

When Neo stirs, the first words to shoot from his mouth makes her gasp in mock shock. "Language!"

She continues to work on the pack when she hears Neo. "Something troubling you?" She asks without really removing her eyes from the pack. She was focused on finishing. "I think my piece is fines incased in the necklace. Its safer that way due to the spell on it." She smiles as she glances up at Raven. "I appreciate the offer though." She says oblivious to what Raven was actually implying.

Victi Aurora Silverfur wrote:
Victi raises her arms in front of her face, more on instinct than anything else, as the blow hits and she suppresses the urge to dodge. She's knocked back into the wall of the tent, briefly wondering if "enclosed pavilion" might actually be the more correct way of describing it, before coming to a stop.

"Well, only on mine and only as a safety precaution in case you decided to get big with the killing, so at least I could defend myself," Victi clarifies as she skids, "I was gonna respect their intent as long as you respected us as clients. They're as much a symbol as an actual deterrent, right? right. The implication is that by me pointing out that particular loophole, you could.... you know, patch it. Especially since you'll notice that I took that hit just fine. I know my magic, both in theory and in practice. Heck, I could probably add a bunch of extra convolutions and anti-bypass patterns to let you know if someone else tries it!"

For Drake's part, what he sees is either horrifying or hilarious. The shriker has opened small ports in its side, spraying what looks like a dense mist of flaming oil in arcs like the wings of a demented mechanical phoenix, while arcs of electricity spark over its hull. It zips back and forth at the attacking bandits, ramming them and making them and their attacks bounce off of either its shield or hull, presumably dependent on the intensity of the impact.

Drake watches in stunned silence, having absolutely no idea what to make of the spectacle. The sight of goblins charging a flaming and sparking wonder of mechanics with little swords is absolutely hilarious. Their twisted, smoking bodies afterward is much less so. Most of the more intelligent bandits take to firing from far away, the smartest ones taking elevated positions in the camp's fortifications or trees, but this doesn't stop them from being injured by their own deflected attacks.

Aurora stalks forward, her lips curled into a snarl as Victi explains her intent; it doesn't look like she's impressed.

But the commotion outside draws her attention away from attacking her potential client. In a huff, the dragoness storms outside to see the Shriker and her crew engaged in ferocious combat. She stares, shocked as Drake, then she roars, "CEASE FIRE!"

Everyone goes still except for one courageous goblin, who Drake quietly blocks by lifting his leg in its path. The goblin turns to bite him, but he bares his just-as-sharp teeth and it backs scurries away.

The bike falls silent as soon as the assault on it stops, floating passively just above the ground, as usual.

In the stunned silence, Victi smugly sashays over to her craft, pops open the seat, and hauls out the bag of gold, as well as her own bag of looted coinage. "This should hopefully be adequate," she says, as if not standing in what amounts to a small war-zone, "Sorry about the damage, most of the defensive systems are self-governing. Anyway, do we still have a deal here?"

Adriannu followed Lisa outside of the room without a fuss and then followed after the faint blue line which lead her to the elevator. The whole time she walked, she would be looking around to see as much as of the Agate Breeze as she could. Upon reaching the elevator, the child would start to get on when Lisa put a hand in front of her to explain what would happen. As such Adriannu listened quietly as Lisa, but clearly looked intrigued by what she was saying. "That sounds really cool, I can't wait to try it." Naturally as a result, she would quickly jump over Lisa's hand if she hadn't already moved it in order to get on the elevator.

Once the elevator started to move, she looked totally enthralled by the ride and not remotely freaked out unlike how Lisa was the first time.

Alastor gives a sly smile and kneels down beside Raven. "Simple reason, really. I'm capable of carrying mine." He gives Raven a quick boop on the nose before laughing and standing back up. Giving Jules a quick tap on the shoulder, he then quietly says "Mind if we have a quick chat later? Nothin' serious, just want to check somethin'."

Alastor turned towards the now conscious Neo, letting out a slight laugh at his remark. "And the dead do rise! Welcome back to the waking world Neo. How're yeh feeling?"

After the door closes, the magistrate's voice plays over a speaker.

"I'm glad to see that the two of you are doing well," he says, "I have unfortunately had to head back to the surface for another meeting, but can continue to speak with you regardless. If there is anything else you need before you go, food, a rest, to bathe, or anything else, please let me know and I will have those arranged for you. If you are already prepared to depart, however, I will simply direct you to the hanger bay where one of my shuttles will take you to the surface. Miss Adriannu, one of my people has retrieved your new weapons, and will give them back to you when you do go to the ship."

She finishes the Catpack and smiles wide. She feels Alastor tap her shoulder. "Oh yeah, whenever works for me." She smiles back and directs her attention to Raven. "So what do you think? Sorry I'm not great at sewing." She chuckles as she shows her the bag.

"Like my body is shutting itself down one by one."I guess I could just...nah...just focus on protecting the shard.I'll leave that problem later...Neo slowly gets and pops his knuckles."Jules, nothing's wrong. Just going through power complications at the moment. He could hear Rudra answer, but it was a different one."Huh, now nothing's wrong."

"Well it appears we really should find my friend Angel then. She could help. But for now as long as you are alright that's good to hear." She smiles sweetly.

Victi Aurora Silverfur wrote:
The bike falls silent as soon as the assault on it stops, floating passively just above the ground, as usual.

In the stunned silence, Victi smugly sashays over to her craft, pops open the seat, and hauls out the bag of gold, as well as her own bag of looted coinage. "This should hopefully be adequate," she says, as if not standing in what amounts to a small war-zone, "Sorry about the damage, most of the defensive systems are self-governing. Anyway, do we still have a deal here?"

The dragoness first surveys the warzone the craft had made of her perimeter camp, her expression an unusual mixture of shock, outrage, and...hinted the slight upward lift of her snarl, fascination. She loves watching powerful weapons in action, just not when they target herself or her allies.

Slowly, she lowers her gaze to see the offered payment and raises an eyebrow. These shinies should cover these damages and whatever happens on the job, still leaving behind quite a fortune.

"Open the bag and show me you have gold; I will also accept your offer to fix the enchantments on my handcuffs."

"Done," Victi replies, opening the bag, "This one's the gold, the other is other coinage. Loot I picked up on our journey so far. For the enchanting, I'm also willing to explain the process and theory I'm using to modify the structures so that you can replicate it more readily. It may not be in a style you're super familiar with."

Raven pounces on the pack and squeals. "I love it!" She lays down on top, hugging the pack and purring happily. From here she listens to the continuing conversation in silence.

Hmm...they're talking about visiting some girl named Angel. That sounds fun but apparently, it has nothing to do with the shards and more to do with getting a grip on Neo's powers. Good for him, but she doesn't have time for a side quest like that.

While uncomfortable, knowing what's actually happening and see Adriannu having a good time soothes Lisa's nerves. She listens to the message calmly with her arms crossed over her chest.

Baths, food, sleep. All sounds great, but she'd rather do it when her feet touch the soil again. Although, as long as they're here, she doesn't have to worry about the sorceress. Right?


There' guarantee; besides, Raven is back home either completely alone or with that lunatic who wrecked the cabin. Either situation is terrible for everyone involved.

No. Lisa wants to get planetside as soon as humanly possible.

And she's about to say so when she stops to consider her companion. Adriannu has been through a lot, and not just after receiving the Magistrate's warning. That much the chimera inferred from the way the child was behaving around her and Kylarion even before she outright explained she lives alone in the wilderness, relying on the shard's blood magic to survive the harsh winters. The girl could use a break.

Besides, the child seems to love being on the ship; I should ask-

"Hey, uh...child. What do you want to do?" She waits for an answer while trying to remember if she'd ever gotten the girl's name.

"I am very happy you like it! Do you want any assistance putting it on?" She smiles warmly.

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