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She waved off to the warden "See you around." She says and follows after Neo. "So where to now? Food stands are all around too if that suits your fancy." She smiles very appreciative of what he did for her.

He nodded before walking past them, with the Spartan at his side

The captain watches the recording, nodding slowly.

He exhales through his nose in a slight sigh at the end, lips tight. He looks toward the Vynym before saying, "While you are not our responsibility, this issue could be. It sounds like you aren't the only ones with one of these, and if any of these other 'shard bearers' are citizens of the Grand Duchy, their life, and the lives of anyone who happens to be near them, could be in danger."

"Apparently you had said you were looking for who might own that shard. I may be wrong, but I do not think anyone has owned it in a very long time. If you would come into the camp, we can get you any food or clean water you may need, and we will get in touch with the general, and the Grand University, perhaps they wo--" he stops speaking abruptly.

Lurching out of the forest comes a large dark blob, easily the height of the pallisade and covered with an endless seeming number of eyes, mouthes, pustules, and tendrils. It moves hideously toward the wall, and the soldiers all simply gape at it for a moment.

"What in the name of all that is holy is that thing?" He asks the two, a hint of panic in his voice.

"You can get the food,I'll just wait out here."Neo would lay against a wall and would wait,putting back on his hoodie and being careful of his surroundings.

Inside an inn is a young girl that feels like she has the weight of the world on her delicate shoulders.

Charlotte was a traveling performer that just wanted to be a entertainer like all the famous performers she always admired as a child. But now her journey has been put on hold because some mysterious stranger decided to thrust her into a quest that she was unprepared to complete.

It's been a couple of weeks since she received the message and for the past few days Charlotte has been wandering the countryside unsure of what to do. She decided to leave her companions for the sake of their safety as there was a huntress on the loose for her shard. Charlotte left half of the gold she received to her friends and left a hastily written note explaining that the job was too much for her and she decided to return home. She felt guilty for having to leave so suddenly but it was what she the thought was the best option at the time.

Luckily, Charlotte's friend, Yuna had decided she wouldn't be leaving her friend alone in this stressful journey. Yuna was the first to find her friends note and realized something was wrong because it was unusual for Charlotte to give up on something she was passionate about. Honestly, Charlotte was happy to have someone to lean on, but at the same time that meant Yuna would also be at the mercy of the huntress.

This would just be the begining of their probblems because they were unknowingly at the same inn where the huntress was negotiating with a mercenary. They were inside their bug invested room coming up with a plan for a quick performance to make some extra money since they were running low on funds. They decided to ignore the ruckus that was going on outside as they didn't want to get involved. But that didnt stop Charlotte from worrying what might happen once she started her performance.

"Okay, I'll keep the shard on my person while you dance. While you are dancing I can use some of my illusion magic to give your dance a little sparkle. Once we get the gold we will be out of this town and onto the next...hey, are you listening?"

Yuna had a map laid out on the floor that marked their next destination but she hadn't notice Charlotte was too busy looking at the shard instead of listening to her plan. Yuna impatiently waved her hand in Charlotte's face to grab her attention.

"I-I'm listening!" Charlotte immediately looked up at Yuna who had a slightly annoyed look on her face.

"You were saying something about magic, yes?" Charlotte took a good guess but that only just confirmed her mind was somewhere else.

Yuna sighed and instead of getting more irritated, she responded with a soft smile as she knew it wasn't entirely her friends fault for being so aloof.

"We will make it through this, okay?" Yuna reached over and placed a hand over Charlotte's.

"The next town over I heard has a huge library so maybe we can learn about this stupid shard and why its so important to those people. Plus, they probably have better inns so we dont have to sleep on the floor away from the bugs! So lets get this money and knock those drunkards socks off!"

Yuna's encouragement made Charlotte's lips curl up into a small smile, out of the people in their group she was defiantly glad Yuna was with her on this adventure.

Charlotte nodded and the two stood up to leave their room and inform the innkeeper that they were ready to perform. Charlotte handed the shard to Yuna who placed it into her satchel. They walked over to front of the bar where Yuna informed the innkeeper while Charlotte prepared herself on stage.

Charlotte removed her cloak revealing her attire that immediately grabbed some of the patrons attention. The sounds of whistling and catcalling filled the room instead of whispers and fear like it was before.

Charlotte glanced over to her friend who had her flute prepared to begin their performance. Yuna smiled and gave her friend a wink, signalling that she was ready. Charlotte relaxed her body and closed her eyes, now it was time to show off what she was good at and make some gold.

Jules sighs and heads back inside and orders 2 steaks and 2 strawberry cheesecakes to go. She gets the food and heads back out. "Yo, where to now? I suggest we head somewhere where you wont be as noticed. Unless you want to potentially lose your temper." She chuckles. "My place isn't far from here or we can just find a room here." She shifts her weight to better hold the food.

"Your place sounds better.",Neo would say.He would look around to make sure no one was looking,and waited to follow you

Kae picked up the holodisc and helped reattach the sash around Vee with the device planted on their back. Vee was looking at the captain and once equipped, Kae wrapped their arms around Vees waist and pulled themselves around beside them, still with an arm around their back and another on their belly.

They gleefully listened at the offer of water, and smiles quickly grew on their faces as they realized these strange shiny people were turning out to be rather friendly.

The idea the shard had no owner was a little concerning, but neither had much time to consider it before the captain halted his words, tone changing drastically at what it was that approached from behind. Vee and Kae turned inward towards each other still clasped together physically as they looked back to see what it was. They froze in fear.

This thing emitting from the forests mouth was nothing they had ever seen, and looked more like the alien horrors they nearly anticipated the barelands to throw at them. There was no way that lived the forest with them, at least they certainly hoped not.

"Not know," Vee's shakey and terrified voice came. Kae glanced over and saw an opening in the wall set further afield, and instinctively began pulling their friend in the direction of the entrance.

"We go! Fast!" Kae yelled yanking on Vee, who required no encouragement of any kind. As short as the 5 ft tall Vynym both were, the experience of running through the rainforest made them rather quick on their feet in the barelands, while still seeming a bit odd. As they sprinted into the opening, each of their vae, while remaining in their pods, buzzed loudly in fear, flapping their wings hard and making audible noises as they themselves dashed away from whatever that obviously plant eating glob was.

They blasted quickly into the opening, Vee still gripping the shard in one hand tightly as they did. They had no idea what was inside the gate, not being familiar with how the locals setup their towns, but whatever was on the other side of it had to be better than what was on the outside right now.

"Hey, you" he pointed at Neo with his sword "Have I seen you before?"

"maybe, maybe not",Neo shrugged.Neo is wander,so it isn't real a surprise that some people would know him.

"Then you run while we fight! Carry your message further! There's a map on the table of the main building! Get it and go!" The captain orders as he draws his saber.

There's a bizarre call from outside, almost certainly from the aberation. The sound doesn't seem natural in any way, but is clearly a word. The sound isn't excessively loud or high pitched, but somehow it hurts, a throbbing cry of unambiguous hunger that scratches at the mind like the scraping of teeth.

There's a twang of bowstrings, a thump of crossbows, sounds of glass breaking, and screams. As the Vynym get to the far side of the fairly open center of the outpost, a thud can be heard as the amorphous aberation slams against the pallisade.

All of the soldiers who were not on guard are desperately strapping on their armour and grabbing their weapons, but most of them seem to be considering running as well.

(I'm referencing the rp you never responded to kysh-..... dude)

"You look familiar.." he readied his sword. "Didn't we fight somewhere before?"

"Yeah,we did.In a village full of demons"

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"Indeed, we did a mediocre job, in fact. I have yet to repay you for your services" he held out a bag of coins that he then dropped, spilling the coins everywhere. He then walked off, with the young Spartan behind him

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