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Aylssa Nicole Kennedy


Melissa Ann Kennedy

(Love those two SSAB)

My random high schooler that has become a full on life story project .... Steve Harrison

Caitlin aylssa Franklin

SexySultryAngelBabe wrote:
Caitlin Aylssa Franklin

Yes, the lovely escort!

I like John Roby. Not for rp, but as an honour to my fallen cousin (Vietnam Memorial Wall - (30E-052) as I work on finding out everything about my cousin. I showed the character sheet to his sisters and they are helping me with information.



Captain jackleine sparrow jackies daughter 🍻🍺🍾

I love Umbra. He’s one of my violent, yet, not so violent characters. >.>

I like writing my modern day Bohemian hippyesque multi-talented eccentric musician Darrell Sanders

Well, it has to be the only character I ever use- To be fair, the character has changed so much over the years, its more like I juts adapt them to however I want to RP at any given time. But I still basically always use the same character, adapted for whatever setting or RP they're in, whether its cuddles, or hunting monsters, or conquering galaxies. So how couldn't they be my favorite?

Adoring Bambi right now, aka Bam-Bam. <3

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Forums > Forum Games > Your personal favorite character