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*She then took her hand and put above the other's wound, looking at the other half pleading, half determined.* Trust me on this...P-Please...*With palm open, she used a sharp fingernail and scratched a cut into her hand. She breathed sharply in pain before letting the blood gently drip into the other's wound. After about ten seconds, her scratch healed itself and she held it out and began to concentrate, closing her eyes as she did.*...T-Try to hold still...*When she eventually opened her eyes, they were glowing slightly, and as they were, all the blood seemed to recede into the open cut. Once it all had, a small amount of blood came to the surface and began to scab over almost immediately. But she carried on until all that was under the scab now was fresh, unscarred skin, making the scab peel off with ease, leaving no trace of the cut. She then did a little flick of a finger and out the other's wrist creating a very small pin-prick type flesh wound was a long and thin strand of blood. She manipulated this strand of blood to stab herself in the leg. It went into her like a wriggling worm before leaving next to no trace it was even there. She then stopped focusing and took her hand back, smiling sheepishly at the other. Eyes no longer glowing.*

Nightfrost watched this in surprise, holding still as requested. "I... H-How did you do that?" She asked in genuine curiosity and awe as she watched the strand of blood. It seemed unworldly. "Was that some sort of magic....?" Asking a little cautiously, not sure if it was a touchy subject, her eyes met Elvyra's. "I've never seen anyone do that before.... I mean sure tarot and wiccan spells but never that!"

*She blushed and smiled shyly, clearly not used to taking compliments.*...I-It's a...lost vampire art. B-Blood Magic...*She focused again, she cut herself again and her eyes softly glowed once more. She then moved her arm and hand like flowing water, and out of the cut, a thick amount of blood trickled out and started to bend to her will. The wound soon closing up quickly afterwards.*...Although...h-he...forced it on me, I-I will has been quite a boon to have. *She made her blood twist, turn, and wiz around her as she said this.*...I focus on w-what I want my blood to do, does it. My only limits are the amount of blood I have...and my imagination...I-I'm not as skilled as Eliza is...but I don't mind. I prefer it that way. *She then smiled as she split it into several tiny worm-like blood trails, they stabbed her in different places and soon disappeared into her, leaving no trace again.*

Nightfrost nodded softly “I see...” She continued to watch in fascination as Elvyra did this, her eyes wide with curiosity similar to a child’s. Then at rhe mention, she asked “Eliza? May I ask who that is?”

*A little hesitant to answer, she looked away.*...O-Oh...w-well, u-umm...*She thought about the best way of explaining about the "Hyde" to her "Jekyll" without freaking the other. However, as she did this, Eliza had other ideas. She decided, if she was being spoken about finally, then time to make an entrance.*
"Screw waiting around for you!" *Surprised, she looked up seemingly at her forehead again.*
W-Wait...wa-*With her gripping one half of her face in pain, she leaned forward grunting in agony. However, now, one half of her seemed to lose its frailness, and in its place, confidence. They turned to face the other, one half of her was looking at the other with a red coloured eye and judgingly fierce look, the other looking with a worried expression. A rather deep yet still feminine voice then sounded.* I, am Eliza. Nice to meet you, hunter! *Venom was laced in every word that the femme fatale spoke. However, shortly after, Elvyra's normal voice soon followed.*...E-Eliza...C-Could you p-please be less mean...? *The other voice then spoke, a touch annoyed.* Well, SORRY for being protective of you, Elvyra! Let's see how you like to deal with things trying to kil-. *Elvyra soon interrupted her counterpart looking apologetic and glum.* N-N-No...O-O-Ok...I-I'm sorry...

Nightfrost waited patiently for an answer before becoming worried, starting to get up “Are you ok?” She moved forward to help her but then looked surprised as she saw the confidence in the side of her face. “What the—“ Looking at Eliza, her eyes widened a little as she started to realize what this might be; a split personality of some kind. A small frown graced her lips at the harsh tone, “I apologize but I have no intention of killing unless it is necessary. I know it isn’t the same as some others.” Thinking for a moment, she asked, “So you are Eliza correct? I’m Nightfrost.”

I-*Eliza started to speak and get up, but Elvyra stayed sat down, causing the two to fumble a little.*...El-VYRA, do you mind?! *Seemingly snapped out of something, Elvyra's voice then spoke* O-Oh...sorry...*Then finally, the two acted like one, their obvious differences in body and face language enabling you to tell them apart. Eliza then smiled a confident, yet wicked half a smile since she could only control one half.* Indeed, and you should know that even if you see yourself as Elvyra's friend, whoever you are. *She then gave off a look of mild sadism while looking quite threatening.* I will be there to completely eviscerate you with your own blood, should you dare even attempt at laying a finger on her! *Elvyra looked apologetic on her side and sighed when the other finished speaking.*
I-I'm sorry, E-Eliza only wants...t-to make sure I'm safe...*She then recalled something with a sudden shock of realisation.* O-Oh, my. W-We've discussed so much yet, w-we do not properly know the other's names. Eliza excluded. *With this, she did her best one half curtsey.* E-Elvyra, Elvyra Rhinestone.

Nightfrost nodded softly “It’s fine, I’ve known people very similar.” She was a little taken back by the look on Eliza’s side, but tried not to pay attention to it. She then nodded with a chuckle, “That’s true! It’s nice to meet you Miss Elvyra, I’m Nightfrost Wuduwesten.”

*Without warning or hesitation, Eliza suddenly relinquished control of her half, deciding that she'd made her point well known. This briefly surprised Elvyra but after which, she simply looked to the other with a smile.* What an unusual name. B-But, I like it. *She then thought briefly, if she were to stay around so she could increase her chance of meeting this girl, she'd like a job of sorts. It was also soon to be the beginning of sunrise soon, so she felt a safe escort to her current residence would be a good thing. So with a slight blush and a shy smile, she asked.* H-Hey...U-Umm...Would you mind...i-if I could ask...? C-Could me home, p-please? I-I'd feel a lot safer if you were with me. *She then blushed and kept her shy smile, hugging her arm as she did, but everything she was doing had a sort of sweetness to it.*

Nightfrost nodded with a soft smile “Thank you.” Noticing the sunrise herself, she figured it would be time for the vampire to leave. At the question, Nightfrost gave a soft smile to her, “Of course. I may not be able to go all the way back to your home depending on if you live with others or not, but I’d be happy to help make sure you’re safe this morning.” She got up and stretched a little, putting her drawing supplies away and was ready to go.

*At this, she chuckled nervously and shook her head.* O-Oh, no need to worry about any others, I-I live on my own in the woods, nearby. I...find myself...not trusting many people...*She then picked up her things that she did with the other, giving them to her, picture included.*...Y-You can keep it...if you want...

((So...Has this RP just died then? XD))


((Sorry I haven’t been responding, I’ve been really sick. I’ll try and respond later today after my doctors appointment))


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