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Ramoth looked up. "Oh! Forgive me" She muttered, rolling her eyes. "I'm Ramoth"

Celes nodded.”Wow. You have such a wonderful name for a somewhat rude girl. I thought you wanted friends.” She said.

Ramoth's eyes narrowed. "Excuse me? I'm not rude"

“Rolling your eyes at someone is pretty rude. And sarcasm towards someone is kinda rude.” Celes said. She wasn’t saying these things harshly but in a calming tone.

"I wasn't being sarcastic, nor was my eye rolling directed at you" She replied, returning to opening the container in front of her.

“Oh? Then who was the eye roll directed at?” Celes asked kinda curious now.

"My forgetfulness" She replied, opening the blue container, revealing one side, which was filled with strawberries and the other filled with chocolate.

Celes sensed a partial demon in her.”Are you a demon?” She asked.

Her hand froze at the question before she regained her composure, her voice adopting an icy calm. "No" She replied, before picking up a strawberry and dipping it in the chocolate, taking a bit out of it.

“So you’re a human?” Celes asked.

Ramoth chuckled. "While I'm not a demon, I'm no human"

“Then what are you?” Celes asked.

"That is still unknown" Ramoth said with a sigh and picked up another strawberry, repeating the process she had done before. "Any more questions? " She asked curiously.

Celes shrugged.”What do you like to do?”

"Paint" Ramoth replied, looking out the window at a tree that stood in the middle of the schoolyard where to bride were flying throughout the branches.

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