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"Sorry, I'll have to pass. I'm gay, you're not.
"You're really beautiful and while I'm not interested in you romantically, maybe we could be friends instead?"

Pwent Thibbledorf (played anonymously)

“Well, wot do we ‘ave ‘ere? Yer a fine looking lass ye are. Aye, I reckon I could take ye out fer a nice date.”

"You'd a fine addition to my crew, but my bed? I'm flattered, but I couldn't deny someone else this fine . . . opportunity, frankly I don't have the heart for it."

Loriia (played by fiesch)

Inquisitive blue eyes watch the man without truly settling on any feature of his face. "Oh a pirate? My godfather has told me about those...I don't suppose he would support you and I so I am afraid I must pass."
"S-Sorry... but I don't think anyone would want to date a coward. I'd make a lame date..."

Mesyn, lady of the mist (played anonymously)

She leaned down, breaking the bog which surrounded her upper torso as her form shifted into a tall pale woman with silvery hair."even the most timid of souls may become the greatest of heroes."she said as she hissed her hand and then placed it on his head.
“Um....I don’t think you answered the question...” She shrugs. “I’m sorry, it’s a pass from me.”
Roach (played by Claine)

"Are you a gun? No, I'm not dating a gun. Pass."
Mozz Twoblades (played anonymously)

"Nice tusks.."

Ciira (played by fiesch)

"You seem interesting and I am so terribly bored"

She smiled, her eyes seeing him for exactly what he was. "You.. I like." She said as she slipped him a card upon which was her number.
Mesyn, lady of the mist (played anonymously)

I must deny you. Pass"
Taluna (played anonymously)

"Oooh! I always wanted to date a dragon! Somehow I don't feel this horrible seething hatred I have for Kobolds and Lizardfolk-- and I've made plenty of friends with Bronze Dragons before!"

Geimhreadh. (played by WinterBlackDraoi)

"Pass, you're a bit too short."
“Pass.....because since when does height matter?”
"Yes. All of the yes. Also did you know there is a sabaton song about you?"
"Mmmm, sweet human, I can eat you alive."
Hideko (played anonymously)

Could such a being be capable of romancing? I surely think not.
"Oh, yes. I did in Skyrim." Wiggles eyebrows. "You, Hideko, you're a tad too voluptuous to be a graceful and lithe fox. Pass."

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