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Kudos for Sanne

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • She's got such a pretty profile! That's what I mainly wanted to comment on. It looks so refined and soft, but it's also simple enough that it's easy to read. I was just admiring her massive number of accolades when I remembered what a fun, nice, and sharp person Sanne is, and how much it makes me smile to read through her meticulous guide to interaction on her page. The artwork is nice, too, and she's a really bright companion over here, as you can see she's been with the site a while! Stay gr8! Creative ideas Concise posts - Anonymous

  • I've considered Sanne a good friend for awhile now. We don't always talk a lot, but even knowing she exists it pretty great. I also have a great respect for the effort she puts into helping folks to better understand a wide range of topics, from helping people out around the site in general, to educating folks on more personal subjects like mental health and diabetes. She's cultivated an amazing reserve of both knowledge and patience. Kind and understanding Helpful - Zelphyr

  • Sanne is a wonderful mod and writer. She's been such a huge help to me when I needed it, and though we don't talk as often as I'd like, she is inspiring. I appreciate her dedication and help and think she's amazing. Kind and understanding Helpful - Gaeilge_Banrion

  • Sanne is someone I really admire for her ability to remain objective and keep a cool head. She's always there to listen and to advise others as they need it. Any time I've been in a difficult situation, I've always been able to count on her to lend an ear and give honest insight. I really appreciate her and value our friendship. Kind and understanding Helpful - Auberon

  • Although I have not roleplayed with this special women, you can tell she is one of a kind! She is active on the site,helpful, compassionate, and always quick to share a kind word to anyone. Both beautiful, and creative (with or without her killer apron), she is someone you can go to with things! She defends people who need it, and encourages people who need it.

    I am so glad that she is on the RPR. Thank you so Lou Sanne! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Redrose

  • It's time to gush about Sanne's amazing style commissions! Despite me not knowing technical terms for what I was talking about, she was very patient & asked many follow up questions to ensure she got the idea of what I was looking for. She's always open to feed back, checks frequently to ensure things are going to your liking. Sanne also has the ability to take your idea and elevate it to something even better than what you wanted! She's a masterful style builder! I would 1000% commission again! Creative ideas Fast responses - MissPixie

  • Test Profile (played by Sanne)
    Sanne does beautiful template work. All of her templates are gorgeous without exception. This one is another masterpiece! Creative ideas - Auberon

  • I haven't actually RPed with Sanne... But I do see her around the forums, being cheerful, sweet, witty, and inspiring. She appears to be very thoughtful, and is always nice and concise without being really sharp. A creative and thoughtful person, and, in my opinion, one of the pillars of this community! It would no doubt be an honor and a pleasure to role play with Sanne; as it is, she is a gem in the threads. Really. :) Helpful Creative ideas - Shinyrainbowlithogra

  • I haven't talked much over the past few months, but that has given me time to see what a charming thing Sanne is. She's very patient and helpful in the Here for You Group as a moderator, and her character Pearl was a treat to draw! We may not have roleplayed, but I wanted to give her a kudos for all the times she's made me smile with her own during this time of year. She more than deserves it! Kind and understanding Helpful - Lucretire

  • Sanne is easily one of those people who is incredibly easy to work with and get to know””and I am blessed to have the opportunity to do both. She is always willing to assist, and she makes the community a welcome place. She is always eager to lend a hand, and she is amazingly talented, too. Helpful Creative ideas - Keke

  • Sanne has always been one of the kindest, most helpful people that I have known on RPR and have talked to regularly. She is always willing to lend an ear and help to the best of her ability, and does all of this without willing to be a pushover if things ever get heated -- which is super admirable!

    Every year that I know Sanne and get to speak with her, I never regret talking to her when I joined. She is, and will continue to be, a powerful inspiration and friend. :> Kind and understanding Helpful - FreeJayFly

  • Sanne is incredibly patient and never judges. I've been blessed to have her as a friend for nearly ten years and she has always been there even if we're not close. I know I can seek her out if I need someone to be a listening ear and she still loves me even if I make mistakes. Kind and understanding Helpful - Cacophony

  • Sanne is an amazing woman with a great sense of humor. She never fails to get a laugh out of me and always manages to brighten up my day in conversations on the unofficial RPR discord. She's extremely kind and supportive and gives good advise and she has the magical ability to make you stop worrying so much about small things. I'm grateful for knowing her and if you get to know her, you probably will be too! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - SylOfficial

  • It was only in the last couple months I've really started talking with Sanne, and since then I've come to find her to be someone I greatly value in my life. Every conversation is a treasure, and several times I've gone to her with a problem and walked away improved because of what she said. Insightful, educated, and intelligent are only the tip of the iceberg, she is able to utilize these traits in a way that emits an aura of positivity around her to the benefit of everyone. 100% an rpr asset! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Voldarian_Empire

  • Sanne is a symbol of fairness. She doesn't let emotions or personal opinions influence how she moderates a situation, but that isn't to say that Sanne lacks empathy. With problems, she's direct and clean-cut factual. With people, she's incredibly caring, considerate, and attentive. I can't even fathom an RPR without her in it. Kind and understanding Helpful - Libertine

  • I've known Sanne almost the entirety of my time on the site, and she's been a supportive friend through the thick and thin of my life. Always willing to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on; I'm so glad you returned to the team, Sanne! Kind and understanding Helpful - Copper_Dragon

  • Sanne's kindness and her warm heart has helped tons of fellow people of RPR and even myself. I am truly grateful for her wisdom and generosity she has offered to others when they are in need of it. Truly, RPR wouldn't be the same without this Dutch catmom. She's a wonderful moderator and helps all of those in need whom are either seeking help about the site, or just needing a friend to talk to. I cherish every conversation with her, and I hope you will too. Kind and understanding Helpful - xSethx

  • while i have never roleplayed with Sanne, whenever she has replied to one of my topics or i've seen her reply to somebody else's, it's always a very genuine and understand reply she has written and you can truly tell it comes sincerely from her heart. she's so very kind to help out and take time to give her thoughts or some help on a problem Kind and understanding - Sunflower

  • I can't end my brief kudos-given session during this FOBETE without giving kudos to Sanne for her kindness. She's a role model to me and she gives THE MOST sound, grounded, logical, dignity-affirming advice. She's, idk, like---the Yoda of RpR. She says the thing you already knew but forgot cos it got buried under a tumult of emotion & anxiety. She has a talent for cutting through all that with sound advice. I admire her greatly. Oh yeah, and she's also a great writer! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Abigail_Austin

  • Sanne's friendship has been extra special to me this year, and from that and things I see her post, I've also noticed that how she handles things has continued to shift to even better methods. I see a lot of old warrior in her - wise and controlled in her manner, but unafraid to skillfully fight for the right things. Personally, Sanne has helped me find grounding multiple times over just this past year, even as she continues to work on a better understanding of herself. Kind and understanding Helpful - Zelphyr