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Kudos for KingTai

From the Greek word meaning "glory," a kudos is acclaim for exceptional achievement or qualities.

On the RP repository, receiving a kudos means that another community member recommends you as someone other people might like to get to know. Perhaps because you are exceptionally fun to RP with, exceptionally fun to know, or are just plain exceptional!

  • KingTai is a wonderful writer and a true gem. Thanks to this man my drive to write and create new stories returned. He has amazing and well built characters that are fun to interact with. He is not afraid to suggest new ideas when it comes to the plot or add twists. KingTai's replies are always full of life and it's a joy to read them. When it comes to OOC's KingTai is very chill and friendly person. Which allows easy communication. Overall this guy is a real gem, give him a try, he will rock Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Queen_Knight

  • So far we've got like two major rp's going on and they're pretty interesting. Each post I've read has been awesome and when humor is needed he never disappoints and delivers it quite nicely. He's a pretty chill dude as well. If you haven't rp'd with em do so now! xD Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Zelphy

  • KingTai is an amazing friend and I am so glad he reached out, talking and RPing with him is really fun and I love his ideas. His characters are very well thought out and played and he is a very kind person OOC. Pretty much all of optional qualities fit him but sadly I can only pick two. I really enjoy talking and writing with him and I know you will too! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - EvanlynDestiny

  • Roleplaying with the Calloway Brothers is always fun! I love how they all compliment each other in the stories and their deep descriptive words really bring the roleplays to life! If you get a chance to roleplay with the Calloway Brothers, you will likely enjoy yourself! I know I do!
    - Stephanie Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anonymous

  • The Calloway Brothers are very interesting characters and portrayed very realistically. We're only a couple of posts deep into a roleplay and I'm eagerly awaiting a response every single time, completely ensnared by their writing. Their posts are detailed but without unnecessary fluff, and the characters interact really well with each other to create a great dynamic to play off of. I'm hoping for many posts and stories to come! - Aurora Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Anonymous

  • KingTai a amazing person who very understanding. But I value his understand of life gets rough and we can't always be on. He such a amazing writer and helpful. I'm always watching for his next reply as I enjoy the story so much. If you need help or somebody to Rp he amazing. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Kungfu6453

  • There isn't anything about Tai that hasn't already been said, but I still had to pipe up - he's an amazing writer, extremely sweet OOC, his characters are fun, and is absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh. I've snorted my drink several times. He is absolutely worth it. :) Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Ramika

  • I haven't rp Tai yet , but by taking to this person I can easily tell that Tai is a great person and a great Role Player . Tia is just a wonderful human being . I really have no words how to discried this amazing person . You would feel like the world's most luckiest person to be friends with this person . I highly suggest talking and role playing with this amazing person Kind and understanding - Dib2435

  • KingTai is a great guy to RP with! He brings depth and a sense of humour to even the gritty parts of the plot line, which makes it easy and fun to reply to. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - LilMzHyde

  • Writing an rp with the Calloway Brothers and I smile when I see a reply from them as it is such a wonderful treat and can't wait to get writing a response! A great multi character bio and their descriptive and articulate writing makes an rp with the Brothers a joy! Give the Calloway Brothers page a look and if you get a chance to RP with them, do it! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Deumeawyn

  • KingTai is one of the best! He is great with story telling and always goes the extra mile! He also allows you time and also allows you to talk one on one with him about anything. He wont disappoint you! :) - Rosa

  • KingTai is super sweet out-of-character and is very skilled at writing in-character as well! I feel lucky to be able to role play with him, even though we just started recently. He writes in great detail and his characters are very distinct and lifelike. Have a try roleplaying with him as he is definitely a great choice! - milktea_dollie

  • I recommen rping with this person, he's very well detailed and he takes his time responding when he's got the chance, so I would give him 10/10, so in return, kudos! - Foxy_TheWarrior

  • He always is coming up with new ideas for different roleplays and his characters come to life. Hes always one step ahead and is very polite. If you want an action roleplay or a romatic one, he is your man - Stevie4777

  • Thank you Sim for saying hello to Jess! Simeon is a self-made man and is a riding power in broadcast media, and likely other media ventures as well! Looking forward to getting to know him more! All you TV/Radio/Music industry people should maybe see if you can get in contact with his PA Olivia! Your experiences will be rewarded with good communication and style! - Deumeawyn

  • I have to say that one of my best RP experiences came from a simple guestbook entry from one of KingTai's characters! We've only been writing a hand-full of days and oh my! What an excellent writer! Quite articulate and descriptive yet precise in his wordcraft! You will be blessed if you have opportunity to write rp with him! - Deumeawyn

  • Such a kind fellow here on RPR, and shows faith in humanity. He is very creative and all his characters are beyond amazing.

    I can't wait to start our RP! I already have a gut feeling he is a great RPer as well.

    Kudos to you! ~ - Nivela

  • Awesome. Funny. Fantastic. fabulous. Is there any more words to fit with this guy? Hell yeah! Awesome friend. Hilarious. Kind. Nice. AND OVERALL AWESOME! - FallingSTARISH

  • We have only been roleplaying for a few days now but oh my god has it been an RP paradise, Each character is incredibly fleshed out while still leaving so much to the imagination. Each post he sends is so detailed that it has me giddy with excitement every time I get a new message.

    Just knowing them has made me want to become a better roleplayer so if you ever have the chance to Roleplay with this gentleman I say don't hesitate you will be thrust into a world of pure RP bliss. :) - Lady-Angiris

  • KingTai is amazing! He isn't afraid to do the shocking and bold! This is a lot of fun for me since I know every response will be good and have a meaning! His characters are on point and he's just a really great guy! Thanks for RPing with me and keep it up!

    ~Danny, The Sock <3 - Sweet_Little_Sock