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So this is kind of just what people always call you online on different sites. I change my username a lot and people usually call me based on whatever my username was when I met them so i have a lot. Moth, Bunny, Azzy, Nio, Nico, Cheshire, Chess, Mitsu, Cat, and one person from years ago calls me Fox. So does anyone else have a million names?
Well, you know I’ve changed my username tons of times back on cloudnovel, so there was Arch, molten, golden, Yin, Neko, and probably more i don’t remember.

Madwomen, Aoi, TW, TB are the ones I can think of. I have a couple more nicknames but those are for classmates, family, and close friends.
Hmm, I've actually had a couple accounts on here that I've gotten logged out of so I have quite a few nicknames from those as well as this account: Rayne, Moon, Creepy, Kitty (one that an old friend of mine used to call me), Sora, Hazel, Rayray, and Ryan (another one that a friend of mine came up with on discord).
Well, Some people just call me Tero lol-
Well everyone here on RPR calls me "Lore" or "Lorekeeper", which I'm not a huge fan of although of course it makes sense, being my username and all. I'm not really loving this username anymore anyway, but it could definitely be worse so I won't complain.
I've had a lot of nicknames, and even actual names, throughout my life, though most of them have been dropped for various reasons. I used to be really concerned about having nicknames, because no ACTUAL names felt right for me. I always preferred people calling me some silly nickname instead of a name-name that didn't feel like mine.
At this point, though, people who know me tend to call me one of three things: Rain (which is my name and I actually really really like it), Briar (my name in Animal Crossing, and I'm really attached to it), or Ione (the name of the space-themed squirrel from Animal Crossing, because certain people in my friend group have decided she's just me in squirrel form.)
Additionally, people in my Discord server have a tendency to call others by the exact text of their server nickname, no matter how long or ridiculous it may be, so there's that.
Too many to count. Some are abandoned names I ask people not to use anymore, others are aliases I only use in certain places.

A few of them are just silly. My Discord name started as an in-joke among friends that stuck when I forgot to change it back after joining a large Overwatch server at the start of 2017. This username is just the Dutch word for "Strawberry" because I'm learning Dutch and I think it sounds cute.
I don't exactly have a thriving social life, so I don't have many places to get nicknames from. Mostly, I'm known by 'Riik', though it's not always my username, because surprise surprise, a 4-letter word isn't hard to find to be already taken (my backup is usually 'Kyricx' which... listen, I've never actually been much of a Kingdom Hearts fan, but I had an online friend a few years back who was, which led to me nobody-ing up my name for an alt character on an online game). One or two friends call me 'Riku' though. I typically go by 'Ricky' IRL, given it's gender-neutral, though my family still call me by my full first name which I pretty much consider a deadname at this point. I'm too shy to correct them.
I typically just go by Hades! That's normally what I go by on most sites (and what I've gone by IRL on certain occasions).

I do have a couple of other names that I go by, such as Nakida (what I go by in World of Warcraft). I've also got some old ones I've retired, such as Sunset, Sarabi, Cat, Pichu... annnd that's about it, I think?

All in all, Hades is my favourite alias! It stuck with me and I don't think I'd call myself anything else. :D
I usually stick to one name at a time. Whenever I change my online name, it means I have changed or am looking for something new/different. It rarely happens, but I have changed it a couple times in the past.

At first, it was Emptyrice, and then Athena (after my favourite goddess). I kept that going for a few years before moving to DarkNyx, or Nyx/Nyxie as a secondary nickname, which stuck for a personal record of 3 years. Then I became Hamming for a year, a product of an inside joke with a really great pen pal. And now I am Moony. This current nickname has no meaning behind it, I just like it ^^

Some attempts at new nicknames are Kalypso and Hades and Nyctelia, but those didn't stick.
This is my moment...

Noelia (legal name)
Amaris (online name)
Nahir (middle name)
Noelle (my legal name in english? French? Idk)

Now I don't remember any more, but normally I introduce myself under my legal name or my online name, the rest are names or nicknames that people give me
More than I can remember. A number of them have used themes of dragons, the moon, and silver. Currently, how I get addressed is basically all variations of my username here: Zelphyr, Zelph, Zel, and occasionally just Z. In certain very specific spaces, I'm instead known by my legal name. There's also one person who almost exclusively refers to and addresses me as "friend." And in a few places where I'm not really active anymore or am otherwise unable to update my screen name, I'm still displayed as "Novalyyn."

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