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Forums » Forum Games » Pride Month Colorful Cloak Raffle // FINISHED

Sin-fonie Topic Starter

Thank all of you so much for making the pride month more colorful in terms of cloaks :D
This is now the final listing, and I'll start sending out the prizes afterwards ^_^ <3

danmanmun - green cloak
dndmama - book page
thelorekeeper - purple cloak
jangel13 - blue cloak
touchofsunshine - book page
alleluia - red cloak
min-ya - purple cloak
snowdaze - blue cloak
cri86titanium - blue cloak
atheist - purple cloak
rowboat - blue cloak
bananasaurus - purple cloak
fiesch - book page
rook - blue cloak
dawnia - book page
redrose - blue cloak
Sin-fonie Topic Starter

Now I hope everyone got their stuff ^^
Let me know if I confused anything, missed anything or else!
Hope you had as much fun with this as I had.
THANK YOUUUU and keep being proud after June as well <3
You are valid. You are loved. And you are AWESOME!!
Thank YOU for setting up the game in the spirit of Pride Month! <3
Thanks you so much for hosting this!
Yay, thanks so much! I even got my fave color! XD

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