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Forums » Forum Games » Pride Month Colorful Cloak Raffle // FINISHED

Thank all of you so much!
Your prizes should be all in your inbox now.
If I messed anything up or if you still have any questions, my inbox is always open :D

Look at these beauties ♥
And they can be worn by YOUR new characters!

enchantedsilkcloak-icon.png enchantedsilkcloak-icon.png enchantedsilkcloak-icon.png enchantedsilkcloak-icon.png enchantedsilkcloak-icon.png
purpleenchantedsilkcloak-icon.png purpleenchantedsilkcloak-icon.png purpleenchantedsilkcloak-icon.png purpleenchantedsilkcloak-icon.png
redenchantedsilkcloak-icon.png greenenchantedsilkcloak-icon.png

All you have to do in order to enter the raffle is to post here inside this topic.
The topic is PRIDE MONTH - no matter if you're part of the community or an ally.
Feel free to share some greeting, a fitting quote or whatever you want people to know.
Could be a cute meme, could be a wholesome little moment you experiences, some kind words or anything!

You can only win one of the prizes.
It will be 5 blue enchanted silk cloaks, 4 purple ones, 1 red and 1 green, making a total of 11 winners.
Color picking is done by dice as well.
Only user accounts can take part, no anon profiles.
I will add you all to a numbered list in the editing part of the post.
You can enter all June 2022.
I will roll dices publicly, always stating the color before.
I will roll the dices to determine the winners and send the prizes afterwards.
It may depend on my schedule when I start, but everything will be done by July 3rd at the latest!

If you have any questions left - feel free to ask away :D

Editing area:

Annnd that was it :D
Thank you all so much for making this a topic full of pride and colors!

In order to roll dice, I'll be now setting up the list. Then I'll be rollinggg and then shipping the cloaks :D

So let's see... Added all the names to the d20 thing, so I left out the 1, the 20 as the critical numbers and also 7 and 13 to make it fit the total amount.

1 xxx roll again
2 danmanmun
3 dndmama
4 thelorekeeper
5 jangel13
6 touchofsunshine
7 xxx roll again
8 alleluia
9 min-ya
10 snowdaze
11 cri86titanium
12 atheist
13 xxx roll again
14 rowboat
15 bananasaurus
16 fiesch
17 rook
18 dawnia
19 redrose
20 xxx roll again

Posting this to see if I didn't mess anything up, then I'll go rollinggg :)
I am just a man.
Who works to help his mother.
Who worked to help me when I was a child.
Now we help each other.

She raised me with love.
And filled my heart,
with laughter and poetry,
and music and art.

She taught me to help people,
To work hard and achieve.
She did this through example,
And it helped me believe.

I believe in all people,
I believe in all creeds.
I believe in the hearts of men and women.
We all have the same needs.

Love is a choice...
Love is a life style...
It is what brings us together...
Even if we only live for a short while.

I may not be like you,
A cisgender male I identify.
But please consider I still love you...
And I will be your ally.


Happy Pride Month
Yay Pride! Cis and straight but happy to be an ally and supporter!

happy pride! I'm just your local sapphic ace, gender-nonconforming gremlin child and I am here to share a song that I hope isn't against the rules.
thank you for hosting this raffle, by the way! that's very kind of you!
anyway, ILY all, LGBT+ or otherwise! :] I hope everyone has a great summer!
Hi I'm just a supporter at the moment but currently I'm trying to figure out if I'm a member or not. I'm still trying to discover myself and I'm trying to do that through both my characters and real life experiences. Whether I'm just an ally or a member I support the pride community
Happy Pride! <3 I came out as a bisexual demigirl three years ago, and I'm still celebrating to this day! Below is a post that made me laugh, and I hope it does the same with you all! Have a wonderful day, lovelies.

Sin-fonie Topic Starter

I'm not entering myself of course, but I just want to thank all of you who shared your thoughts, wishes, stories and memes!
So glad you all are here <3

Also I can't resist...
Beware of dad joke


And to everyone new reading: Keep the pride coming and enter yourself as well while it's still June ^_^
I'm not entering, I already have more character slots than I know what to do with but I wanted to share some love.

Life, well, it's hard. It can feel like the world just doesn't understand, or that it forgot to make a place for you when everyone else gets one so easily. Sometimes it's a struggle to know what's the right thing for you and what's not. But in these times that force us to question ourselves we find the answers to who we are and who we want to be. We discover how to stand up and scream at the sky that we deserve love, and nobody can take that away. We find out just how strong we are. Most of all, we find out that opening ourselves up may let us get hurt but leaving those walls up stops us from feeling anything at all. Be proud, because you are a warrior and your strength is farther reaching than anyone can know.

Happy pride month to everyone out there, no matter where you are on your journey.
Happy pride

Happy Pride! Been part of the community all my life, though my standing in it has changed and shifted with my own growth and realization of who and what I am. To anyone unsure - or struggling at all - all I can say is; it's ok to not be sure. And it is ok to hold a label close for a while and change it later when you find another that fits you better later down the line. It doesn't make you wrong for feeling the way you did before, or identifying with what you did back then. Labels don't change you, but they help express the you you feel that you are presently. It is a journey for sure and it can be scary, but there's plenty of us taking that journey alongside you!

Here's one of my favorite Skeletor memes
Happy pride month! I don’t really have a speech, but, uh… meme?
Happy Pride all - and not just for this month, but ideally all year long! I *think* I may be ace, TBH haven't figured myself out entirely, but definitely a LGBT+ ally through and through! <3
I did a lot of self-introspection, and I have made some discoveries over the years that made so much more sense the deeper I researched myself. I'm really just a messy amalgamation, so in honor of that, I put together a combination of the two flags that best represent me.

I am...
⊱ ────── {⋆Demi-Ace⋆} ────── ⊰

hi, i'm Rowan and i'm trans-masc. i go by they/them and i am queer! happy pride y'all!

Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals! I'm Jesse Bananasaurus and I'm transgender and demi-male (the non-age-specific version of demiboy) as well as uhhh... gay+? As in I'm gay for men and fellow enbies but I sometimes ALSO fall for women if the emotional bond is strong enough? I guess that'd be demi-pan, masc-leaning?

I dunno. At 32 I'm still figuring things out, much like many in this thread. Here's one of my old strips from my comic, "Diaries of a Demi-Dude." :D
Aahhh I'm nonbinary asexual and I picked my middle name to be the same name as my great grandfather who practically raised my mom. He was a great romantic as well who wrote his wife multiple letters all throughout their life. So someone called me by his old nickname and it made my mother break into happy tears.
Woo, cloaks! Good luck everyone and thank you for hosting this.

Happy Pride Month~
I am a cis-woman and I support All LGBTQIA+ people.

Happy pride y’all! Just went to my first pride fest ever to support a few of My friends.
Sin-fonie Topic Starter

First roll! DANMANMUN
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 2.

Note: Green Cloak goes to

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