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Kys'Jarok (played by Riik)

Summer Soiree:

Accessible only via an underwater passage, the Blackout Cavern is a huge underground cave where no light touches. The air here is cool, whilst a layer of soft cave moss acts as a spongy carpet underfoot. The only natural sound is the swishing and rippling of the water from the wide waterlogged hole that solely provides access to this space. A series of comfortable mats are set out along the edge of the lake-like body of water, allowing for relaxation and meditation. Tables of food and drink are set up beyond, tended by the event's helpers. Hired guides, meanwhile, help ferry visitors back and forth.

On a nearby beach back on the surface, a billboard sits alongside a shack that rents diving gear. The billboard reads as follows:

Wish to escape the summer heat and the noisy crowds? Do you enjoy giving your senses a rest and relaxing in the darkness? Then inquire at the diving gear rental shack about the summer soiree event hosted right now at Blackout Cavern!

Blackout Cavern is fully enclosed and isolated space with no natural light, where you will enjoy tranquillity and pleasant food away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches. All expenses are paid as part of the entrance fee at the shack when you first hire a guide; and the buffet is all-you-can-eat! Your safety is paramount and therefore professionals are on hand should any emergencies occur.

We ask that you do not use any kind of light when in the cavern so as not to disturb the other guests. Please leave communication devices off unless it is an emergency. Our host and their staff will see that your needs are met. If you have difficulty navigating in darkness, do not be afraid to ask for help getting around! Should you wish to leave, a guide will be contacted to swiftly return you to the surface.

Kys sat by the edge of the underground lake, where hopefully eventual visitors would be emerging. They could hear further back down the cavern the two helpers they had brought along setting up the food stalls. Yll'r the llaa'synn - whose ability to navigate via a range of electromagnetic signals meant they were as unaffected by the darkness as Kys - was in the midst of arranging plates of food with their many tentacles. The blind jelly-creature Nil was double-checking the power generators for the refrigeration unit and the hot beverage dispensor. Off to one side, the first aid tent sat in darkness, where Loortez the reptilian doctor waited in his nightvision goggles, with a series of currently-deactivated lamps on hand should an emergency arise. With any luck, this year's event would hopefully be a success.

* * * * *
* * * * *

This setting is open to all characters of all genres! Humans, aliens, fantasy creatures, supernatural beings - all acceptable! There are some general rules to follow, however...

1) Keep it civil. Some mild drama is allowed, but don't derail things. The key theme here is relaxation, so the environment must remain in a relaxing state for those who don't want to get embroiled in any drama. Absolutely no wrecking the place!

2) No lights! The theme for this RP is pitch darkness. Whilst this is mostly an IC rule, this could also spoil things for the players as well as the characters. So keep those lights off!

3) Your character doesn't like water? They can get here by other means if you would prefer. Teleportation magic and transporters are both fine, as well as the use of mini submarines. Just please nothing that would damage the scenery, be too disruptive or make no logical sense.

4) Please open your participation with your character's arrival at the cavern.This soiree event is strictly limited to the Blackout Cavern; and what happens before and after your character's time in the cavern is up to you.

P.S. Don't worry about the aforementioned guides. They're simply the main method of arrival. For the sake of flow, the guide leading your character to the cave will leave as soon as your character gets there. A new guide can be called for when your character leaves.
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Darkened caverns were of no issue to creatures with no eyes to begin with. They were perhaps also grant reprieve to such creatures that could see in colors others couldn't.

Thus, Apollyon found comfort of the ease on the senses. Having heard of the trip from shore-dwellers, his interest was piqued. Still, he contemplated whether it would be right if someone of his kind were to appear there. Given it was underwater, they would be welcoming of merfolk, no doubt. Politics shouldn't be an issue; it would be the one place he didn't have to think of such a thing, hopefully. If the location was purely in the dark, others wouldn't have the chance to see him and become intimidated either.

Yes, he could accept something like this.

So then he requested the aid of a guide, if only to take him to the cavern where he could swim the rest of the way. As the light was swallowed into the abyss, it felt. . . oddly comforting. Like this was where he was supposed to be. It was nothing like Where the Abyss Ends, of course, but there was no threat of the ever-hungering deep. Of the imbalance of nobles and 'their' people. It was just a group of different lifeforms maintaining their peace. He could even taste the remnants of it in the water, of what fish passed by seeking shelter.

Peace. . . it's becoming more familiar now.

Water trickled down his horns as his gills vented and his upper tentacles slowly emerged from the lake-like opening. At home in the cool depths, he remained there for a moment as his more humanoid arms kept him afloat. His tentacles fanned a bit, exploring the depths of the cave until he could pull himself to one side. It took him a moment until he realized he had arrived silently. Perhaps for the best, not to disturb existing visitors. His suckers couldn't taste that well outside of the water and part of him didn't want to leave it.

That was, until he did detect a lifeform surprisingly close to him; Kys'Jarok. He retracted his tentacles abruptly, even if they didn't touch them directly.

"Forgive me," he said instinctively, his voice almost still sounding submerged in liquid. Always the first to apologize when he'd done nothing wrong. "I was just. . . exploring a bit. I hope I have bothered none."
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Seated with their legs crossed and arms on their lap, Kys raised their head slightly at the sound of a new arrival. Their ears flickered a few times, but they otherwise remained still.

"Forgive you?" They asked, their voice both feminine and boyish; reflective of both their genderless androgyny and small stature. They chuckled. "In fact, your presence is desired. Welcome to Blackout Cavern. In honestly, I was expecting someone who would require some aid, but the fact that your first word upon arrival was not 'hello?' and instead you addressed me directly, I feel I can be of assumption that you navigate through other means. Are you aware of the summer soiree event occurring here? Your uncertainty raises questions."
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Despite the urge to look small - given it was terribly difficult, being over six feet tall - Apollyon addressed them directly. He seemed to mask any discomfort that comes forth well enough.

"My kind rely more on vibrations than sight alone," he answered. "Sight can be. . . overwhelming to possess, though ours is rudimentary at best. I don't particularly see well outside of the water either. . . but I digress." His tentacles shift aside to rest on the side of the lake by Kys'Jarok's side, accompanied by their squelching sound. "I had heard of it from the shore-dwellers. Truth be told, I. . . had merely overheard from them, but I thought to investigate myself. Thus, I found the shack with the guides leading towards the cavern. I had no previous knowledge of its existence."

It was a simpler way to say he came alone. And that he didn't have that many friends. Gosh, he hoped that wasn't easy to tell.

"I had heard there would be. . . um." Was it awkward to be direct? "A calm atmosphere here." There, that was easier and more smart-sounding to say than just 'relaxation.'
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

"I will give you a run-down on what is on offer here," Kys'Jarok declared, sitting still, entirely indifferent to Apollyon's actions. "I am Kys'Jarok, though you may call my Kys is you wish. I dabble in spirituality in its rawest sense, outside of deities, superstition or alternative healing. I am this event's host on behalf of its organiser, my platonic life partner Xá'Taren, who chose not to come to the event, on account of his boisterousness.

"I don't know how keen your vibrational sense is - my hearing certainly isn't good enough to pick them up, even when echolocating - but positioned by this section of the shore are a series of water-absorbent mats for sitting upon for meditation, or lying upon for relaxing, or whatever you wish to do on them - within reason of decency, of course.

"Beyond them is a selection of food and refreshment tables, where two of my companions are assisting me whilst I greet and engage with guests. The food is not freshly cooked, though some of it does include pre-cooked meats and the like. It is largely snacks and sandwiches. Hand wipes are supplied for those who do not wish to handle food immediately after being submerged in the seawater.

"If you want, you can still relax in the pond, though I would advise you not to stay too close to the exit tunnel or the space between that and this section of the shore, as you would likely cause obstruction for any future guests, many of whom will likely have trouble navigating blindly.

"As for myself, I can provide meditation sessions or just quiet conversation if you wish, though if things get too busy, I may have to divide my time up."
Niraya (played by Roxy)

((Sorry. I'll retreat.))
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

((Alright, so... new request here... please would everyone start their participation in this soiree with their character's arrival at the cavern itself? How they get there isn't really that important aside from it making sense. I won't be replying to any posts that take place at another location unless for some reason one of my host characters ends up there.))
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Apollyon followed along with Kys'Jarok's words, peppering them with nods, albeit unseen.

"I see. Well, then let me just. . ."

Tentacles furled as he pulled himself up out of the water, keeping close to the ground as it was more comfortable in the darkness. And comfortable it was, given the moss-like substance carpeting the floor. However, it's still very dark; given Apollyon's limited vision, he relied on the echoes in the cavern to get around. Most of his physiology ended up being that sensitive. He found himself opting to sit a bit away from Kys'Jarok, his remaining tentacles submersed in the water.

"My name is Apollyon. You do not mind it if I sit by your side, do you?" Despite his soft words, his voice is relatively distant from Kys'Jarok. He had situated himself a good distance, but still remained adjacent to where they were at. "I hope to not distract you from greeting other visitors. I will leave some leeway for others to arrive. Though I. . . have something to admit. I have never. . . meditated before. Is this a bad thing?"
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

"I have no issue with you sitting beside me," Kys explained. "And plenty of people haven't tried meditation. Some find they can't do it. You have to be capable of calming your mind and shutting out distractions. But I find that regular meditation can help keep your mind at peace. I wouldn't recommend it alone as therapy, even to those who have proven themselves capable of doing it, but it can help. If you believe in a deity or higher power, it can often make you feel closer to them as well; though I must make the disclaimer that I do not know for sure whether meditating does in fact make one closer to said higher power, particularly given my agnostic beliefs. Often, feeling closer is enough for some."
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Psh. Therapy. A former knight of the Sea's Domain wouldn't need therapy. And so, Apollyon brushed off this idea. Unfortunately.

"Do you think I could attempt such here?" Apollyon asked with a hand raising to stroke where he lacked a beard. Or a face, really. "I would, um. I would trust you if you could guide me. For now. That is something you can do, right?" His fingers laced together, tentacles twisting this way and that in the dark. "Until you need to be elsewhere, of course. Then I can just eat something, I guess."

He tried to speak so that he wasn't making himself unimportant, but still gave Kys'Jarok the flexibility to tend to other guests. For a moment, his fins fan and he canted his head. The buds on the side of his head were sensitive, but not superbly so. Kys'Jarok spoke of companions, particularly where it concerned refreshments, but he couldn't quite dictate their location above the water. Especially while focusing on Kys'Jarok's words at the same time.
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

"It is something, yes, though your body doesn't sound familiar to me, and my advice on posture techniques would likely be incomplete for your anatomy," Kys pondered, scooting closer to Apollyon. They reached out with a hand. "Do you mind if I-...? It would help both of us if I knew exactly what I was dealing with, and my hearing grants me only limited understanding of your shape. Let me know if I get too close to anything sensitive or dangerous."

If unimpeded, Kys would reach for Apollyon's shoulder. As they did so, they listened carefully to identify the normal pace of Apollyon's breathing - if indeed he did breathe - as well as how it worked and also any other idle noises his body was making, given Kys's ears were sensitive enough to catch the heartbeat of someone close to them.
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Apollyon thought that made sense. It figured, especially given he had no bones. That would definitely be off-putting to some.

"Do you mind if I-...?"

That someone would ask something like that, not out of fear, but out of consent, caught Apollyon off-guard for a moment. He was very beast-like in nature to many, so he was used to being manhandled about. Such a tiny creature - compared to him, at least - still asking for consent was oddly meaningful. He couldn't exactly place why without embarrassing himself to. . . well, himself.

Ultimately, he allowed the contact, when Kys'Jarok found his thick shoulder. His skin is squishy and soft, coated with a loose layer so that it could retract to form any texture he desired. Right now, it was relaxed, although the thick muscle could be palpated.

Kys'Jarok could pick up the sounds of heartbeats - indeed, plural. Three, as a matter of fact. They beat at a slower pace than most species, pumping thick blood through large veins. Two smaller ones were pumping blood to the pair of gills at his hips, which aspirated at a high rate that obviously wasn't the norm. Was he nervous? Was it that apparent? Or did his lungs for the land need more air?

Absent-mindedly, a tentacle rolled over Kys'Jarok's hand, had it not been pulled away in time. Giving a short noise of surprise, Apollyon was soon to peel it off. Luckily, none of the suckers had stuck for long, although he might have been able to taste any hormones relaying calm or adrenaline Kys'Jarok possessed, if possible.

"Sorry." Apollyon's apology is rushed. "Eight neuron clusters. One in each arm. Very difficult."
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Figuring the lack of protest to be consent, Kys gently felt around the edges of Apollyon's form. They were neither thorough nor did they linger anywhere; their goal was simply to get an impression of Apollyon's general shape. They seemed to be indifferent to the tentacle that touched them in return.

Kys began at Apollyon's head and worked their way down, in general only skimming their hands down the edges of his torso, mostly focused on his limbs, scanning his arms and feeling for his fingers, then doing the same down along the lower tentacles.

"Huhhh..." Kys said thoughtfully when reaching Apollyon's lower body, seemingly making a substitute noise for a 'hmm' sound, given their lack nose made that impossible for them to do. "I hope you don't mind that I have entirely no clue as to what the optimal meditative position for this part of your body is... tell me, would you be able to properly relax entirely on land, or would you prefer to remain partially submerged?"
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Apollyon continued to allow Kys'Jarok to feel his body; from his arms to his fins to his well-muscled torso and lower body. He only flinched when he felt they were getting too close to the webbing of his lower tentacles, where his beak sat underneath. So far, he rested his hands in his lap (or what could be considered a lap) during the rest of the process. Despite this, he still feels tense. Easily indicative that this is not what he should be, even with his anatomy being alien to Kys'Jarok.

"I suppose whatever is easier for you to explain with," he answered truthfully. "But I don't mind sitting here like this. Being outside of the water is still a. . . difficult feeling for me to grasp, if that makes sense to you."
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys seemed to mostly keep away from the webbing, with no reason to search beyond it. Instead, their contact stuck to the tentacles themselves, only making the note of said webbing from where it was connected to them. They swiftly moved past toward the end of the tentacles and then ceased.

"Well if you wish for me to help you to meditate, then what makes you most comfortable is probably the best option," Kys explained. "Although I must admit, I find it easier to face those I guide in such matters and have them central to my hearing, and I do not really desire to get salt water in my fur. There are mats provided for meditation, but they are fully on the land. If you wish to remain here, that is fine, though."
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Apollyon raised a hand to his neck, his upper tentacles exploring the ground where he sat.

"Let's go to the mats. I'll follow your lead." As he hiked up his lower body where his 'knees' would be, his lower tentacles already made a motion to start crawling out of the water. "I want to do this the right way. Besides, if it's easier for you, then it's easier for me. I have no qualms with this."

He meant it genuinely. He didn't fret at the prospect of getting out of the water. If anything, it meant he had more time to get used to it. And perhaps get away from the Sea's Domain.

"After you. I shall follow your voice. I am not totally deaf, luckily."
Kinds wanna hop in with my fariy boy Sage,, however I don't think he'd necessarily fit in due to naturally producing electricity, ie soft bursts of light
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

((@Bluebeldy - if you can find a way to include him without the light issue, feel free to hop in!))

Kys got to their feet and stretched. "Very well. This way..." They led the way toward where they believed one of the mats to be. It took a moment of feeling around with one of their feet to actually find it, however; after which they offered a hand to Apollyon to lead them toward the centre of the mat. "I am not sure what seating position is most comfortable for you," they admitted. "For the typically bipeds, I would recommend crossed legs. Essentially, any position that will reduce the urge to shift and fidget, whilst still remaining comfortable and allowing for good posture."

They walked toward the edge of the mat they expected Apollyon to be facing and stood in waiting, listening for what position he would relax into before choosing a place to sit themselves. After all, they wanted to give Apollyon as much room as he needed, but also wished to remain fairly close to not have to spoil the calm by needing to raise their voice too much.
Apollyon (played by Samiakki)

Apollyon used the vibrations felt in the ground to dictate where Kys'Jarok might have gone. No too far, luckily. As such, he kept close to the ground, crawling on his side before seeking their hand. Awkward groping in the darkness was followed by their wet hand connecting gently with Kys'Jarok's, much to his eventual relief.

Once he was properly guided onto the absorbent mat, Apollyon considered his posture for a moment. At first, he sat on the side of his lower body, then settling on an idea that was better to prevent him from leaning over. The muscles of his lower body retracted some as he balanced part of it underneath himself, folding it under as a human would sit on their knees and calves. His palms came to rest in his lap with his elbows outward. Could he be seen, the seated position was reminiscent of a samurai's confident seiza posture.

"Okay, I think I've done it," he announced. "What's the next step?"
Kys'Jarok (played by Riik) Topic Starter

Kys sat opposite to Apollyon, smoothly descending into a seated position with their legs crossed, lower hands on their knees, upper pair thoughtfully rubbing their chin.

"Let us begin by clearing your mind," Kys decided. "Focus on my voice and try to block out every other sensation. Take slow, deep breaths. Try to ignore any stray thought that might disrupt your peace; but do not force your focus too hard."

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