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Maedow the Magnificent mentioned a fantastic idea recently that I wanted to post here (with her permission).

Similar to Player and Character kudos I think it would be really neat to see Group kudos implemented as well. It would be a nice way for players, either permanent ones or those coming/going, to leave feedback on what exactly they enjoyed about a specific Group. If this has been mentioned before feel free to disregard and delete this, no worries!


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I second this notion!
This is a GREAT idea!
Great idea!
I'll add my vote to this.
Oh, yes! It would have a lot of effect on other players coming and going -- a review, of sorts! I like this idea.
Great idea! :) Would love to see this in effect
An Excellent Idea! :)
Fantastic idea!
I will raise my hand for this as well! I found a group I love and want to give it kudos!

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