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New and improved? Ehh. Not really. But certainly different than my first one! ... A bit lol. Can I just take a mo to say as well - thank you for all the responses on these forum games. You folks are all incredibly talented! I really do enjoy reading every single piece that people post. I'm really honoured that everyone seems to enjoy these lil prompts I write, too!

Onto the 'rules' - same as last time! Keep it clean, if it's TW/NSFW it goes under a spoiler or collapse... Use the dice to generate your number (unless you really have a preference lol) and have fun!! There's never a wrong way to do these things ☺️

I encourage double posting! Heck - triple, quadruple, whatever-posting. Use the same characters or different ones, just enjoy!

Your scenarios are as follows - good luck!
  1. With their close family/lover/child/someone they trust unconditionally/just generally content and happy. Are they usually the universe's punching bag? Welp, not this time!
  2. At the therapist (below your character's dignity? Then they can be the therapist instead!) Either way - they spill their guts, or get someone else to spill their guts... or maybe they just clam up entirely. I dunno, they're your character!
  3. On an awkward first date
  4. On a sick day/injured - as bad as you want
  5. Caught doing something they shouldn't be
  6. Catching someone else doing something they shouldn't be
  7. Getting the best news of their life
  8. Having the worst day of their life
  9. Being observed/stalked by an alien species (or just a really determined human)
  10. Having somebody break into their home in the dead of night
  11. Having somebody come up in the street and just throw hands, insult your chara and start a fight
  12. Thinking they're about to die (and then finding out they aren't)
  13. Someone finding out their darkest secret. Or everyone finding out.
  14. Hitting that breaking point of stress where it either dips into hysteria or depression. Basically just snapping 🥲
  15. Realising they have a biological kid/family member that they didn't know about - feel free to reroll/switch if it isn't a likely thing
  16. Trying to gain the trust of someone that they're lying to or that has something your chara wants
  17. At a job interview (inspired by mine, today. Oh boy.)
  18. Getting something that they've worked really hard for
  19. Losing something that they've worked really hard for
  20. A "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" or "To Build A Fire" situation; trapped in a wilderness of your choice. Do they live in the wilderness already? Then plonk 'em somewhere else they're not used to!

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Zaharah (played by hexblading)

4. On a sick day/injured - as bad as you want.

Spoilered for gore and heavy injuries.

She could feel it, the twisting of magical bullets lodging even deeper into her shoulder, even when its caster was long slain; such was the grasp of a pride of Thay, even when dead would find their mark. It felt like a curse, something tunneling deeper into muscle so much it started to kiss bone, and she bit her tongue. So many other wounds, and she was too spent of magic to try to knit herself together. Any bottles of potion, any points of collection, everything run dry.

Perhaps this operation, this... notion to take the corrupt city of Thay as their own, to unseat the Council of Zulkirs and throw the Mageocracy into chaos was a fool's errand, after all. While The Flock did have the head of a lich on figurative display, taking on a government where one had no need for masquerades or humility was a different ball game entirely. Their enemy was vehemence in its nature, rivalled only by how long he'd defied death at the hands of both the Gods and his co-workers to scoff at snooty little upstarts like themselves. She had her doubts on the plan's conception and its fruition as the small cell started to be spread too thin. Perhaps she would meet a short reprieve here, and be returned in a couple of decades. But it would be too late, and she would not try again if she fell to a bullet wound in the city's waterways, of all places.

"Fizzy? Are you there?" Zaharah whispered, feeling a piercing pain as she croaked the words out.
"Song... C'mon, Song, just a little more. You can do it." Came the little raven's voice, and she saw them perched on her shoulder. "Don't die on us now, we need you."
"If I don't make it out of the sewers... Tell Zubair I love him. Tell him to get everyone out."

It was then when she heard the telltale sound of arcane magic being pulled from the Weave, and quickly ducked away from sight just in time to escape a bolt of lightning from hitting where she was just half a moment ago. Fizzle squawked, their feathers puffed in alarm. She swatted them away and projected into their mind--Go! There was no plan to fight this mage, only to live, to survive. However, the pains that pierced her back and sides were not keen on letting her run as she would unfettered, and as punishment, took two more witch bolts to her side.

This time, she fell.

Though she could see well in the absence of light, this was the first time colour faded from her eyes in the dark. The telltale red robe of her Thay assailant seemed to meld in with the looming dark. "Any last words?" They said, a bright light shining from their hands.

And that was when she saw it. Behind the mage was the towering figure of Zubairad, with his glaive raised, Fizzle dutifully on his shoulder.

Zaharah smirked. "I don't know, do you?"


[decided to add this bit that was sitting in my private drive. hehe]

She felt him wipe off the traces of warm blood off her face and cheek, and replace it with the sensation of something cool, yet comforting–his healing energies, both a personification of Sardior’s radiance and of Khei Orn’s frigid peaks, into something that resembled bundling in front of a fire on a cold winter’s morning. If not for the smell of the waterways, Zaharah would have been lost in the sensation.

“I have you.” She heard his voice, somber and steady, but there was a hitch where it belied a trace of emotion. “You are safe. I have you.”

“Where– where are we going?”
“Base of operations. You are not leaving until you make a full recovery, the damage you sustained is extensive. There will not be a negotiation.”

No–the rest can’t see me like this, please.”
“Why not?”
“Zubair, they need me to be strong. Everyone’s at their capacity, and I need to double the amount myself. If they see I can’t carry it–” She said, before the man simply leaned her on his shoulder.

“We will address the fact that you almost died today later,” He started off, holding her closer as he carried her, walking at a steady pace. “To be seen as infallible is no strength. It is arrogance, and will only serve to further divide you and your peers. If unity is truly what you choose to preserve, you will opt to be seen as vulnerable to them, that the difference between you is thinner than a razor. Even you can fall. But what matters is you let those who you owe your trust to, catch you.”

“You do realize that is a huge risk to take, yes?”

“I do. And I am asking that you take it, if you respect them.”
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 4.
Paragon (played by Ultra-Knight)

"I pretend to be sick because I don't want to go work today."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 4.
Cici (played by Astrobeans)

V, please get me out of this date”, she thought to herself, hopefully in the hacker’s mercy. “This is for your teasing of the incident”, a feminine voice can be heard in Cici’s head. “You still mad about the poodle skirt?”, she said aloud then apologized to the person sitting across from her.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.
Nitya (played by stalkati)

3. On an awkward first date

'I need to get out of here!' She thought to herself but felt guilty about just leaving. Trying to think of a good excuse but her mind went blank. Instead she smiled, "after we eat want to go do something fun like axe throwing, or watching a movie?" Maybe that would help make this less awkward...
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.
Paulie Beaman (played by _Skylark_) Topic Starter

((I know it's cheeky of me, but I'm gonna join in ☺️ Let's see...

Beaman is a lil cutie. This is the first time I've actually written him properly haha))

Placing a cut here for like, one swear word
"You look like you've not slept a wink."

Julia was, as always, the first to notice. She was their eagle-eyed receptionist, and outside of work she'd have told Beaman that he looked like shit. Here, though, they upheld their chirpy and professional masks - even him, decked out in scrubs and with bags under his eyes big enough for a shopping spree in Harrods.

"No. Not really," his expression was a typically bashful one, his voice no louder than a murmur. Julia leant in over the desk.

"Yeah?" She prompted with a smile.

"Yeah. Nala was sick. We were up all night, again."

"Nala. That's the--"

"The fox pup. Yeah," Beaman's eyes met hers, only for a moment, in a flash of sheepish blue. "I know I have to step back, really. But... she needs me. You know?"


"I know," he turned away, radiating quiet frustration. "I know, Jules. And when I got home yesterday, she came right over. I know it isn't good for her. But she's still so weak, and she'd--" he cut off, voice cracking. "I can't. Not yet."

"It's not your house, is it?"

"They won't find out," his smile wavered on the edge of being encouraging.

"And if they do?"

"Then I deal with it." The certainty in his voice made Julia smile. It was a certainty that would, hopefully, be echoed when he finished work and found an indignant text waiting from his housing company...
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 5.

Note: oooh

"Where will the dice lead me this evening?"

5. Caught doing something they shouldn't be.

What'd I do?: Mixed Chocolate Syrup with pasta

Reaction: "Look, I can't even fit into my jeans right now, just let me enjoy my pasta with chocolate syrup on the couch and shut the hell up."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 5.
Noros (played by Astrobeans)

“I am not much of a gambler”, Noros said as he rolled the dice.

Prompt 18# wrote:
Getting something that they've worked really hard for

“Finally it is completed”, he said after wiping the sweat off his brow. He had been journeying for Barbatos, leaving Faris to lead in his place. Reaching Barbatos’ tower, he entered and placed down the journal and bag of things he gathered while exploring.

“You never cease to amaze me”, the alchemist said, pushing back a strand of sliver and black hair. Barbatos grabbed a thin yet long box from a shelf and handed to Noros, “The credits will be transferred soon.” Noros smiled as he removed the box lid and saw an star glazer placed on a bed of velvet.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 18.
"Let's see how I start my my morning!"

9. Being observed/stalked by an alien species (or just a really determined human)

Likely a really determined human...

Reaction: Angrily confronting the person the moment they get close enough. "I am not in the mood for this. I'm really hungry and lazy and gassy because I am growing two human beings. I'm also really tired and moody, are you sure you wanna play this game right now!?"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 9.
_Skylark_ Topic Starter

((On the next episode of "Sky Can't Keep Away From Her Own Forum Games"... Let's see what my next roll is 😂

Oh frs I am cursed with fives 👀))
rolled 1d10 and got a natural 5.

Note: I'm so sorry 😂

_Skylark_ Topic Starter

((Ah, I did it wrong. Let's give it another go...

Wow this took forever haha. Kind of fits for number one, too, but... I couldn't resist. Meet Kez. She's a darling and one half of my personal OTP. They've both worked hard to get to this moment; it isn't canon yet but I'm proud of 'em 🥺

Under a cut for like, mild cursing. Also.. it's mostly just dialogue... I'm sorry ;v; ))

SHAMELESS Sol fluff ahaha
"Summer, 2000," she said softly into the silence, "at Tenerife. Do you remember?"

His mind was slow to whirr back into life; pitifully so, really. His reply was equally so, and he was grateful for the darkness that cloaked just how half-awake he was.
"I remember James getting into a fight with a lifeguard."

A laugh bubbled from her. "Oh, he was so pissed. Didn't J think he was trying it on with his new missus?"

"Ironic," it was dry as bleached bone, "that that man had such a talent for trouble."

"Has," she corrected with a grin.

"You're still in contact?" This was edged with indignance that Kez either didn't notice, or chose not to acknowledge.

"Yeah, man. J wouldn't let me leave, if I wanted to. He's... not really changed. Still wears that stupid leather jacket. And the hair gel. Bottles of the stuff, Sol. Trust me - I've been in his bathroom."

His sudden snort of amusement was unexpected, and admittedly undignified. Still, the words had caught him off guard. "Oh-- really? God forbid. He must keep them in business, mustn't he?"

"You know it. Though, you're not exactly one to judge," and now her glittering ochre gaze turned on him; his chest squeezed as she purred, "Mr. Fancy Pants. I see you've not changed, either."

"Well," he intoned, and then trailed off - unsure how to quite explain how much had changed. So, instead, he just shrugged - with the one shoulder he could still do so properly with - and said, "you can't really judge me for having style, now, can you?"

"Mm, it's always... suited you," the ridiculous joke wasn't enough to hide the way she looked him up and down, her eyes lingering hungrily. The next breath he took was sharper, and he moved a little bit aside; away from her. Her brows furrowed.
"... Sol?"

"Mm?" He met her eyes with the slightest hint of sheepishness, not realising his own gaze had defected. "Yeah?"

"Are you--"

"I'm fine," he snapped immediately, lifelong muscle memory kicking in in an instant. "Just- stop, alright?! Stop it."


"Stop- looking at me like that. What - I'm a piece of meat, nowadays? I didn't expect that from you."

He couldn't quite hide the rattled disgust in his voice.

"Got it. Sorry," she dipped her own gaze. It was genuine remorse, but stopped before pity. "But - no. God-- of course not. You know you never were - not to me, anyway."
He looked away with a dismissive grunt. She chuckled, adding,
"Besides, Don Juan-- you really think I'm gonna give up everything just for this? We're not kids, anymore. I've got a life, you've got a life. There's... gaps to fill, right? We aren't really the same people as before."

Was it hope toying with her senses, or did his shoulders relax just a little, upon hearing that? Did she imagine that look of measured gratitude that she caught?

Whatever the case, his next words were seemingly back to levity. "Exactly - fashion sense notwithstanding."

Kez grinned, rolling her eyes. "Right. Apart from that."

"Although," and, yes - she'd said the right things, because the slowly spreading grin on his face was out of place, being so mischievous. "I hope you got rid of that godawful puffer jacket. Please, tell me that you don't still wear that monstrosity."

"You kidding? I outgrew that thing ages ago."

"Thank god," and he laughed for real, now; a soft sound, tainted with disuse. "I never wanted to say it-"

"Oh, you said it every time!"

"-- because I'm a paragon of virtue. Of course," and there was that infuriatingly charming, we both know I'm right, but I'll humour you anyway" grin again - self-assured and all too fond and, reserved - or so she had always greedily thought - just for her, "and far be it for me to tell you how to dress-"

"Oh, don't! You said J looked like he got dressed in the dark on the daily. I think you even said it to me a few times-"

"-- but I, for one, am glad to see that it's no longer on you. Have you gotten rid of it, yet?"

"... Yes. Why?"

"Really, now? That's a shame. Because I think that the local clown college is taking donations."

"Oh, you jackass! God, I'd forgotten how annoying you were!" But despite it all, she was laughing.
She reached over, on instinct, to give him a playful whack on the arm - and then stopped. As soon as she raised her hand, his own expression had flickered to mistrust; a line with bad signal. Slowly, she lowered her hand - and then, thinking better of it, reached over to slip an arm around his shoulders.

He winced.

She readjusted, keeping the pressure light until she felt him relax microscopically. Even then, the way he leant away from her told her enough. It clawed at her heart, leaving hot weals of rage directed at someone that she knew she could never confront.

"Sorry," she said, tentative. And then, "is... this okay?"

He thought about it for a long moment, and only in the last few seconds did his gaze shift to meet hers.
She'd known him for so long, and seen the expression from him so much, that it was impossible to miss the fear in his face. Despite that, though, there was something gentler there. More acquiescent.

"Yes," he said eventually, softly.

"I'm glad," she replied - and that was it.

When he did doze off again, in the companionable silence that followed, only then did she say what she really meant by that. I'm sorry, and you didn't deserve it and, most importantly, I love you.

He, still more lucid than he'd admit, and perhaps not as surprised as he should have been, said nothing in response.

Something told him there'd be time for him to say it all back, later.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 18.

Note: 🙏 please don't be a 5

Let's see.

EDIT: "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 7.
"My turn!"

9. Being observed/stalked by an alien species (or just a really determined human)

A really determined human for sure...

Reaction: "No thanks, I'm already pregnant."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 9.
"Oh, what kind of game is this?"

3. On an awkward first date.

Reaction: "Probably weren't expecting the belly, huh?" *Chuckle*
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 3.
alright then

EDIT: "I can't stand this anymore! How am I supposed to keep up this facade when surrounded by all these nosy humans?! Next time one of them comes snooping around, I will treat them the way my kind treats unwelcome guests! AS FOOD!"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 14.
"Well, well, well, what do we have here?"

10. Having somebody break into their home in the dead of night

Reaction: "Bitch, you picked the wrong house..and the wrong momma bear!"
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 10.
"Mmm, alright I'll play."

14. Hitting that breaking point of stress where it either dips into hysteria or depression. Basically just snapping

Reaction: Plop into bed, scream into a pillow, hug a teddy bear and then start crying.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 14.
"Gimme a good one."

EDIT: "Oh that's already happened to me." *shaky laughter* "I'm gonna go and cry now."
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 13.
Pyro (played by randomentity777)

"Hmm hmm"

EDIT: Pyro stares blankly at the interviewer. The only sound in the room is the muffled breathing of the Pyro through the respirator on their mask. After several minutes of the uncomfortable silence, the Pyro stands up and starts pouring gasoline out over the room. The Pyro selects a match and lights it. They then turn and leave the room as it is engulfed in flames. Of course, to the Pyro, the flames are rainbows.
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 17.
witchbrew (played by XenoverseSurvivor)

"witchbrew wanna join!"

Edit: witchbrew chugged his favorite soda and laid in bed
rolled 1d20 and got a natural 4.

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