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I'm in another roleplay kick and wanted to do something simple-ish...maybe sweet or developing for your characters! The premise is:

"Your character awakes in this empty city. It's not quite day...nor night. A soft light covers the empty streets of this place. A light fog seems to be their only company. No one's around to ask what this place is...atleast not yet. "

In reality...our characters find themselves in an empty space. The last thing remembered is a nightmare they were having. This nightmare is different for everyone and would depend on your character.
What do they fear?
Rather than waking up in their normal environment, they now find themselves in this empty city! Buildings, cars, potions stores remain yet no other living beings...atleast not at first. It's almost like a purgatory...our characters seemingly forever stuck. How do they escape? Perhaps the answers lie in their fears...and they willing to face their truest fear to escape this place?

Let's find out!

Have fun! Your character can be whomever and whatever they please! Magic is allowed. Be creative and let's see if we can have some cool and meaningful interactions.
Turuilla E Collins. (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

The cold fog penetrated even her fluffy cardigan sending a shiver down her spine. Turuilla blinked several times, thinking the blurred landscape was merely her vision and not an ominous fog that seemed to cover everything.

What was this place?

The last thing she rememberd was falling asleep at her desk. Yet now her desk was no where to be seen. "Hello?" She called. Her voice fell flat against the silence. There was no one in the streets before her. It almost felt like no one was here at all. Taking a deep breath the woman conjured up any bravery she had and she began to walk down the empty street. Her steps echoed along the stone pathway, bouncing off the old European buildings. Where was this place?
Jonathan (played by ForeverDreamer)

"Ugh..." a young man in his early 20's grunted as he slowly begins to wake up, lying flat in some open dirt patch in the city somewhere

The young man takes a few minutes to get up, dust himself off, and get his bearings before looking around as to where he's at.

" I...? What is this place...?" said the young man as he continues to look around, but then holds his head in pain "Ugh...can't remember anything... I...I...don't...know...? Who...?"

The young man was in pain, suffering from a pounding headache, for a couple of seconds before shaking his head hard enough for his necklace, that has a locket attached to it, to come loose which then made the man stop to examine it.

"What's...this...?" said the young man quietly as he fiddles around with the locket to try and get it to open, but wasn't able to...but he did manage to see an engraved name on the back of it... "Jonathan...? Jonathan... Jonathan... Yes...yes, I remember now.... My name is...Jonathan...but..."

At least the young man, whose name is Jonathan, was able to remember his name...but as to the rest of his past, he really has no idea what's going on... Eventually his headache manages to subside enough not to be in pain anymore, and so he decided to take this time to leave the dirt patch of development where he was sleeping on, and decided to look around the foggy city streets, unsure where to go or what to find.
Turuilla E Collins. (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

It didn't seem to matter how far she walked, no one and nothing greeted her. Turuilla did her best to fight back her worry, " These buildings look's Europe of sorts? But I don't see any signs...or people." Yes, she was talking outloud as she walked along. Maybe someone would hear. Interestingly enough the closer she looked she noticed there weren't any maps...street names. Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Soon, quite literally, the city gave way to nothing- a forested area sat before her. The brick road dissipated into dirt...the tall buildings vanishing into trees. All of it covered by fog. It seemed ominous...therefore Turuilla remained in the city. Simply watxhing the open space from afar off. Suddenly, a chilled air rushed through, lifting her long dress and tumbling her auburn hair up. The breeze lifted some of the fog- enough to clear some person heading in her direction! Was it a real person? It was hard to tell with the fog.

"Oh...oh! Hey! HEEY YOU!" Turuilla shouted, lifting her arms and waving them in the air. "Can you hear me!" She cried aloud, desperately hoping the person would hear.
Jonathan (played by ForeverDreamer)

Jonathan was walking around all confused of sorts, unsure where he's at but more importantly who he really was... He was definitely suffering from amnesia, only knowing his name and nothing else...but more importantly he needs to get back home...but how...? Jonathan aimlessly walks around the city, familiarizing with the city architecture, but it was nothing he was familiar with at fact, he really hasn't seen these kinds of buildings before in his life... Wondering around for several more minutes, eventually he heard someone's voice and looks out to see a woman waving back at him.

"Huh? There's someone else here? Am I...dreaming...? Hallucinating...? ...Perhaps I should take a closer look..." said Jonathan

Jonathan would then walk up closer to Turuilla to see if she's real.
Callisto put her hands in front of her, screaming as the ground came towards her almost at the speed of light. It never changed - every nightmare she'd ever had, always ended with her slamming into the ground and waking up. And, every single time, she woke up screaming. This time was no different.

But what was different, was that she didn't wake up in her bed. Instead, Callisto found herself in a bookstore.

"What the..." she mumbled, turning to lean against the wall behind her.

After waking herself up fully, Callisto walked outside. Looking around, she saw what you would expect to see in a city - buildings, cars, broken windows in some buildings. But what she didn't see, was life. No people, no animals, not even a raccoon or bird. She started walking around, looking for...well, she didn't know what exactly. Luckily, although it was foggy, it wasn't too dark. If she tried to use her light, it would reflect and be of no use.
Turuilla E Collins. (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

Turuilla came closer to the Jonathan, heaving a sigh of relief. He seemed real enough- just like her. "Thank goodness!" Just to ensure this was true she went to pat his arms. Solid and ghost. Her lips spread into a smile and just as she was about to speak further she heard a faint echo. A door opening not too far away? Maybe those were even...footsteps she was hearing? Thank God!

"Someone else maybe!" Turuilla exclaimed, trying to listen closely for another noise. Her hand tugged the man's sleeve and she started to make her way deeper into the city- back the way she came. "Is someone else here? Hello...hello!" Turuilla called out carefree like. An unspeakable peace overcame her at the thought of more people. However, she hadn't taken the time to think there was anything dangerous lurking...

Nevertheless her voice perhaps would carry through the empty streets-
Callisto suddenly heard another voice, female, searching. It didn't sound dangerous, maybe it's another person.

"Hello?" She yelled out.

She started running through the streets, towards the voice. She was ready for a fight, her hands tingling once again.

Suddenly, she saw a woman and another figure. Okay, Callisto thought, be polite, but keep an eye open.

"Hey there!" She called out.
Jonathan (played by ForeverDreamer)

"Umm...hello there..." said Jonathan, rather a bit wary about the woman being real, but she touched him and noticed that she is indeed real "She touched me without any second thought...who is this woman...?"

Before he could inquire farther, Turuilla hear something and immediately went after it. Thinking he had nothing else to do at the moment, Jonathan decided to tail behind her to find another woman inside of a building.

"Another woman... Well it beats being here all alone in I wonder if they can help telling me where am I?"

"So...are we the only three people here in Is it a town? I never seen these buildings before." said Jonathan
"I don't know..." Callisto replied to the young man quietly, looking around the street.

She really didn't know anything. All she knew is she was nervous. Why? She couldn't see the moon. The fog felt like a blanket, moreso a quilt. It was heavy, as if it was trying to drag her down. The moon would've given her a sense of anchorage, but Callisto felt at a loss.

"I know it's town. But that's all," she clarified, then looked at the other woman, "Do you know anything?"
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

As he was tucked into bed by his familiar, Azumi, a rather embarrassing thing given his age, Ren slept soundly as his familiar slowly vanished before his eyes, waiting to be summoned once more in the morning.
He dreamt peacefully about him and Azumi together on top of a serene hill, it was amazing despite only being a vivid memory that would soon fade away as he realized where he was.

He woke up to an oddly greyish sky with empty buildings, even the garden store was empty, his favorite place. What was even worse was he did not have his familiar around as he unsummoned her for the time being. He did not know whether or not he had enough magic to summon her as the place he was in seemed lacking in it. Of course, he was a musician, he could not truly prove his suspicions because of his ineptitude in the subject. He soon thought that paranoia would not get him anywhere. And that was proven by a feminine voice.

"Dear?" It called out, "Summon me please! You might be in danger!"

And so he did. Surpisingly he did have enough magic to conjure a white anthropomorphic fox spirit who wore a blue kimono. It was Azumi! He would have not known what to do without his trusty familiar by his side.

Ren immediately rushed to hug her, sobbing slightly.

"It's alright, Renny", She said softly, wiping his tears with her tails.

After their brief reunion the two decided to find a way out of this place. Strangely, Azumi could not cast any portals that could help them go back home. It's as if something was preventing her from doing so. She wondered how far they must be from their home since if this were another dimension, she did not have enough power to cast a portal between worlds. They kept on walking, walking through the cold, ominous streets that surrounded them like a fog that induced fear within the area it called home.

It was at last they found someone. No, not a single person, but three! The two soon approached them quickly. If luck was in their favor, they could the locals of this dimension.
Azumi Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

"Hello!", Azumi greeted Callisto with a smile, "Are you perchance native to this dimension? My son and I are lost and would like to inquire if there are any dimensional gateways"

"I'm not your son...", Ren groaned and blushed, which Azumi frowned at.

((Is it okay if I use these two together? I've a habit of using these two often together in past RPs because of the backstory I made for them (Azumi is Ren's Familiar). Don't worry, I'll only post as Ren Hemmberg so the posts aren't too cluttered XD))
Turuilla E Collins. (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

"" Embarrassed for not having the answer, she lowered her gaze. Swooping her brown locs behind her very round ears, Turuilla took another glance around the expansive unknown. Her mind was so focused on finding someone that she hadn't thought of it too deeply...though now the fear of the unknown was beginning to creep back up inside her. "I..I don't even know what state or city this is. The last thing I remember was studying the types of flowers found in...oh whatever. " She admitted, trying to recollect what she experienced before this foggy space.

Turuilla looked up to Jonathan and Callisto only to notice two more beings approaching. It appeared another human and another...something she hadn't seen before! It initially took her by surprise. "O-oh wow." Initially startled she took a step back.

Dimensional gateways?

"Another dimension?" Her brows furrowed as she tried to understand the concept.

(I don't mind! Whatever works for ya'll :) )
Jonathan (played by ForeverDreamer)

" one knows what this town is... So, I guess all three of transported here...? How...?" said Jonathan "Well this is no good...none of us know what happened, or how we got here... Even worse I feel like I've lost all of my memories aside from my name--wait..."

Jonathan then takes out his locket from his necklace as he tries to fiddle around with it in order to try and open it again...but failed to do so again... The problem is that Jonathan's locket is a special locket that requires magic to open...something that he's capable of doing, but lost his ability to use it due to losing nearly all of his memories...

"Rats, why can't I open this...?" said Jonathan as he sounds a bit angry "I feel like something very important is inside of this locket, perhaps a picture or something...but I can't open this for the life of me... Why...?"

Then suddenly Jonathan felt a pelt up shock as he shivers in response to whatever happened when Ren and Azumi arrives...but it was more because of Azumi since she's a fox spirit...

"More people? I guess either more are showing up, or perhaps people are starting to wake up...I guess...?" said Jonathan as he then notices Azumi "Wait a're...not human... And you...can talk...?! What on earth are you--argh!!"

Seeing Azumi made Jonathan's head throb in pain as he grasps and thrashes around.

"What's going on with me?!" cried Jonathan deep within his thoughts

In truth Azumi's form was triggering some of Jonathan's lost memories...memories of meeting non-humans and becoming friends with them back in his own world...but the memories were very muddled and was very hard for him to remember...
Callisto had stayed somewhat quiet when the other young man and his familiar had shown up, seeing as she was used to other magical creatures. Until Jonathan started...seizing?

I don't know what's happening to him, she thought.

"Everybody step back, give him some room!" Callisto ordered.

She quickly stepped over to Jonathan, grabbing his shoulder with one hand, and placing her other hand on his forehead. Focusing, she drew in what little power she could from the moon, thanks to this fog, and 'shoved it into his head', as Callisto would put it. Her lunar powers give calming senses, so she knew it would help him.

Turuilla E Collins. (played by Kotomi657) Topic Starter

To Jonathan's reaction the woman shuffled back further in surprise! Rather than panic, however, Turutilla was just about to jump into action. Her own work experiances had prepared her to react in emergency situations. "Oh we should probably- Ah yes yes-" Callisto jumped into action first- doing something Turuilla didn't quite expect. No emergency training course Turuilla had taken had shown her to do...well what Callisto was.

But if it worked then it wouldn't matter! She waited to see how Jonathan would react, while also taking in the interesting beings around her. They all spoke her language, and yet some of them seemed more magically inclined then others. Ayumi was a prime example. All Turuilla had was her alchemy and seeds which-

"Oh! Wait a sec-" Reaching into her cardigan pocket, she pulled out a small potion bottle. The lime green liquid danced around the bottle. Why hadn't she thought of this before!

"I don't know that we should split up...buut I can tell alot about an area based off it's wildlife. It's my profession. Maybe if I can find some I can figure out where we are." She commented outloud to anyone who could listen. Opening the bottle, the liquid turned into mist- at first grouping into the surrounding mist before rushing off to the left with a whoosh. The mist would lead her to wildlife. Answers!

"Oh! That way- I'll be right back. got him? Don't let him die- " Turuilla mentioned though she didn't stay to hear the answer. Instead she bounded off after the lime green mist- leading her a decent bit away- back towards the open land at the end of the city. Trees came into view just beyond the mist.
Jonathan (played by ForeverDreamer)

Jonathan did stop struggling and thrashing about as Callisto grabbed him while he was still suffering from a throbbing headache due to him trying to remember something when seeing Azumi for the first time. He was breathing rather heavily, and it looked like it was just going to either pass out or go into a state of shock in a matter of seconds...but when Callisto used her magic on him, he immediately stopped like a statue while wide eyed with a horror look on his face, like he was frozen in time... The magic used on Jonathan triggered something about his missing memories, and though it took him a while to remember eventually he remembered that he could use magic thanks to Callisto.

"This feeling...! Yes, it's so...familiar... Yes...YES!! I remember something!! I...I can use magic...!" said Jonathan, deep within his thoughts

However, upon realizing this, Jonathan's headache did eventually subside...but then he immediately passed out... At least he's no longer in danger as he's now breathing normally.
Ren Hemmberg (played by Revereen)

Ren was immediately taken aback by the entire situation. The man near him had suffered from some sort of extreme headache upon setting his eyes on Azumi. All they could do was watch, for the other two had it covered. If anything, any attempt to further assist Jonathan may end up in disaster.

"What'd you do?!", He asked in a panicked tone to Azumi as Jonathan struggled in pain

"Do not look at me, he merely gazed!", Azumi replied back.

The Kitsune then hurriedly caught Jonathan as he collapsed by using an anti-gravity spell, keeping him afloat for a few moments before laying him down on the floor. Because of his reaction towards her true form, it seemed she was in need of a change of shape. So after laying Jonathan down gently with her magic, the fox spirit surrounded herself in a cloud of smoke and mist. The magicked substance was her, albeit in a less solid form. The smoke and mist moved around slowly until it formed the silhouette of a woman. The Gas quickly faded to reveal a young woman with white hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes.

Azumi had transformed into a human.

"There", she said, "That should prevent him from scaring himself because of me"

Azumi turned to look around to see that Turuilla had vanished. She did not know where she had gone off to, but she hoped it was to call for help. The familiar then called for her summoner to check Jonathan's pulse.

"He's good", Ren noted

"Have you checked him through the use of my magic?"

"I dunno, seems too risky. His condition could worsen"

Azumi concurred. He seemed to be breathing fine and since her presence as an entity made of magic had given Jonathan a negative reaction, she figured it would be safer to not use any spells for the time being.
Futaba Sakura (played anonymously)

There are people around.
More people around.
More people come.
I am not alone.

A young girl with hip-length black hair dyed bright orange, with straight-cut bangs and two long strands in the front along with a single small, thin strand at the top. Her brown eyes also seem to have some faint purple tones in them, appearing mauve. She wears large black circular glasses, and is almost always seen wearing a set of AKG K845BT headphones with red ear cushions. She seems to be very short, even compared to other girls.

She peeked behind the wall when she heard people appeared out of nowhere just beyond the building. It was already two, or maybe three days for her that she was teleported to the place. She thought she was died as the place had no human or kind around. She thought that her enemies might threw her into an alternate universe or something. She was devastated, but then getting used to with the place as she already strolled around to collect some things to at least stay alive, when, finally, she realized another living arrived. She didn't know the time. As it seemed that it was paused. She just observed the situation when the black haired man seemed to have panic attack with him after talking to a fox-like creature. She peeked more as there were more people surround him.
Callisto thought she heard Turuilla say she was about to leave, but she was too busy to pay attention. When she finally helped Jonathan calm down, and he passed out, she noticed the other girl was gone.

Azumi had held Jonathan in the air before slowly setting him on the ground, and once he was lowered, Ren had checked his pulse. Then, Callisto picked his head and shoulders up, laying him a bit on her lap. She stroked his hair, using a bit of her power, but not too much so as not to cause more issues.

"Okay, now that we've got that cleared up," she said, "who are you guys and what do you know?"

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