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AnonCarp (played anonymously)

So! I've asked about your favorite Genres/Tropes before.

The next logical thing is to ask what your favorite type of character is? Whether it's to write yourself or have a RP partner write for you?

For me, I think I'm a bit partial to writing a troubled character finding peace in their life after whatever happened in their life. Whether it's a relationship or finding a sense of family.

As for my writing partner, I like big scary quiet types that may or may not be non-green flags but aren't hard Red-flags either. Like a bad guy in a movie that is not so mean to a specific character.
Claine Moderator

I know a lot of people don't like them, but I like playing overpowered characters. Ones that have a bigger overarching role in the story. You don't need to be using other player characters as punching bags to command respect.
Characters who are outwardly simple, but inwardly complex. Theo is a good example of this. Outwardly, he seems just like he's trying his hardest to be the new Iron Man, but take the time to look within and you see how he's been traumatized, broken, and abandoned, and how that's shaped him.
I've answered similar threads before, but generally, I like playing kids.

Two reasons:
1. They work really well as the optimist in a group of surly adults. (Ed in Cowboy Bebop is a go-to example.) I'm also a big fan of playing that one character who can bring characters with some damage to work through out of their shell, which is a pretty common trope in anime.

2. They don't know a lot about the world, or have some hidden potential, and can learn from the older people around them. It teaches other people more about themselves if someone impressionable is mimicking them - both their best, and worst, habits.

And if I'm totally honest, I also just like writing something cute sometimes. Although, it's gotta come in the midst of some action or other stuff. I find saccharine stuff to be a bit much for me, and small moments of comfort or ease coming in-between something major are great for rising and falling tension. I think the characters I play are uniquely set up for that.

Bit more video-gamey but the best term for party roles I have for all my characters is either "casters" or "supports", I don't like being the main character, I like being one of the party and letting someone else be the face. I don't have as comprehensive a reason for why though, I suppose it's because I don't feel like my characters fit conventional leader tropes, but also, I don't like that kind of attention/responsibility myself, and some things about my characters are taken straight from me, even if other things are uniquely theirs.
I have a real soft spot for writing really sweet, well-meaning characters who just want to make people around them feel happier.
Nerds =]

Even if they don't seem like nerds. I like writing characters who have spent a lot of time cultivating a very strong set of skills, to the point where it impacts the way they understand the world around them.
Which also means they can be clueless about many other things, because blind spots are fun.
I love playing characters that are…well…of the mastermind type. You know, mentally overpowered ones. I absolutely love characters having deep, dark secrets and are able to manipulate their emotions and surroundings to their own advantage. They may be either good or evil…they’re equally fun
This sounds weird but.. I enjoy role-playing as ''bat-shit insane'' or chaotic gremlin-type characters. The rush I get from role-playing as one is amazing.
Claude de Alger Obelia (played by Alliyus)

<-- Royal Victorian. Nobleman and Noblewoman. :3
Dumb silly characters who are pretty strong.. for example Trim!

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