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.. but as poorly as possible.
Fandom = Tangled
A long haired german girl in a huge tower meets some random thief and a horse and forces them to take her to go see pretty floating lights

Fandom = Spongebob
A kitchen sponge with square pants and a really loud and repetitive laugh cooks fast food for a money loving crab

You may post as many fandoms as you'd like! Be sure to state which fandom you're talking about though! And make sure it is spoiler-free!
PK-Lucas Topic Starter

Fandom = Mother 3
A really sad blonde boy, his dog, a stinky staple man
and a badass princess go on an adventure and the blonde boy proceeds
to just get more trauma
Fandom = Elden Ring
a naked man with a club joins several terrorist organizations and kills god.

Fandom = Item Label
aliens disguised as marketable plushies invade earth to take over the world. Humans don't mind

Fandom = Pokemon
a ten year old kid fights god and becomes the strongest person in the country in the span of a week after receiving their first pet from a strange old man.

Fandom = Vocaloid
robots sing depression into your ears for $200
Fandom = Blazblue

An Anti-Hero and his Artifact of Doom get sucked into the centre of a Cosmic Horror Story.
Fandom = JJK (Season one)

Dude eats some weird fingers and suddenly has another dude inside him, meets a grey full buster copy, what sakura should've been, and kakashi but both eyes are covered, they beat up some weird monsters :)
Scooby doo: group of teens with a pet dog solve mysteries
Undertale: Kid falls into large hole and either kills everyone or befriends everyone.

Hollow Knight: Bug guy comes to a kingdom to make everyone stop drinking orange juice

The Owl House: Girl enters magical world with quirky characters and tries to leave
Dreaming mary: child spends her days dreaming with her totally normal animal friend group while avoiding the weird shadows
Fandom=Azur Lane:

WWII Naval ships but anime waifus. Also sometimes there are crossovers.
Fandom = Guilty Gear

Fighting Game franchise about a Sci-Fi Kitchen Sink of misfits in a world where a Magitek Living Weapon project has Gone Horribly Wrong. Metal ensues.
Jujutsu Kaisen

It's now Sukuna Kaisen.
Heroes of the Forest. This one's pretty easy.

100 years will not last forever. and after those 100 years, a new hero will step up to be the next hero. That's it.
PK-Lucas Topic Starter

King of Fighters (2003-XIII / Ash Saga)
A flamboyant blonde french dude decides to ruin everyone's day by stealing everything
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

local man saves world by screaming
Ciel (played anonymously)

Black Butler
A boy that loves cake and owns a toy company who is seeking revenge alongside his pun-making demon named after his pet dog
Warhammer 40,000: Murderously zealous super soldiers fight aliens and daemons in the name of mankind.

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