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Violence to me should always be a last resort, but everyone has their reasons to resort to it at any given point. My OCs wouldn't fight at the drop of a hat but if push came to shove, they wouldn't hesitate. Who's your most violent OC and why do they tend to lean towards it, if at all?
This character is a spawn of Satan and ex pit fighting slave with a whole lot of tragedy along the way.
Rumor has it he used to do mercenary work harvest organs, but he denies such allegations.
Jacob (played by Claine)

He is possessed by a great being beyond human understanding and it's driven to fulfil its purpose without question.
Hazesh (played by FadedTapestry)

Hazesh, quite easily.
  • He has been a hunter of slavers at sea for two decades.
  • Between hunts, he has engaged in mercenary work for hire. He doesn't have any issue with this, so long as it does not conflict with his foremost principle, which is to liberate slaves and other captives.
  • As per the ongoing DnD campaign he is in that is fleshing out his backstory, he is gradually becoming involved in what is building to be a war involving multiple factions, with conflicts in scale ranging from small battles to city-wide rebellions, to fights as part of ruin exploration and their investigations, against a range of enemies from humanoid to anathema.
  • He is quick to stir to a temper and brutally efficient in his violence, but he does act according to his personal code, even if he does sometimes look to others for what his moral response to a situation should be. He does not do things to be a good person, nor is he driven by the 'greater good'. Getting him to regard anyone outside of the party and the crew of his ship is difficult, unless there are common motivations and enemies involved.
Crooked (played by fig)

this guy likes to stab people. remove fingers. that kind of thing. out of moral obligation and self furtherment.
Mine is character named RAT, she's a strigtoi based of Romenian mythology. She lost all her humanity, and became like a feral beast.
Uh... somewhat depends on specifics of the definition, perhaps, but I do have a few characters who can be very violent.

Kyra just generally likes to pick fights (even though I have barely any idea what I'm doing with combat scenes). Much of it is that that's just her idea of "fun," and her goal isn't really for anyone to die or necessarily be seriously injured, though that can happen; she's also got some deep issues that push her to risky behaviors. She's the one most likely to go stir up a bar fight on an given night.

Jackson is the most brutal, even though his methods are more trap-like rather than brawling, and he's not the most aggressive about it. He's got a decent mix of reasons. He's not human, but can feed on humans and has a deep grudge against humans; he's also very much not sane, and beyond his desire for vengeance, he finds joy and beauty in death.

I also have a human hunter of supernatural creatures who basically has a Predator/Yautja mentality, but without any sense of honor or respect for others; a creature who just casually has any creature that's not a member of her own species on the menu, unless it's some specific individual she's decided she likes and sees more like a pet instead; and a young woman who's convinced herself that her instinct to hunt is totally just a drive to seek justice - but she also would rather not kill unless she has to.
Theo, hands down. The trauma and abuse that he's suffered has left him in a less than stable state, and when provoked, he can be incredibly violent. He is aware of this, and tends to stay out of the way when he can in an attempt to avoid such a situation, as he knows that once he starts, there's no stopping him until he calms down.
BL00DF4NG (played by Jooters)

"U W4NN4 N0 Y 1 4M T3H M0ST V10L3NT W0LF ULL 3VR C?!?! W3LL 1ST S1MP3L! 1 LUV BL00D. 1 DR1NK T3H BL0D 0F M4H 3N3M1S. 1 H4V K1L3D HUNDR3DS 0F 1NN0C3NT P30P3L. 1 LUV MURD3R."
Drael. By far. He's disemboweled cosmic horrors with his bare hands.
Red Hood (played anonymously)

Anyone familiar with DC comics will tell you how violent and sadistic Jason Todd is.
Currently it would probably be Nayuta, but this will be changing in the near future, probably demoting her to second or third. Considering she has to sometimes fight battles against armies single handedly to protect her village... In a world of magic ninjas... Yeah.
Enoch Anderson (played by cosywarm)

Enoch, definitely. They torture children every day for fun. They also like murdering fathers. The rest of their time is spent reading, stalking people, looking after their adoptive daughter and tending to their eyeball collection. Roseann is also quite violent (she eats people) but only when she’s hungry
Hunter Reed (played by anyaskillon)

one of many, sadly. hunter's special arc thing includes him gruesomely murdering over 500 people at the age of five,,, he's erm.... interesting. lucy ripped off my rp partner's oc's tail once, and harassed the hell out of him. i will bless you all sanity and say nothing about nova
Gear Master (played by Taro_Nuke1)

Out of anything, it's gotta be freakin' Gear Master. Yes, she may have like a few weapons in her arsenal, but her deadly tactic is stun-locking her enemies. Like seriously imagine your up against this girl and she just straight up pulls off the infinite stunlock combo!
Out of my public characters, not including anonymously-played ones.

Sebastian Quartz for sure, he is constantly getting into fights at Rabbit's Academy.
Raptor (played anonymously)

Raptor was a bit of a throwback character.. The basic idea was "Let's try playing the same type of edgy-character again you've played when you were fourteen and see where it will get you."

The IC justification: Raptor is ready to do violence because the cybernetics in his body made him basically dehumanize himself and by proxy the whole world, he had a ridiculously tragic upbringing ando grew up in an environment where life was worth little, and neither his time in the military, nor as a gladiator (where he got a lot of cheering and admiration for being a good fighter) helped.
He is good at it because of his cybernetics, and because he had the luck to survive enough fights to collect experience, paired with a bit of actual training here and there.

The OOC explanation (tangent about fictional violence

Fictional violence is fun,. Conflict is usually where the good stuff is, and there is little easier conflict than people fighting
It is basically the same reason why action movies work.
And just like fictional witty dialogues, it can be choreographed/written to look really cool and showcase a characters abilities, also life-or-death stories very easily hold our attention.
Also, people who can fight very well are just a good power-fantasy. They have little to fear, especially in worlds where the law won't get involved, or at least not in a way where it isn't easily escaped or overpowered (or the character themselves are the law)
Most fictional violence is very sanitized as well: people don't tend to scream, for their mothers, beg for their life, you'll very rarely see people coming away from fights with life-changing injuries, going through a long and painful process of recovering as well as possible, and you rarely see the murdered people having loved ones or the impact of their injury/death on those.
esther krovopuskov is my most violent character. they have killed millions of people for sport. it's basically one of their hobbies to go out and kill someone. death is the funniest thing to them. they aren't mortal, either, so that makes it more entertaining when a human tries attacking them (esther will just set them on fire or rip them apart).

argos toussaint is probably next. he isn't the most violent unless he is super low on energy or is defending himself. he won't just kill someone without reason (normally). death makes him sad despite soul collecting as a job, working for the grim reaper.

i won't bother adding alice anderson, i guess, because she isn't...violent, per say? she stalks people as a job. enoch anderson, her adoptive father, tries to get her to kill and torture, but it never works out in the end.
Adalia has to be my most violent character, for several reasons.

Firstly, she was bred and mind-controlled with the purpose of killing. After she escaped the mind control, her temper still followed her around. If provoked, she has quite the deadly force.
A character of mine I haven't gotten around to making a profile for called Umúshgupazân Uzârbu-túkhâ.
Yes, a mouthful, I'm more than aware - it's from a connlang.
He's usually just called Umúshgu for short. For the long and short of the context, he is the Ugdú of the Uzârbu-túkh, a great nomadic realm confederated out of manifold remains of a thousand decimated Orcish clans.
Now, Orcs is this context are specific in their execution in the setting. They are originally corrupted elves who were made by a dark lord long ago, akin to Tolkien - but unlike Tolkien's Orcs, these ones formulated a complex and colourful society and civilisation despite their origins, with a rich history, culture, religion and language. They are also not naturally warlike or driven to be cruel, and they likely would've lived a peaceful existence if other nations who had been under the yoke of their creator in ages past had not sought to exterminate them.

They are a nomadic people who have been ejected from all of their homelands by said outsiders who would see them all killed, and they aren't finding any love wherever they end up - they are effectively forced to become the monsters that the outside world sees them as, and it is honestly debilitating to most of them in a spiritual, cultural and mental sense. They aren't by nature monsters, even if they are often not soft on the eyes or understandable to humans in terms of culture or traditions - Orcish conceptions of society were already vastly different before other people forced them to become a species of marauders, murderers and nomads just to survive.

Umúshgu as the ruler of the largest remaining united Orcish grouping has come to realise with time and experience that he can use the fear and dehumanisation others have for the Orcs to their advantage against other species, to use overwhelming bloodshed as a scare tactic strong enough that it will keep those who would do his kind harm away for fear it will happen to them too.
So he is often intensely cruel, malicious and ruthless, with the idea in his head that all the senseless bloodshed may someday give his people a chance at having a home where they will be left alone - his dreadful reputation for bloodshed is a weapon in his mind. His violence is a charade, yes, and it may actively haunt him despite his attempts to not seem addled by the depths he delves in order to maintain it, yes, but he is by far my most violent character.

I apologise for how much of a ramble this is, I tend to just write when discussing something I'm passionate about.

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