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The rules are simple: corrupt the wish of the person above. For example: "I wish I could fly." The next person posts something akin to: "You have the ability to fly; unfortunately, you can't land without hurting yourself." And then posts their own wish. The funnier or more outrageous, the better! (Also, this is a pre-existing game "borrowed" from the NaNoWriMo website; so, I didn't make it up.)

Anyway, to start: "I wish I could meet my RP characters in real life."
Sanne Moderator

Granted, but you're only able to look at them, not interact with them!

I wish I was the best painter in the woooooorld. XD
Granted, you were the best painter in the world, but you've lost the touch now.

I wish for a unspoiled and unpoisoned mild tea in a glass.
granted! But it's cold!

I wish that I had more free time!

Granted, but your occupied time is spent clubbing baby seals.

I wish I could program better than anyone on the face of the Earth.
Sanne Moderator

Granted, but you still can't defeat Skynet!

I wish I wasn't so tired. :(
Darth_Angelus Moderator

You will never grow tired but you will also never be able to sleep nor dream again.

I wish for unlimited wishes.
Granted but you are only allowed to make wishes that have a negative impact upon yourself.

I wish I had the ability to beat those blasted power rangers to avenge all the villains that had fallen before.

Granted, but doing this makes you a Villain so you must fall.

I wish that life was more like cake...
Sanne Moderator

Granted, pity the cake is a lie. XD

I wish my cats would stop using me as cat furniture.
Granted, but now your cats use you as a litter box.

I wish there was more time in the day!
Granted but you have to live the same day over and over again.

I wish all the politicians weren't corrupted buttmunchers.

Granted, Now all politicians only munch on corn on the cob

I wish I had a money-gun that turned things into money.
PenGryphon2007 Topic Starter

Granted. Unfortunately the money is only useful in Monopoly.

I wish there were 48 hours in a day.
Granted but that 48 hours of each day is nothing more than a series of tragic and unfortunate events that occur on a constant loop so the same bad things happen every day.

I wish I had one of those new dorito taco things from taco bell.
Granted but it's stale.

I wish the cake was not a lie!
Granted but it's poisonous.

I wish I had a plane to fly where ever I wished to in.
Granted. But the fueltank is empty.

I wish for a giant bird to fly on, something that doesn't eat meat.
Granted but the bird has broken wings.

I wish I had the ability to run so fast, my foot steps could reverse the rotation of the earth thus causing everyone to travel backwards in time.
Granted, but you are going so fast you return to this exact time after every blink.

I wish the human race was unable to be offensive or rude.

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