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So, most of us are familiar with that old conundrum: locked in a room with your clone, what do you do? We needn't go into the answers that most would give, nor shall we limit the imagination to a space so sterile as a locked room. Rather, I pose to you, RPR, this matter:

You and your clone have been shipwrecked on a small desert island. There's enough water and food for the meager subsistence of two, granted you don't mind a lot of hard work, and rescue arrives in thirty days. What do you and your clone do for that time period? Needless to say, keep your responses forum-appropriate!

I, for one, would engage in deep philosophical debate with my clone and completely forget about food, water, or rest, then, just as we realized that we still had some twenty-four days left on the island, we'd drop dead.

You mean "I for two", don't you?

I personally would kill my clone. Or my clone might kill me. We wouldn't know who the first was anyhow. Either way, one would win and then there would be a little less work to be done, but a little less food. Or maybe more food since I don't think that cannibalizing myself would be that bad, since y'know, I'm still alive.

rolled 1d2 and got 2
Clone wins: The original wins

Venia Acies (played by Seeri)

I would most likely try to horde food and drink as much water as possible, whenever my clone wasn't looking... I can be a bit obsessive when it comes to survival. Both of us would probably try to make the best of things however, by playing games or attempting to build things out of random materials and natural debris on the island.

As far as building anything goes, we would probably fail. :<
Longinus (played by Longinus)

In between doing the daily survival chores we would probably sit on the beach and play a couple hundred games of tic-tac-toe. Should that get boring, we both might be able to fashion a crude system for connect four, maybe a rather morbid monopoly. Needless to say, there would never be a boring moment on that island, especially after I grew weary of those games and moved on to play "The Most Dangerous Game."

If my clone survives the thirty days, he can go free. If not, well, I'll have a story to tell the people who come to rescue me.
My clone and I would kill each other.
My clone and I would fight a lot.
My clone and I would simply separate and ignore each other.

Regardless to say, there would be bloodshed.
Sanne Moderator

It would be awkward. Very awkward. I think we'd both pick our own side of the island and say 'Good luck!' and ignore each other for most part. But hey, we're super curious, so we'd probably be trying to spy on each other. And we know we'd be doing it too. I mean, we're the same, so don't we think the same things?

Then most of our time would be spent separated and contemplating what the other is thinking.
Well, in all honesty... I think we would both despair for some time, lose our heads (not literally) and then calm down, and work together for survival. We probably would argue a lot, and cry some, but survive, together, if our own health problems and physical weakness did not finish us off. If things went well, we would probably spend free time being each other's philosophical and psychological adviser...

I don't like my self very much, but if my clone is really like me in personality, no bloodshed. I think it wouldn't be too bad, really, if aforementioned health factors don't make it so.
Kim Site Admin

My clone and I would HIGH FIVE SO HARD because now we could program DOUBLE THE AMOUNT once rescue came.
Darth_Angelus Moderator

My clone and I would make movies that were even more epic than ever before :D
Depends: is this an identical clone or a nearly-perfect copy?

... either way, my clone and I are so lazy that we wallow in our self-pity and die before rescue comes-- or we try not to be lazy, bungle up somehow, and injure ourselves before rescue can arrive.

Contrary to popular belief, this Copper is not very sturdy roughin' it and has 0 survival experience, but she does watch a lot of Survival Man(Survivor Man?) and Bear Grylls, so maybe I and my clone picked up SOMETHING from TV.
We arrive upon the island scrawny and be rescued buff. Cause we would train and spar and everything else. And when one of us got to tired to continue, the other would goade and chide the other till the fire was relit and we continue. And in the end, we would become the near perfect combatant and storm the MMA and UFC worlds hardcore. "Ones own worst enemy is them self as they know how they think. How they'll react in certain situations. When they eat. When they sleep. Ones self is the perfect assassin to hunt them self down."
Ladies and gentlemen, mentlegen and dalies. You're forgetting one VITAL thing. From the time your clone stepped out of the cloning machine... They're a human being, too. And their experiences, way of thinking, everything, would begin changing.

That said....

I'd totally punch me in the face. I'm a jerk sometimes and I'd totally deserve it.
I for one, assumed that someone magically made a copy of me, as I am now, health problems, personality and all. If I was to be cloned from genes, not 'copied', well... I don't think outcome would be much different, only more survival chances. XD
Honestly, I'd do just the same as Witness. However, I'm food-driven, so either myself, the clone, or the both of us will eventually bother to get something to eat. Might die of dehydration, though!
There would probably be a lot of bickering. I already argue with myself all the time, so apart from maybe a sucker punch or two... I doubt there would be a lot of difference. :D
We would probably be able to entertain each other. If they are at all like me, they wouldn't be able to or want to kill me and I wouldn't be able to or want to kill them. I think being alone that long sounds ten times more impossible than going hungry and struggling with another. Clone or not.
I'd like to say that my clone and I would get along fantastically. Assuming we don't get into a downward spiral of being passive-aggressive with each other, we might start hatching out story ideas and contemplating how to turn this whole event into a novel. Though of course it would all end with cries of plagiarism and whatnot at the end when we finally were rescued.

Either way, it would depend on the two of us to get food and shelter--and hopefully not eat the wrong kind of berry!
We'd work smart, not hard, get established on the island in the first week or so and then basically just hang around, talk and be generally lazy.
We would get all we need and then we would climb stuff and sleep.
My clone and I would probably fight over who got the last bit of sugar, but other than that we'd probably make a pretty unstoppable team. We'd both know a lot about survival, so we could make this totally boss house shelter thingy and kill stuff to eat and find cool water supplies and all that jazz. And stuff. But we'd be really sad if we couldn't watch the new episode of the Walking Dead and drive each other crazy with how much we'd be whining about it.
We would then proceed to accidentally slap each other when waving down help.
That's us!

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