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This is the official RP for the Winterville High School!

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Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

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Brylie Edgyth (played anonymously)

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As Ariella walks down the halls, everyone shies away. They think she's a monster. A thief. All because she got sent to juvie. How nice. She takes out her phone, plugs in her earbuds, and plays crappy music to drown out the whispers. It was good to be back.
Nightfrost sat alone in a hallway, no one even noticing her as she took her sketchbook out to draw. She was the quiet kid, the one no one noticed. Most didn't even know of her existence, or didn't care. Not making eye contact with anyone, she looks back down to the rough sketch of a dragon before starting to work on it.
Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

Jax was different from a lot a kids. He was popular for many reasons. One because he was rich. Two because he was a singer and three he played football as well. Jax walked down the hall wearing his usually look a red and black plaid shirt with a black tanktop underneath and skinny jeans and converse and you can guess the color....yep black it was. The only thing that really wasn't black was his backpack which was grey and his iPhone that had a legend of Zelda case on it. Besides that his beat headphones were black as well.

He soon went to his locker which was 127. He opened it and placed stuff that he really didn't need in it.
Ariella looked at a crumpled sheet of paper. Locker 126 She walks down the halls, finding the locker immediately. It was right next to Jax. The rich kid, popular, football player, Jax. She sighs, opening her locker and shoving her backpack in there. She takes off the hoodie she was wearing, leaving her headphones in. She grabbed a pencil before going to her first class.
Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

Jax soon closes his locker and she's the female next to him. She seemed familiar but he wasn't sure how. So he lightly tapped her on the shoulder. He wasn't like most popular kids.
Nightfrost looked at the locker number she wrote down on the notes section of her phone. 'Locker 125.....' She got up, going to her locker. She placed her jacket and some of her books in it, her pencil sticking out from her ear and her sketchbook still in hand.
Ariella felt a tap on her shoulder. She whipped around, facing Jax. Her eyes were facing his chin. She hated she was so short. "What." She says coldly. She takes a step back so she could look in his eyes.
Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

Jax wasn't expecting the reaction" weren't you here last year as well?" He said firmly as he saw the other female at the next locker over.
"Nope. I was in juvie." Ariella says, cleaning under her fingernails. "Got any more questions?" She questions, her eyes slitted and cold.
She looked at them curiously, 'Jax....? Huh, one of the popular kids..... although who's this girl....?' She closed her locker and slung her navy blue backpack over her back. 'Juvie....wonder what she was in for......'
Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

" I never got your name?"He said to the female at the locker 126. He then soon gave a light wave to the female at the locker 125.
"You can call me Ari." She says with a huff. Uhhh...English She thinks, glancing at her schedule. As soon as she enters the classroom, she immediately goes to the back, shoving someone out of their chair. "This is mine." She says to the boy, who was now on the floor. She kicks her feet up on the desk, waiting for some sort of lecture.
Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

Jax watched Ari go to class. He didn't say a word but was now awkwardly face to face with the other girl at the locker who he recently just waved at.
"H-Hi....." She looked up at the slightly taller male curiously, waving back a little. "Your Jax if I remember correctly.....?" Her left arm stayed close to her side to hold her sketchbook, which was something she was used to doing to keep people from stealing it.
Ari chews on the end of her pencil. The teacher seems to be teaching something. She didn't care. Then, he hands out homework. The whole class seems to groan. "That's bull. On the first day, really?" She sighs. The teacher eyes her, but continues to pass out the assignment.
Jax Blade Raziel (played anonymously)

Jax gave a nod" yeah it is and you are?" He asked as he saw the notebook. He tried to make out what it said on the front besides that it was a notebook. His head was slightly tilted to see the notebook.

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