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Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe)

This tale is set in the world of Tolkien's Middle Earth and is a public 1x1 RP written by Lady of Gondor and Dunedain Ranger with their characters. It begins in Ithilien in eastern Gondor in the days just prior to the War of the Ring. This is but one of many tales of these times…

Ithilien ~ March 3019 of the Third Age.

Faramir stood by the Anduin deep in thought. The evening light made the waters of the Anduin a deep dark blue, and just as Faramir considered turning and walking away from the soothing sounds of the river, he paused. His eyes squinted as he looked hard at the river, and he beheld a light boat floating slowly low in the water. Stepping to the edge of the water, Faramir wanted to swim out and gain hold of the boat, but something held his feet. Even as the waters lapped at his boots, he saw something floating by, and he picked it up. Looking at it in the fading light, he could see it was the Horn of Gondor which his brother carried. It was split nearly in half and would sound no more over the land of Gondor. He turned to the boat whish had turned a circle in an eddy in the river, and Faramir could see his beloved brother Boromir’s face. He was asleep in the boat even as the water lapped around him. Faramir cried out and reached for his brother, and it was then the boat slipped away under the waters, taking Boromir to his grave.

Faramir went to his father Denethor with the cloven horn, and in sorrow they lamented the passing of Boromir. With his father in grief, Faramir set out to fulfil his duties, and journeyed to Ithilien where he would take command of the Rangers there. It was the 1st of March, and Faramir knew he had to do what he could to impede the armies of Mordor marching up the Ithilien Road. It was a week later that they ambushed the Haradrim who marched north without a care. This tale tells of the life and deeds of some of the Rangers of Ithilien who put their lives forth for their steward and in defense of their land….

Durian walked slowly through the bush and trees, listening as he went. He was far from his land, and he had come to Ithilien in hopes to find his brethren. But he knew he was wayward when he heard the march of beasts so large they shook the ground with each step. He lay in the low bush and watched as they came up the road. Durian scrambled to arms when the first arrows flew and the Haradrim started to fall. Arrows came from the far side of the road, and Durian let a few arrows loose upon some who came his way trying to avoid the intense bowshot from the other side of the road.

In a few minutes it was done. Many of the Haradrim had made it through up the road in the mayhem, but they suffered much loss. As quietness again settled upon Ithilien, Durian relaxed and prepared to move on. But he froze, hearing the sound of a bowstring stretching. The Dunedain Ranger of Arthedain lifted his hands, knowing his brethren of Ithilien were in their home ground. He stood still as stone as they approached.

"Mae govannen mellon."

Durian said in Sindarin, watching for any reaction from the approaching Rangers of Ithilien.

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Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

”Mae govannen. You prefer the common tongue?” a soft feminine voice asked. A beautiful woman on a white horse rode forward. She was to accompany the other rangers. For now she would have to forget her personal quest. Phaether looked down at the man in front of her and had a feeling he meant no harm. She dismounted and approached him.

”Tell me. What is a Dunedain ranger doing out here? There are so few of you left. Would you not care to preserve your life rather than gamble with it? Surely coming in contact with us... is a gamble.” her voice was calm. Soothing. Elegant. But she was a ranger so it seemed a bit odd. Her bright blue eyes sparkled in the sun and her long copper brown hair was in a gorgeous braid.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian looked up at the woman who approached on horseback. He let out a sigh of relief in hearing her voice. and gave her a slight bow, not lowering his hands just yet..

"Yes m'lady, we are few. Fewer still are the Dunedain who come from the Rhuadurian line. But these times call for many gambles, and life can be fleeting for all with the shadow of the east even now approaching."

He said as his grey eyes met hers. They seemed as if they were jewels in a crown to him, and he found it hard to look away. He then said,

"I am Durian, and I came to this land per chance as I sought one of my brethren.

He was somewhat ragged and worse for wear from his journey from Dale, and he felt fortunate to have fallen into the hands of Gondorians. His dark hair was stringy, tangled, and unkempt, and he felt a need to apologise to the lady. He said,

"Know that my sword and bow, as well as these knives, are at the service of Gondor.."

He bowed his head to the lady before his eyes returned to hers.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She bowed her head. “Phaether. But I find that to be too much of a mouthful. So call me Fay.” She smiles at him kindly and laughed a little. ”Please lower your hands, Durian. If you serve Gondor then you are not the enemy. What do you know of the shadow in the east?” she asked curiously.

She knew if the shadow. The rumors that spread. A dark evil awakening. The rumors sent chills down her spine and made her blood run cold. Depending on what this ranger knew... she would either urge him to join them... or leave him to be on his way.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian let his arms drop and gave Lady Phaether ... Fay a smile before turning to the east. He said,

"I have learned much from the men in Dale, and they fear an attack of the Easterlings is iminent. They have readied for war, And here, I see the armies of the far south are gathering in Mordor. He has summoned many, and his hammer will fall upon Gondor first of all."

He turned and looked at the side of Fay's face for a moment as they looked to the filth of Mordor's mountain of Doom belch skyward. He said in a more grim voice,

"We should not speak much of these things here in the open, for I fear the spies of Mordor listen and see more than we think."

The sound of a raven not too far off called out before clicking, then went silent. Durian turned to the west and squinted. He then whispered,

"Though we Dunedain are few, I am sure some will come to the aid of Gondor. I hope they do not arrive too late."

He again looked at Lady Fay and could see she was deep in thought.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She turned and walked past a few of the horsemen. She said something quietly to Faramir and they all rode off. Leaving her horse and one more for him. “Then you shall accompany me. I must head as close as I can to the black gate. Whatever knowledge of this shadow I can gather I shall pass on to Lord Elrond and Gandalf the Grey. Surely you know of them.”

She had to figure out why the days were growing darker and darker. This malicious feeling that was always around her made her mind swirl with questions. ”The things I’ve heard... rumors of an evil awakening once more... they are far too treacherous to simply be rumors.” she stated. ”So I must see it with my own eyes. I needn’t get too close. But if Gondor is too be attacked first, then... it is imperative to understand the enemy. Then we warn Minas Tirith and hurry to Lord Elrond and hopefully that wizard will be there too.”

She was grateful to know both as friends. She had traveled all over but had never gone to Mordor. No sane person would just travel there for the sake of it.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian gave a nod os respect to the other rangers and took the horse Fay offered. He said,

"The sons and daughter of Lord Elrond taught me much in my childhood, and I knew of the Grey Wizard as well. But for some reason my heart grows heavy when I think of him, as if something ill may have befallen."

He looked to the hrse and whispered softly as their eyes met. She was a good horse, and seemed comforted with his touch. He looked to Fay and watched her get ready, and he got the provisions secured and was ready to go.

"To Mordor is is. and may we foil and disrupt the plans of the darkness with our every step."

He would trust Lady Fay to find the best track to take, for they would have to be stealthy and hope to remain unseen.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She smiled and mounted her horse. She had named her mare Mellon. She wasn’t one for big fancy names and Mellon suited her just right.

”I trust you’re prepared for a long ride.” she stated more than she asked. She had also felt a sort of... sorrow when mentioning Gandalf. It made her more nervous and uneasy than she already was which simply annoyed her.

”we’ll have to make a stop once we’re in the next town over. I need some food for Mellon and myself. Along with water and a sharpening stone. My daggers are a little dull.” she was more so listing out what she had to do so she wouldn’t forget but it was good to inform him as well if he would truly be accompanying her the entire way
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian mounted up his horse and whispered as he lay low to her neck,

"What do I call ye m'lady? It will seem we will have much time to get to know each other."

Fay looked back to see if Durian was talking to her, but it was clear he wasn't. Durian sat up straight and followed Fay and said as he came beside her,

"I too am in need of supply and these blades could use a whetstone. I could use some slight repair of my own having been out in the wild for so long."

Durian looked at the hilt of one of Fay's daggers and said,

"You must have a fair hand with your knives Lady Fay. They appear to be well made."

He took a cursery look behind them before looking again to Fay as her braid swayed with the steps of her horse.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She smiled happily and proudly and nodded. ”I’m a ranger-“ she stated ”Not to brag but I am very good with my weapons. I prefer daggers and being up close. Easier to handle.” her daggers were elvish and had unique symbols on the hilts of the blades. They were tucked into her belt loops for easy access.

”What about You? What do you prefer to use?” she asked curiously. She wanted to get the know who she was traveling with. Was he rather noble and calm? Or a risk taker and a fighter like her?
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian looked over at Fay and again at the dagger hilt, and said as they rode toward the village,

”I have skill with a bow, but my preference is stealth and my sword Hathelruin. My knives I have used in need, and there seems always a need.”

He paused and turned to Fay and added,

”Maybe if we find a moment we can compare blades? May I ask Lady Fay how is it you became a Ranger here in Ithilien?

Durian was finding his curiosity piqued by this fair Ranger of Ithilien, and knew that if he wanted to learn more of her it would come at the cost of telling her of him. Finding his eyes lingering on the side of her face when she turned to look at him, he could feel the heat rise in his cheeks as he turned and look forward. He decided then and there that it was a cost he was willing to pay.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She wondered why his cheeks had reddened. She smiled and turned forward. ”I was born in Minas Tirith. Grew up with Boromir and Faramir. Both became really good friends... sadly news of Boromir’s death has recently befallen me. Now then along with being born in the capital of Gondor... I’ve been on the search for whoever blessed me with this:” she paused and pulled down the back of her corset top in the back to reveal the elven rune.

”It protects me and gives me a few elven like abilities. Enhanced sight and hearing. It also glows when I need to go on alert or something bad is coming. So I became a ranger. Traveling all over Gondor doing what I need to when I need to and on my own personal quest.” she explained and pulled her top back up.

”and please call me Fay. I am no lady.” she laughed softly
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian smiled hearing her words and nodded. He suspected an elven touch with her, and the rune answered that feel he had.

”I was raised in a rough land, and when I started my training in Imladris, I was taught to be formal in an effort to smooth my crude roughness. I try and show formality until it is made clear that it is not necessary. I will simply address you as Fay.”

He gave her a nod of respect, and should someday when times are fair and they are attending Midsummers festival in Minas Tirith, he would likely use the formality at that time. Now, he could see that he had little to worry about having Fay at his back in a skirmish.

”It is well for Gondor that you have been blessed so. The old ways of Numenor fade, as do the presence of the Eldar in these lands. I will keep it in mind to look to see if a glow emanates from your back.”

There was silence for a time as they rode with only the sound of footfall from their horses being heard. The warmth of the sun faded suddenly as did its light when a cloud of grey drifted southward. A sound of distant thunder rumbled even as a slight chill breeze rustled around them. Durian looked to the sky and then to the west and saw the cloud’s shadow pushing onward.

”I fear our fair weather is turning. May we reach this village before the skies open up.”
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

”you speak so eloquently I must say. It’s a but if a relief to hear that rather than gruffness.” She laughed at her own words and shook her head. She felt silly saying that but it was true. When he spoke it was very elegant and calm sounding. Well as a ranger surrounded by other men all the time she never heard that. It was like a breath of fresh air.

”And Im sure we’ll make it to town before the storm hits us.” though she wouldn’t mind being in the rain a little. She tapped her horse’s side with her heel to urge her to move faster.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

"Even if we don't, I likely could use the wash."

Durian said as he looked again to the sky. He didn't mind the rain, for it was a part of life in the north. Here it may be warmer. As the last sight of the sun gave way to the encroaching greyness, a light mist started to blow over them with the breeze. A few heavier drops started to fall and felt somewhat refreshing. Durian asked,

"Have you been to this village we approach before?"
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

Fay sighed happily as she felt the rain fall upon her skin. It was refreshing to her. Her hair matted down from the rain and she took it out of its braid and let it flow freely.

”My friend... you’ll find there are few places in middle earth I have no traveled either to or through.” she said with a laugh and smiled at him
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

"I could say the same for the north as I have been through the lands from the Iron Hills to the western sea in my 24 years, but I have only now traveled to the south and to Gondor. I wish it was in better times. Have you ever been to the north?"

Durian said as he watched as Fay freed her hair, then ran his hand over his own. His dark wet locks curled slightly as it matted. The rain fell harder and the grey skies darkened, with a bright flash of lightning to their north. The deep gutteral rumble rolled and slammed them, leaving them again plodding along the muddy track.

"We must be getting close. I can smell the smoke."
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She shook her head ”Only east and a little west. Been through Bree several times. Lovely village I must say.” she too could smell smoke and fresh roasts. People cooked quiet a bit in this town they were approaching.

Finally they rode in and she quickly went to a small inn and dismounted. They took her horse back to a stable and she went inside to get them rooms
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

The town was small, much like the villes he knew in Cardolan. He found it interesting that Fay had been to Bree. Of course, it seemed you can't get East to West or South to North without coming to Bree. This place had a similar feel, and as he dismounted and watched his horse be taken to the stable along with Fay's, he looked around the muddy street as darkness claimed the sky. Little did they have for defence, and with the looming ill coming from the east, he wondered how this place would stay safe. No matter, the smell of the food in the air drew him to enter the inn.

He stood in the parlour as he dripped water, and watched Fay as she spoke to the proprieter at the bar. He then looked about the common room and noted the patrons that lingered before he walked over the worn oak floorboards and stood next to her.

"A fine little inn this seems."

he said as he lifted his coin pouch, curious what a night here would cost. No matter, it would be good to be able to rest and talk with Fay, for their trek to the Black Gate will be dangerous and they will need to be alert.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

Fay pushed his hand down that was holding true coins. “Yes one room is fine. Thank you so much for understanding.” She said with a kind smile. She took the key and held his hand and pulled him away from the innkeeper. She walked up to their room and went right in.

”apologies for that but I got us a lowered price by saying we’re in a rush to your parents house to bring them news of our wedding. I know the innkeeper and he’s a sucker for romance so that little story got us this room half off.” she said with a snide smirk and kicked off her boots. Was it right of her to do that? No. Did she care? No.

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