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Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian kept quiet as he admired Fay's boldness as she led him to her room. With the door closing, he listened to her reasoning for getting a good deal. As he watched her take her boots off, he watched her hair move in the candlelight, and stepped over and sat to take his own boots off. He turned and looked at her as his hand came up and his finger hooked a stray lock of her hair and pushed it back behind her ear, gently brushing her cheek and ear. He said,

"I have to say I mind not what you did... wouldn't want to disappoint the innk..."

His whispering voice tapered off as grey eyes seemed to get a little more blue as they beheld Fay's bright eyes. He let his fingers linger and the caressed her hair.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She felt her cheeks redden and she bit her lip. ”Innkeeper...?” she finished for him barely above a whisper. She cleared her throat and tore her eyes away from his, her cheeks growing more red.

She walked over to the bed and sat down and pulled out a small brush and combed through her silky locks. This only made her hair more elegant seeming. Once finished she hoped her blush had faded and much to her dismay it hadn’t. ”I dont take up much room.” she said in reference to the fact that they only had one bed. ”so we can share it.”
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian smiled as he watched Fay brush out her beautiful hair. He removed his tunic and belt, and looking back to Fay as she spoke, he himself blushed some. It had been some time since he lay with a woman, and he said softly as he walked slowly over to stand in front of her,

"I... I am afraid I have nothing clean to wear m'la... Fay. I can sleep on the floor if..."

His eyes combed over her as his hand took hers...
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She held his hand and blushed furiously ”well neither have I... that’s why I usually sleep in my undergarments.” she explained and stood up. She got herself prepared for bed and folded her clothes then set them aside, not really worries about him seeing her in her bra and panties. She wasn’t shy.

”you can sleep beside me or on the floor. It’s your choice but you really don’t have to sleep on the floor. It’s far too uncomfortable.” she said as she laid down and got under the blankets
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian nodded as he watched her slide into bed. She was right, the hadrwood floor, though more comfortable than the rocky ground of the wild, would be quite uncomfortable being he was invited into Fay's bed. He got over his shyness as he let go of his unbelted breeches, letting them fall to the floor. He lifted the blankets and lay down on his back beside Fay, trying not to crowd her on the small hay-stuffed mattress. He turned his head to her as the candlelight flickered in the room and said,

"Yes, this is much more comfortable. I hope you are comfortable as well."

He could feel the warmth radiating from her as their legs touched and rested by each other. Durian let his arm slide under Fay's pillow and his hand rested on her shoulder, his finger lightly tracing the rune.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She shivered as he traced her rune. She turned on her other side so she faced him and she blushed when she saw how close they were. Their legs were entangled due to the small space and she closed her eyes ”I’m very comfortable thank you” she whispered softly.

Some of her hair fell in her face and she began to slowly drift off to sleep. The room felt cold so she snuggled against Durian for the warmth he was putting off.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

He felt Fay shiver as she faced him, and laying her head on his shoulder, his hand continued to caress her shoulder, back, and side. He turned his head and breathed in the scent of her hair as he felt the weight of her head and her leg that lay over his press harder against him as she relaxed. The deeper breaths she started to take he took as a sign she was drifting into sleep. His hand gently brushed up to her shoulder again, and his fingers combed through her silken hair before again sliding down to her side.

The flicker of the candle made shadows dance around them, and Durian loooked upon the side of her face as her hair covered it. He was curious of her scars, and his other hand came up and gently touched her cheek. She stirred and slid herself over him a little further, and Durian watched her head slowly rise and fall with his breathing. Though he was tired, he could not take his eyes off of Fay. When the candle flickered and went out sending its smoky scent up into the room, Durian whispered softly to her ear,

"Sleep peaceful Lady Fay of Ithilien...."

He then closed his eyes as he took in the feel of her silky soft skin in his hands.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

Fay managed to sleep through the night with no issues. No waking up not nightmares just blissful sleep. When she did wake up she was shocked to find his arms were wrapped around her and she was right up against his chest. If it had been someone else... literally anyone else. She would’ve killed them right then and there yet.... being in his arms was calming.

She smiled and closed her eyes and just listened to his heartbeat and she felt relaxed and safe. It was euphoric almost to be in his arms.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

It was sometime in the darkness when Durian went to sleep. Hearing and feeling Fay breath as her warm body pressed against him lulled him into dreams. Though mostly peaceful, he felt the tension build in him. But a calm hand sliding around his neck calmed him, and he awoke when the light of the rising sun filled the room.

The sunlight was as red as blood, for it struggled to find its way through the smoke of the Mountain of Doom. Durian turned his head and saw Fay's hair sprawled over him as she slept. His hand gently caressed her hair and ear, and she stirred and looked up at him. Durian whispered,

"Good morning...."

then he blushed, wondering what all Fay was feeling as she lay by him.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She smiled and blushed as well and she gazed into his eyes. ”Good morning... sorry it was a little cold last night...” she said explaining why she was so close to him on the bed.

”I hope I didn’t make your night uncomfortable by being so close...” she mumbled and looked away hoping to hide her blush.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

"By no means Fay ..."

He paused as her hair tried to hide her face. His hand gently pushed her back by her ear and she turned slowly back to look at him. His grey eyes shone bright with their cornflower blue tint and he smiled slightly as he said,

"You did not... could not... make be uncomfortable..."

He gently drew her face closer and his lips gently kissed the scar by her left eye. Maybe it was him alone, but he felt the warmth radiate from her as he felt his insides tense. Her eyes closed, and he let his lips lightly kiss her cheek...
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She took a deep breath and her eyes fluttered shut as he kissed her scar and cheek. She smiled and placed her hand on his cheek. ”Good to know...” she whispered softly.

Each of her scars held a story. Not very fun ones either. The one under her eye was from a spider up in Mirkwood. The one on her cheek was from her father.

She remembered when she received each of them clearly. As if they had just happened.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian could see Fay's eyes going from the here and now to somewhere else. Maybe it had to do with his noticing her scars? He too had his scars, most notably the one by his right eye and temple that kept his eye from opening as far as the other. His memory of receiving it came to him and he too fell in to thoughts of a time and place now far away from here. His fingers caressed her head as his fingers played in her hair, and he asked,

"Do you wish to speak of that which you now think of? Is it how you became scarred?"

Durian was aware that people can carry scars unseen, and he hoped he didn't distress Fay with his words. He knew he would find it painful to speak of the time he was scarred, but he would share it with Fay if she wished to know.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

She smiled but it held a sadness. Sadness from the memories. ”The one under my eye.... I had a bad run in with a spider out in Mirkwood. I was lucky to have just gotten away this this little scar. This-“ she pointed to the one across her cheek and hesitated ”well this one was from my dad... he drank a lot after my mom passed away and became abusive.” she explained vaguely and closed her eyes.

She was almost willing the memory to go away but it wouldn’t. She was stuck remembering it every time she looked in the mirror though. No matter what she was just with mental and physical scars.
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Feeling Fay tense as she spoke, he continued to caress his fingers through her hair as he said,

"I find your marks beautiful Fay. Do not let them remind you of the darkness that brought them. I try not to..."

Durian really didn't know what to say, for he thought of his own father, and mother, and the last time he saw them. After some silence, Durian started to speak in a soft voice,

"When you told of your bargain with the innkeeper, it had set alight my memory of my parents. My father was hard on me, for he said he had to be in this hard world. I didn't know what he meant until the night the hillmen raiders came. I was nine..."

It was then he noticed Fay's fingers tracing the scar he had on his lower back. He had mostly forgotten about it, for it brought back that night to him. Durian shuddered slightly at her touch before saying,

"They killed my father after a fight, but not before he killed three of them. There were just too many of them. I attacked one but my father told me to run. I got a knife wound, glancing and bloody, but I escaped into the woods and was able to hide in my secret places. My mother was taken and I have never seen her again."

Fay then raised her head and looked him in the eyes. He took a deep breath as he struggled to push the memory back into the depths of his mind. His eyes returned from the past and met Fay's.

"And none of that explains the one by my eye."

He was not going to ask more of Fay. It was clear memories of her father brought her much pain.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

Fay listened intently to him. She frowned and felt the need to hug him closer to her. To comfort him. So she did. She moved closer to him on the bed and said softly and sincerely ”My sincerest apologies... the fact that you had to endure such things... it’s horrible.”

She looked at him and placed her hand on his cheek. ”what did happen to your eye...? If you don’t mind my asking.” she was genuinely curious. She wanted to know more about his past
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian blinked as he felt Fay press closer.

”Those raids were the way life was in Rhuadur. I had not thought of my parents in such a long time until last night. I think you being with me here helped keep away ill dreams of it, and I thank you for that.”

His finger danced with the rune on her shoulder as he watched her eyes on his scar.

”It was a Hillman arrow. It grazed my forwehead and the fletching feather cut my temple and eyelid. It was on my first ride out as a Ranger, we went up a small river to some falls in the Ettenmoors. It was there we were attacked. We won the day with only a couple men wounded. I was one.”

He then returned her intense gaze as his hand touched her cheek.

”What happened to you at the hands of your father? Did he…”

His words faded to silence as he lost himself in her eyes.
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

”He beat me till the day he died. Dealt with that for about a year. There was no grief when it came to his passing.” she admitted. ”Let’s not speak of anymore ill subjects...” she whispered, unable to bring her voice any higher as she got lost in his eyes.

Fay managed to tear her gaze away and her cheeks reddened significantly when she realized she had been staring. She drew patterns on his back with her fingers and loved how his toned and smooth back felt
Durian (played by Rogue-Scribe) Topic Starter

Durian nodded slightly in agreement with Fay's words. There was much ill with the world, and to remember those past served little purpose now but for one. He wanted to know Fay, and learning of her in the quiet of the morn had him feeling more relaxed than he had in some time. If it were up to him, he would stay in this moment, not wishing it to end. Durian had been considering kissing Fay, but just as he managed to draw up his courage, there was a knock on the door.

The sound had Durian roll out from Fay's arms and stand. He paused and looked back at Fay who pulled the blankets around herself, before drawing out his knife from his belt and stepping to the door. Cracking it open, he saw a young maid standing there with a large basin of steaming water and some towels.

"For your comfort compliments from the innkeeper."

She said as Durian stepped back, dropping his knife to the floor where it stuck in the floorboard. The maid pushed the door open, and after she set the basin down with the towels, she turned and froze, blushed a deep red when she saw Durian standing there naked, and quickly rushed out the door and closed it. Durian himself blushed once he realised there was no danger and he was in such a state. He turned to Fay and said,

"Well, that was unexpected."
Phaether (played by LadyOfGondor)

Fay laughed and got up still clad in her undergarments. She shook her head and put her hands on her hips and with a raised brow she asked

“was it you or the knife that scared her?”

She walked over to the bassin and happily splashed her face with the water. ”Im only kidding don’t take that to heart.” She said with a wink

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