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Laying in bed facedown and groans

I'm going through a bad lovesick phase and forced detachment from someone I care about.

Tbh I mostly like pop music when its slowed down like this.
Anyone here an arctic monkeys fan?
Only me aight

Been listening to this one quite a bit, been helping a lot with character development between two characters~
Sam Tinnesz ft Yacht Money - Play with Fire

Dang boo, I'm not listening to this one at the moment. However, holy jeez this gives me so much muse for a particular ship I have, haha.

Another good one is Shy Martin - Bad in Common

...I'm so sorry that most songs I listen to nowadays are shippy. However, if you look at more of Sam Tinnesz's songs, hoooooo boy, you'll find Wolves ft Silverstein and others. Mostly super dark, but oh man so musey for dark stories, ahaha!

I have odd taste in music.

All Time Low and Mariana's Trench are good ones, too! These bands tend to have super clever lyrics, just my style~.
Dahaka Viles (played by JasintheDemon)

Watching through three seasons of Tour of Duty with my DVD set with the original soundtrack. Love the Rolling Stones intro ...

ILoveAlexTurner wrote:
Anyone here an arctic monkeys fan?

I liked the Favourite Worst Nightmare album.

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