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A blast of cold wind bites at your skin, carrying with it not only the threat of a storm but also the scent of decaying flesh. Your face is pressed against the cold, hard surface of some asphalt path, maybe a road. Your eyes are closed, and maybe you don't exactly want to open them, but the cold, the coming rain, and the horrible stench ought to drive you to get up and seek safety somewhere indoors.

You'll soon learn that safety doesn't exist here, wherever "here" is.

Your character wakes up on the street in a town unfamiliar to them. A decently-sized town at that, with a respectable-sized mall, grocery store, mansion, park, and plenty of residential zones to explore. It'd be a pleasant place to stay if not for the fact that everyone there is either dead or missing except for a handful of strangers who are just as lost and confused as you are (AKA the other player characters.) Some of them even insist that they're from other worlds; they might even use strange tech or magic, or at least try to. Technology and magic don't seem to work here.

Your goal is to escape, which seems easy enough until you learn that nearly everything wants to kill you. Traps appear out of nowhere, bits and pieces of the town rearrange themselves when you're not looking, and something, something is watching you. Everything about this place is wrong. Very, very wrong.

So the question remains: can you escape?

- All the usual: be kind. Be respectful. If you have an issue with another player and you two just can't seem to talk it out peacefully. Talk to me.

- Characters from all walks of life are welcome; fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction, etc. etc. Do remember that the constant failure of all attempts at magic or use of modern/post-modern technology is a very important story device. Your powers or gadgets either don't work at all or they're weak/unreliable.

- More info about the effect the setting has on magic and technology, since my wily players have proven that's a more complicated gimmick than I thought.

- This is a semi-literate roleplay. That means paragraph-length posts and/or enough content for the other players to bounce their replies off. I do not demand perfect grammar, although I do ask that you try.

- This game will include violent scenes, moderate gore, and, ideally, character deaths. All character deaths need to be discussed OOC beforehand and the parties involved need to agree to kill the character. If you choose to kill your character, you are welcome to introduce another one so you can keep playing the game. New characters popping up will also make an important part of the story.

- I don't think there will be a lot of room for romance in the story anyway, but I'm going to say it: sex scenes are not allowed. No sex. I repeat, no sex. Raunchy jokes, flirting, and general PDA is fine, but if, for some insane reason, you want your characters to get it on in the middle of this horror movie scenario, please fade to black or take it out of the group.

- If you know you're not going to be able to roleplay for more than three days, please alert the group ahead of time so we can work around your absence. (We'll either wait or engage in harmless side adventures until you return) If you are inexplicably absent for more than two weeks, I will have to take you out of the story's cast. I'll gladly adjust this rule if you guys think it's unfair, since I've never tried to implement a rule on player inactivity before (although I should have done it a long time ago.)

Lisa, slowly coming to terms with the increasingly bizarre cast of characters she's being forced to cooperate with.

We're slowly killing Raven's ability to provide comedic relief.

Seeker is (probably) enjoying a quiet meal underneath a table somewhere.

Sage is MIA.

Liliath is bleeding out, bleeding out for youuuu! (I'msorrysosorry)

Victi set herself on fire to aboid dying. Shockingly, it worked.

Tsi'ka-ul has tragically died, but her acidic drones thirst for vengeance!

Vincent is eagerly dealing sadistic glee to dying children and their murderers.

Seo Yeon handles confrontation awfully dismissively.

After a mild misunderstanding that led to the detonation of several flash bombs, Masato has been rendered unconscious, for quite a while.

The feline gentleman, Bronze Nyx.

OPTIC, Masato's VI battle buddy has fallen suspiciously silent while healing its fallen bonded.

Helynah's ready to punch something. (This still applies several OOC weeks later.)

Adam has become cenobite lunch.

WarPriest Niskali Atsuin, such a classic paragon paladin, follows the guidance of a small black cat on the search for a missing, slowly dying, child.

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Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

Sage woke up, and when she did, it didn't smell the best. What in the world happened? She couldn't remember anything, and she didn't have the slightest clue where she was. There were others around her, but they all seemed to be out still. She nervously stood up with a slight groan, in a bit of pain for laying there for gosh knows how long.

She brushed her hair back and looked around, it was a bit foggy and there were buildings everywhere. She'd been lying on a road, but luckily the place seemed deserted so she wouldn't get ran over, neither would the others. She was so confused and immediately wanted to get out of there and go back to. . . where ever she was before she woke up here.
Oh, God. What's that smell? Her eyes still closed, Lisa's face scrunched into a disgusted grimace.

Wait, oh no... Her eyes flew wide open and she sat up with a strangled cry of fear. She wanted to curl into a ball and squeeze her eyes shut when she realized that she had no idea where she was.

She thought she'd be waking from a nightmare, not waking into one.

She was nearly alone on a cold, hard plane of black rock. Buildings unlike any she'd ever seen lined the left and right sides. So...she was sitting on a street? An empty street in...she looked up...the middle of the day, maybe early morning? The fog and foreboding clouds made it impossible to pinpoint the sun's place in the sky.

And the place was so quiet. Except for the shrill cry of the wind, not a single sound came even to her sensitive ears.

She looked up and down the road. Bodies were strewn across the black stone. Maybe alive, maybe dead. She thought she could see a few heaving chests but the scent of decay that permeated the air warned her that someone nearby had lost his last legs.

Her first instinct was to run as far away as possible. As she stood up, her second instinct, which was to see who she could help, rose and shoved the flight response aside. She forced herself to walk toward the still bodies. She was not expecting to see one of them, a human with red hair (So humans can have red hair?) standing, wide awake, and generally looking confused.

Lisa froze, again torn between running away and offering help. A lot of thoughts and fears screamed in her head and she couldn't decide which ones to listen to.
Liliath woke up and immediately smelled a disgusting smell. It was gross and she didn’t want to open her eyes because of it.

Where was she? This didn’t smelled like home . She decided to open her eyes and indeed she wasn’t home . She stood up slowly and looked around . She saw bodies , where they dead or alive? She didn’t dare to look any longer to the bodies. Maybe there was a murder here? Maybe the murder wanted to kill her too!

She wasn’t sure what to do know, but she knew she was supposed to get out of this place,
Maybe there were other people here who were alive and also kidnapped. “Hello!”
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

Sage wanted to get out of there, until she heard someone. "Hello?" She returned to the voice. She was too scared and frozen to move, she was shaking. Her eyes were watering up, she couldn't imagine what her parents were going through when they'd go into her room and find her missing. How many others were out there?
She could hear a voice awnser if back. Would it be her mother or father? She runned over to the voice. But it wasn’t her mom or her dad just a stranger p.

“I am lost.” She decided to say first , she was ‘t sure if this girl lived here or was kidnapped to. “Do you know where I am?” She said with a calm tone but her face was a chaos of emotions
Lisa jumps at the first cry, but relaxes when she recognizes the squeal of a child and sees the tiny frame running toward the red-haired girl. Her fear almost forgotten, she jogs toward the strangers. She slows as she draws near, and says, only to the little girl, "Hello there!" She's also forgotten that her large ears and feline eyes make her look slightly predatory, something that has frightened human children in the past, but maybe the girl would not notice.
“I am lost.” She said calm again and she forced herself to smile. “Do you smell that horrible smell to?” She then asked curious “I think it’s from those bodies.” She pointed to a body “It’s dead.” “There is propably a murder here , we should try to get out off here.?
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

"I don't where we are honey, and if there is a murderer out there, I wont let them get to you, I promise." She says to the little girl with a sad but reassuring smile, then she heard another person. She noticed that this person didn't even take any note of her, rude considering the situation they were in.
Lisa, crouching so she's eye-level with the child, follows Liliath's pointing finger until her gaze falls on the silhouette of a ragged corpse. Her heart sinks into the pit of her stomach. We're all dead, aren't we? She heaves a heavy sigh and forces a smile of her own. "That's a smart idea, child. What's your name?" She glances at the red-headed woman, her eerie yellow eyes narrowed. "And yours?" she says.
“Secret.” She didn’t want to share her name , maybe one of them was the killer. She didn’t dare to share any information with them about her.

“We jus need to wait till someone else dies.” She said calmly . “It’s really easy to get out a city , if we can find a phone .”

“Why are you fake smiling?” She then asked curious . Liliath could see it was fake , this is how it looked when Liliath acted fake. When she tried to hide her feelings .

“Don’t smile when you are not happy .”
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

"Sometimes when people smile, its not to show that they are 'just happy.' It could be a reassuring smile, or maybe an evil smile. What do you think of that?" She smiled again, this time it was for real. This little girl would be the brightness in these dark times. She looked at the other strange girl who she could tell was not human the second Sage saw her eyes. Then she motioned her head to the little one, basically thinking exactly what she did about the murderer thing, though she couldn't read the little girls thoughts "what she said. Well there has to be something we can call each other without saying our real names, right?" She asked and looked at the little girl again.
“People smile when they are happy , when you are evil , villains are happy because they can harm other people because they have the power to do that , that gives them a reason to smile.” Why would you even smile when you were sad or scared , it was useless.

She ignored the girl’s idea “You are a strange person , you only care about someone’s name at this point instead of about the fact that there are dead bodies around us.” She turned around and wanted to walk away. What a weird girl
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

"We don't know they are dead." She stated, a bit pissed off now. She wanted to leave the girl to go fend for herself if she was going to treat her this way. Her brows furrowed together and she put her hands on her hips and looked away from both of them and began to observe the buildings. "Call me strange little person, I don't care. I'm going to find a way out of here." She said and with that, walked away into one of the buildings, extremely angry. A little girl, calling her strange when the whole situation was strange and she was just trying to be positive. At this point she didn't care if either of them lived and escaped with her, or lived and stayed trapped her forever.

((Before we go any further, you might want to check out Sage if you haven't already. She's Bipolar which means she can be depressed real quick and feel there is no way out, and her moods can change of the happiest person in the world to the most pissed off person in the world by the snap of someones fingers. Just in case you guys didn't know, but it'll explain for this post and future ones))
“They are.” She turned back “Only an idiot doesn’t recognize the smell of dead bodies.” “They are dead , you can smell it , it smells like they are rotting .” She turned away again “But if you guys wanna die , then it’s not my problem.”
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

She rolled her eyes "fine we don't know they are all dead." She swore at the little girl under her breath and entered one of the buildings and began to look for supplies, and a phone that worked. Just then she heard something bang in the building. She checked the whole floor before exiting, she wasn't sticking around any longer to figure out that sound. She came out empty handed and no phone. She walked across the street and passed them, ignoring both of them and looking around that floor too. She found some food, but that was it. "Not my problem whether you live or die either, imagine your parents if you never appeared again. They probably wouldn't care."
Liliath looked angry up “They would care more then your parents would , if I would have a child like you , I wouldn’t miss it . I think I would be happy when an annoying rude awful person would dissapeae.” She turned around “I hope you die and be a dead body like those other bodies are.”
"Okay, that's enough!" Lisa stands. She crosses her arms and shoots a nasty glare at both the fighting girls. "No one should be wishing for anyone else's death right now." As she fights to keep her voice even, her fists clench by her sides, shaking. "We're in a strange place, surrounded by strangers both alive and dead. So we're all scared."

She's not the only one who is terrified of what might happen to them here, right? She takes a deep breath. Her voice cracks as she continues. "And we do not trust each other; we shouldn't, but I think if we want to get out in one piece, we should try to cooperate." Most of this last part is directed at the red-head, who she thinks is closer to her age and hopefully easier to reason with.

As she finishes her plea for peace, rain begins to fall. A gentle shower patters on the road. Harmless rain, really, but a low rumble in the sky warns of a real storm to come. Lisa, who's not fond of rain, hisses with disgust and pulls the hood of her jacket over her head. "And I'd love to finish this talk indoors."
“She started it!” Liliath said angry “And I am not scared!” She was lying a little ofcourse she was scared of dead bodies. Dead bodies were gross and not really fun.

“We should find a place where to sleep.” Liliath looked around “Maybe there is a hotel ?” “Maybe we can stay in that building!” She pointed to a small house “It looks cool!”
Sage Mecker (played by Cherry_Red)

Sage rolled her eyes "I don't have parents so thank you for pointing out the facts. You guys do whatever you want, count me out of it." She said and began walking to the outside of town. While walking she heard footsteps behind her, and knew that it wasn't the two of them. She turned around, and she though she saw a figure begin running away from her as she turned. Then she ran the rest of the way to a house that wasn't the one the little girl picked out and went inside.

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