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“It’s alright,” Yuri iterated, not pulling away even when Lemon grabbed his arm in such a strong grip. “You don’t need to explain anything to me. I know just how complicated family can be…” Even though he murmured the words as soft as he could, he knew that could only comfort a person so much. Talking wasn’t his forte, but Lemon asked him to stay, so he would. She drifted into sleep before he could say it, but still he whispered that he would. He would stay.

As he stretched out to lean against the wall, he let his thoughts wander. Did Lemon ever love Bronx that way, or did she just know nothing else? When exactly did shared experience turn into love or love turn into sour feelings? The thought made him sigh and shake his head. Not a villain indeed. However, that made it more difficult to deal with Bronx in a way that Lemon would approve.

After several more minutes of thinking, Yuri extricated himself from Lemon’s much looser sleep-grip and left the room. He found the right people to talk to, made sure that Bronx was doing well—mostly just drunk with a bruise on his chin and scuff marks, and made sure the gate was seen to. When he felt satisfied, he returned, falling onto the bed with Lemon, one arm over her shoulder in comfort. He just hoped that all his efforts were enough.

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Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

The following morning as the sun came in Lemon’s eyes started to flutter. She felt something heavy around her as her vision can into focus she could see it was Yuri’s arm. Slowly Lemon moved Yuri’s arm and made her way to her window that overlooked the entrance. That’s when Lemon saw a hoard of paparazzi at the now fixed front gate and a Bronx with a bandage on his face sitting on the front dining porch. Lemon flings a pillow at a sleeping Yuri before yelling “WAKE UP YURI we have a problem” Lemon starts running around pulling her hair in a pony, whipping on an old university sweatshirt and tight jeans. Lemon runs back to the window looking again as Bronx looks up at her locking eyes. “Yuri get the jet ready, tell them location 6GJR,the manual will have info, have the staff pack accordingly, you have 2 hours to arrange everything, i will meet you at the plane hanger,” Lemon grabs a pair of aviator Ray Bands And her small Louis Vuitton clutch as she opens up the door. Lemon pauses “When we get there no business, just focus on us and a nice vacation, there is a lot we need to figure out”

As Lemon reaches the bottom of the stairs when a small man ran up to her “Madam” Lemon side eyes the man as she keeps walking “They will be moved to the countryside, with a staff of two and the children will attend the private academy, they will spend the winter holidays here working for the family under Yuri, just need a signature” Lemon signs the form “Send it to their lawyer and let me know right away when its signed” Lemon Pushes open the doors to the dining porch that overlooks the front of the house where Bronx is sitting.

With a deep breath Lemon takes her seat across from Bronx. “Was this your plan” Bronx Smiles and waves to the Paparazzi before responding “NO, but it is working out quite well, would you like some coffee?” Lemon nods her head toward her cup. Lemon stirs in a cube of sugar and a splash of cream “ after last night I will be traveling and will miss your mother's event tonight” Bronx just stares at Lemon he pulls out a small black box and stands. He walks around the table to Lemon’s right side and whispers in her ear “Enjoy the coffee, And think about it on your trip” Bronx gives Lemon a quick peck on the cheek and leaves the porch before Lemon can process anything. Lemon finishes her coffee as she watches Bronx leave the compound in one of her personal cars. Lemon tucks the box in her clutch and stands to finish other business.

Finally 2 hours latter Lemon arrives at the back of the compound to the air hanger, She walks up to the 3 flight attendants standing at the bottom of the Bombardier Global 8000 stairs. Lemon slightly bows and she walks up the stairs she looks around for Yuri.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

((sorry for the wait. This time of year is pretty busy for me.))

Yuri woke with a rather strangled sound. Pushing the pillow out of his face, he cast his eyes around, looking for the emergency. However, the only emergency he could spot was Lemon in a state of distress, yelling nonsense at him. Hadn't they fallen asleep exhausted and moody? This was...he felt like he could whiplash from waking like this. However, he steeled his expression and grabbed his shoes, already toeing them on as Lemon explained what she wanted.

"O-okay. You can count on me," he stated in his best attempt at confidence despite the fact that it was a daunting task. Even if he had little experience in this world, the bit he had made him able to focus, immediately finding the right people to talk to and focusing on the tasks. Lemon had her own business so they didn't bump into each other during the next few hours, but it actually helped Yuri find his stride. Even the cameras and noisy hoards of people outside made him want to pull his back straighter.

By the time the jet was fueled and ready for flight, belongings stored and engines ready to roar, it was right on time. Yuri had just dropped into a seat some minutes earlier when Lemon popped her head into the jet. "Ah, there you are. Is all your business dealt with?" he asked, a weary smile on his face. He'd managed to collect some designer button-up and blazer, his black pants artfully sculpted to his body, but he suspected his hair still looked sleep-mused. He just hoped that sleepiness didn't show. "I followed all your instructions, ah, but I still don't know where we're going. A vacation out of the public eye?"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon Fell into a large seat across from Yuri a sly smile on her face. “ we are going to the Triple Creek Ranch in Montana in their exclusive riverside ranch home” Lemon leans her head back a bit “no one would think to look on a ranch in the middle of the US would they, also I thought it would be fun to see you on a horse” Lemon opens one eye. As a flight attendant approaches to get drink orders an let them know they were taxiing down the runway now. Lemon requested some sparkling water and crackers.
Yuri crossed his arms with a rather cross expression. "That's not funny, Lemon. Ranches are unsanitary!" But it didn't look like he had any choice in the matter and she was definitely serious. Still, it was good to see her smile after last night so he let himself relax a little, fastening his seatbelt and asking only for a cup of coffee. At this point, it was the only thing he really needed to survive all these headaches. "I can't believe that's your plan though. I thought mob people always vacationed on small islands with no extradition when the times got tough. Or is that just in movies?"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon ponders a moment “We could go on a trip to our homes in Singapore or in Ireland those are on islands and more movie like” Lemon makes exaggerated finger quotes as she speaks “But this isn't a serious situation, this is so you can get some training with Buzz and I can get away from the paparazzi and Bronx’s proposal attempts. “ Lemon leans over digging in her purse, pulling out a small box and a bound booklet with the trip itinerary. “Bronx gave me that this morning” Lemon takes a bite of crackers “We will be gone for 10 days and back just in time for finals, don’t worry about school, 3 hours a day we have tutors on top of the 3 hours you train with Buzz on practical skills and family business” Lemon lets out a slight yawn as she is still a bit exhausted from last night.
Yuri pursed his lips, but he still nodded. "That doesn't sound like much of a vacation to me, but I will be nice to get away." Between Bronx, Lemon, and his own family, everything had become such a mess in a single day. It really baffled how life with Lemon could become like that. He tapped the small box's lid and though he had a feeling he knew what was inside it, he still had to ask. "Is that...a ring? If you don't intend to marry him, you shouldn't take something like that. Otherwise, nothing will change." It wasn't really his place to say, but he felt like someone needed to, even if the idea of butting in left him nervous, He shoved his glasses up his nose despite the fact that they weren't the least bit out of place. "Sorry. Should I not say that?"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon sighs and groans a bit at Yuri’s word. “That's why I chose you to speak freely and give me advice” Her eyes glaze over a bit like she is lost in time, this seems to only happen when she talks about Bronx. “I have no idea what I intend to do, I mean if I choose him it wouldn’t be married right away but ..” She trails off a bit, seeming again lost in thought. She let a long pause hung between them.

Finally, she shakes her head a bit “We need to still arrange the terms to working together” Lemon lets out a sigh sitting up a bit to look at Yuri “I can arrange it for your siblings to see you on the compound whenever. However, Living on the compound with everything going on is non-negotiable right now, but I was thinking a small family cottage that's located about a half a mile from the main house would allow you to still have some freedom. Oh, and there would have a personal SUV, clothing budget and a monthly living stipend.” Lemon slowly watches Yuri. Everything was coming out so harsh and wrong. Everything was so business. Lemon just wanted to have Yuri hold her like he did last night she Just wanted off the Jet and to be in Montana already
Yuri didn't know why Lemon wanted his advice of all people. He didn't know what to say. His chin leaned on one hand as he stared out the window, he could barely focus on anything at all as all these thoughts tumbled around. Even when Lemon started to talk about his own situation, he found himself only muttering nonsense affirmatives without giving her words much thought. "Sounds good. You know I don't really mind the idea so much anymore. I'm used to being around you."

But Lemon might really decide to marry Bronx in the end? His mind never left that topic, his eyes still on the clouds outside. What then? Did he have an opinion on who Lemon married? It wasn't like he agreed to be in any kind of relationship with her, though there definitely was something between them. Lemon liked him. Right? But she also liked Bronx or she wouldn't consider such a thing at all. Seriously, these thoughts were so complicated. Before he could even think about what he was saying, he said the first thing that popped into his mind. "Just pick who you want to be with already."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon is taken aback by Yuri’s sudden outburst of emotion. Her eyes widen and a small frown crosses her face. She tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear while she tries to calm the havoc in her mind that Yuri’s statement made. Finally she starts to murmer soft words “it's not as simple” she motions her hands back and forth between the two of them “This was unexpected and is complicated” Lemon lets out a long sigh “It's all different than it was a month ago, Bronx is back and you” Lemon undoes her seat belt and stands. The young flight attendant rushes to her asking if she needs anything but Lemon just holds up her hand as she paces a few steps. “Yuri, Just tell me what to do” Lemon locks eyes with Yuri. Her eyes have a tinge of red and a slightly glossiness like she is on the brink of crying. In that moment Lemon looked like the lost young school girl she really is not like the Mafia boss she is supposed to be.
A quick bout of turbulence makes Lemon unsteady on her feet causing her to fall into where Yuri is sitting.
Yuri's face twisted with distress as he listened to Lemon. He didn't want to upset her and it left his hands clenching and unclenching on empty air, not sure what to do. "I-" he choked out, then shook his head before trying again. "I think that you should-" But he still didn't get to finish as the plane rocked, sending Lemon tumbling into his lap. The flight attendant tried to rush over to them, but Yuri waved her away. One look at the red-eyed and raw look on Lemon's face told him that no one else should see her like this.

"Hey...Lemon," Yuri murmured, using one arm to steady her rather than push her away. "Maybe we should just push this conversation away for a while. You said yourself that we're treating this like a vacation. Besides, I can't just tell you what to do..." It hurt him to say that. It would be easier if he just told Lemon what to do, but that was selfish wasn't it? To tell Lemon to ditch Bronx and...maybe be with him? He would hate himself if either of them came to regret that though.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon felt Yuri’s softness as he help her stay steady. Lemon slowly nuzzled her head into Yuri’s shoulder as she closed her eyes tight. As she softly inhaled his aroma that smelled like a fresh fern tree, the tenseness in her body began to relax and tears fell from her eyes wetting Yuri’s shirt. She didn’t say anything and didnt move for a few moments finally she pushed herself back locking eyes with Yuri.

Lemon quickly patted her face and swiped at the last few tears on her face. “Okay, we can come back to this after our vactation” she trys to force a smile but it looks ackward and pained. Her golden hair is ruffled and her cheeks are red.
Yuri could only stare at the far side of the plane as Lemon cried, not even daring to turn his gaze out to the clouds passing them. He wasn't tense though, just frozen by the solemnity of the moment. When Lemon finally broke it, he offered her his best excuse of a smile. "That's right. You need a break too and who knows, maybe something will happen that will offer an answer without either of us having to think so hard about it." The idea was comfort more than anything else. Problems didn't solve themselves, but he still couldn't help but wish for such a thing. If somehow, someway, life would shine a light on which direction they should go, he would gladly follow that path without question. He just needed to find that light.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon’s eyes were still swollen and red. But she slowly gave a quick kiss to Yuri’s cheek before she went and took a fur blanket to cuddled up in one of the large lounging chairs. Lemon spent the rest of the flight napping, nibbling on crackers and flipping threw tabloid magazines. She left Yuri to his on thoughts and tried to settle her own mind

Finally as the plane landed on the small runway in Montana Lemon looked more like her normal jubilant self. She held out her small hand toward Yuri as she pulled him out of the plane sucking in the fresh air.

She walked down the stairs to the large suvs that took them to the cabins the sat on a lake front. Lemon still held Yuri’s hand most the time leaning in and pointing at things as they walked to the cabin. Once on the front steps she leaned in “what do you think?”
After Lemon withdrew, Yuri let himself fall into his thoughts again. He didn't come upon any answers, but at least he didn't feel so overwhelmed by the lack of answers. For now, it was okay that they didn't know what they wanted.

Like that, the rest of the plane trip passed very quickly. Yuri let himself be pulled out of the plane, even smiling faintly at Lemon's improved mood. And really, what a sight Montana was. Even though he joked that they went to hide somewhere dull instead of on a tropical island, the view took a breath away. Enough so that he couldn't even comment until they stopped in front of the cabin. "...It's nice." He breathed in the fresh air as something akin to awe washed over his face. "I've never seen a place like this before. I don't know why I expected something boring. This is your family's place after all."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon leaned in a bit as she pushed open the doors “ we just own the cabin it’s part of like a resort. However, this is my favorite escape, it’s like a hidden world” as lemon takes a step inside the small cabin she sucks in a deep breath. The cabin is small and cozy a loft with 2 beds that over looks the small downstairs and kitchenette area while there is a small door to a large bathroom with a soaking tub at the other end of the room.

“They said everything is fully stocked for the week, we are completely on our own, after Bruce drops our bags they take a break at the main resort ... so you’ll do the cooking right” Lemon winked at Yuri as she yanked him in behind her. As Lemon turned to face Yuri her foot caught on a rug causing her to fall into Yuri knocking him to the ground her small frame half pinning him.

“Well, hello there” her face was soft with a light smile as her face was mere inches from his. “Isn’t this the part in the movie where you kiss me” she was direct she no longer wanted to beat around the bush with Yuri.
Yuri's face flushed as Lemon mentioned doing the cooking. Of course he could, but there was something strangely intimate about cooking for someone. However, he didn't have a chance to express this. Lemon took one step and went tipping right into him. It was too unexpected for Yuri to stop their fall, leaving them plopped in a mess on the floor, Lemon perched over him. Yuri wanted to laugh because of how often this seemed to happen. It made him dizzy. Made him wonder if it was even an accident, even as if sore back groaned in protest.

"Ah, Lemon! What are you saying about movies! isn't the time!" His face had flushed a deep shade of red though, even his voice coming out stuttery with the implications of what Lemon suggested. Kiss her? Oh, it was a good time for that wasn't it? But there was a part of Yuri too frozen with nerves to manage it because, in truth, he still didn't know what he wanted. "Lemon...?"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon let out a huff of frustration as she pulled herself off Yuri. And as fast as the moment had come it had gone with Yuri’s stuttering. Lemon said nothing as she stood head her bag and drug it to the bedroom. Her footsteps seemed harsher and the as a slight scowl across her face, and the rest of the afternoon everything seemed just a tad off as she unpacked and isolated herself a bit from Yuri. She knew part of her was being childish but she couldn’t help it she pretty much just got flat rejected by the loner outcast of her school. She didn’t care really who he was but still all her insecurities crept back into her mind. After a long while Lemon did venture back to the kitchen to get some water and where she would have to confront Yuri once more.
Yuri bit his lip, guilt washing over him as soon as Lemon pulled away. She didn't need to say anything for him to know that he messed up. Was it always going to end up this way between them? Would he always be the one making missteps? "I should have just kissed her," he muttered under his breath before finally climbing to his feet and going to dump his own bag in the main living area. He would mess with that later. Instead, he spent the first part of the afternoon inspecting the cabin and getting familiar with it. After that, he couldn't help but gravitate toward the kitchen. Lemon asked him to cook meals so he let himself get lost in the motions of boiling water and cutting out vegetables. It gave him the peace to wallow in his thoughts to the point that he even lost track of where Lemon was in the cabin. When she walked into the kitchen, he outright jumped, dropping the wooden spoon he'd been stirring with.

"O-oh...Lemon. I didn't see you. Did, want some lunch...?" He trailed off, feeling more awkward than he had with Lemon practically in his lap.

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