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Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon did as Yuri said and buckled back in for the descent. She seemed a bit shaken and unnerved as the two made their way from the tarmac to the SUV waiting. The black SUV parked outside the large ornate and grand hotel. “This is the mandarin oriental, It is my favorite hotel when I am visiting London'' The bellmen dressed in sharp redcoats open the door and offer a hand as Lemon steps out of the SUV. As 2 bellmen ran around greeting them by name another pushed open the large oak doors smiling. Lemon stepped close to Yuri and slid her freezing hand into his. A young girl ran up to them presenting room keys and explaining how happy they were to have Lemon back. Lemon Just softly smiled and nodded, almost using Yuri as a barrier between her and people, allowing Yuri to answer all the questions they had and address anything he thought they would need. Finally when the two arrived in the suite Lemon let out a long sigh “I need to change and we are meeting your mother in The Rosebery for tea and a chat and tomorrow we need to head back to school if we don't want to get expelled ” Lemon waves her hand to the bellman and slips him a hundred as she shoves him out the door. As Lemon turned back around to face Yuri "I Left a few notes for that weird blonde boy to watch the club room and a burner phone in case he needed anything" She rubbed her face "Now I must change, we can't be late you keep the time"
Neiko watched in awe as a myriad of emotions danced across Hinako's face. Hinako, huh? It was a delightful name. The sort that didn't quite roll off the tongue, but made poetry instead. He found himself grinning even before the girl answered his question. "Well, it's very nice to meet you," he murmured back before growing nervous himself.

"Ah, not that I want to bother you! I'm certainly not un-interested in a fine lady as yourself. I love your style and just-!" He shook his head to try to calm away the wild thoughts. Being forward got him into trouble. Flirting with everyone on the street earned him names. Perhaps he should try some subtlety. "A-anyway. Love is my specialty. I've been in it more times than you could possibly count! So, I just want you to know that you can definitely find someone...if you're looking, that is. People like me included." He couldn't help but add in a wink at the end.
Yuri relaxed when they reached their room, having remained stiff and cold-faced the entire time until then. "I'll watch the time," he murmured back as he unbuttoned his shirt. Lemon wasn't the only one who needed to change. His attire had grown sweaty with all the running around they'd done and he needed to impress his step-mother far more than he ever had in the past. Looking around the corner to make sure Lemon could hear him as she got changed herself, he raised an eyebrow.

"That blonde kid? The weirdo who was hitting on me and creating problems?" He shook his head as he threw on a dark blue dress shirt, still crisp and perfectly ironed. "I guess he was the only person with an interest in the club but it's strange that you're suddenly thinking about school now." He felt a bit guilty about that himself. He was a top student. Once upon a time, that was the only thing that mattered to him. Did it really matter if they got expelled at this point though?
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon comes around the corner putting small pearls in her ears. Lemon's hair in a high pony to show off her lovely yellow Mariella scallop dress that stops mid-thigh and the full effect made her look like the picture of innocence. "He may be a bit weird but he knows love, we can always call him if you want, Also I guess everything has been a bit much lately and school is just simple, Yuri I need simple, we need simple" she walks over grabbing his hands and looks up into his eyes. She almost looks like a little sad puppy dog when her lip pouts. after a few moments, Lemon straightens Yuri's collar and brushes some hair out of his eyes "You look amazing" her smile is soft, Lemon dreamed of having a moment like this with a boy and she was so glad that however, they ended up here and it was just her and Yuri
Yuri wanted to snort but seeing Lemon, he found himself drawing in a breath instead. She had this way of making every outfit looked tailored to the purpose, so put together, and this time, sweet. He wasn't used to seeing sweet. He brushed a hand along Lemon's shoulder, letting the touch linger as they looked into each other's eyes. "I'm only trying to keep up with you. Looking sharp or pretty or so put together. Besides, I need to make an impression to her at least," he added with a twist of his mouth. He didn't look away from Lemon though as he pondered over her other words. "It seems useless're right. I miss those old days. It feels like years ago even if it was only weeks. I was good at school, after all."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon's skin burned a bit under Yuri's lingering touch. But her eyes seemed a bit distant as he mentioned being good at school. She regretted dragging him into all of this and away from school. She quickly tried to regain her composure and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before she locked her arm in his and they went downstairs to the Roseberry.

As they entered the parlor they saw Yuri's mother in the far corner at a table "I see her, I hope you are ready" Lemon patted his arm with her hand. They walked over and sat across from the women. Lemon's face had the devilish look she previously had when she was killing the men at the cabin. Mrs. Satomura bowed her head and greeted them. "Skip to the point or is the man who witnessed Yuri's birth and why are you listed as his birth mother on his certificate of birth." The women looked taken aback at Lemon's directness and lack of tack then started to mumble something about ordering. Lemon looked mad picked up a knife and jabbed it in the table slicing the woman's hand with the sharp said. Yuri's stepmother groaned pulling her hand back and wrapping it in a napkin. "Now answer, next time will be worse" Lemon glanced at Yuri to see his reaction and she tried to calm herself.
It was strange. Yuri never imagined that he would feel ready for this but the moment he saw his step-mother's face, something turned inside of him. His expression turned cool, so completely intact that it was hard to imagine he wasn't born for such a life. No. He felt neither hatred nor love when he looked at the woman. He felt...disgust.

For a moment, Yuri let Lemon do as she pleased. It felt good to watch but after Lemon's threat to do worse, he held out an arm to stop her despite the fact that his expression only flinched the slightest bit. "Don't bother with that. She clearly already wants to see us fail. We should go about this with more tact...something you're not the best at," he sighed, giving Lemon a sheepish look. Still, he folded his arms across the table to give his 'mother' a critical look. She looked in pain and surprised to be attacked like this both verbally and physically. No doubt, she thought she had them running and afraid. For all of her ambitions, did she really not have as much experience in this world as she acted like? Did she think it would be so easy to kill or frighten them? Then she didn't know Yuri at all.

"As Lemon said, we've come because you challenged us. This is a challenge we're willing to rise to but...I'd like to know why." For the first time since he sat at the table, Yuri's expression turned unsure. "I don't understand what goal you're going toward. Am I in your way? But you took me in. Put your name on my birth certificate. Why? Who is my real mother that you want to hide her from me and feel threatened by me?" He gestured to Lemon. "This girl is a live wire so I doubt I can stop her if she wants to hurt you again so please choose your answers truthfully and carefully."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon leaned back in her chair crossing her own arms as she let Yuri take the lead. it was all Lemon could do to not stab the women a second time and then a third for good measure but she knew she had to trust Yuri's approach with this woman.

The woman was cunning and mischievous like a cat constantly trying to play with her prey. "Your mother is the white wolf of the Solntsevskaya Bratva and was a Brigadier when she met your father" the woman's eyes glinted as she watched the children's reaction. Lemon shot straight up her hand flung to grab Yuri's arm. She was extremely concerned by this news she never had a run-in with the Solntsevskaya Bratva but she had heard of them in and how deadly ruthless and unforgiving they are. "You see the Yuri is quite valuable as he is the heir to their the current Pakhan or boss, Your mother cared so much she left you in the care of your father and your grandfather because he was just a college student and given his family ties they could hide you better so the Bratva wouldn't mold you well into her" The lady pointed one clawed finger at Lemon. "A sick twisted demon who craves blood," the ladies eyes locking in on Lemon "I may not love him as I do my children, but I protected him, While you little girl will cost him his life" She almost flew in a rage across the table as Yuri's mother stood and this time dogged Lemon. "This is the part where I leave" She started to turn and stopped looking back at the pair "Yuri you are no longer welcomed home, I hope she is worth it" The women left a few eyes turning in their direction as Lemon fell back into her seat.

She looked at Yuri and her heart began to break. She knew the only thing her cared about was his sibling and she just took them away. She fiddled with her napkin before looking at his stricken face "Yuri. I am so sorry, This is all my fault" she sunk back lower in her seat and became sad

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