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Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)


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Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

Yuri tensed for one second before he let out a smooth smile. "Ah, welcome. Please take a seat. Would anyone like some coffee while we talk?" he murmured as the other club's members entered the room. Yuri stepped away to the coffee pot, though he gave Lemon a look as he passed by. So they were doing this now, huh? Not that it mattered to him. It was just him and Lemon in the room. It was their element.

As they all sat, coffee's in hand, he started the discussion but then sat back, letting Lemon take over. Lemon may have thought that she was turning into her father, but the smile on his face was equal parts fond and proud as he watched her talk. This was the woman he fell in love with and he would always admire her power.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon took the head seat and crossed her legs leaning back in the chair. "Well, gentlemen if you open the portfolios you will see my two plans to discuss" "Plan one, kitchen staff and food are not controlled by a family affiliated with the school, meaning all that income is going to a third party" They went on for the next hour describing how her plan would work, how they would profit and how they would use the school kitchens to smuggle certain goods across the city. "Now the second part is this algorithm Yuri developed to pair off students in the school " She smiled softly at Yuri giving him credit. "Many mothers the higher social circles have herd just how perfect our last round of pairs worked at the school, they want to use it to create marriage matches between the high society families" She taps a figure on the desk "So that's why we need the math club, I need you all to figure out if there is profit into making this an app and at what price we should charge, until then I have some of the sociology/ psychology club students taking polls and doing research on the effectiveness of the matching" She answered a few of the others questions then she finally ended the meeting and the two men stood and bowed to her and Yuri before leaving the room.

"We look forward to seeing you and your families this weekend at brunch on our estate and I want everything in motion by the end of next week before we go on our trip over break" Lemon's eyes narrowed at the door as it closed behind the two boys.

She then uncrossed her legs and leaned her chin in her hands, closed her eyes tight before opening and looking at Yuri who seemed to have stayed rather quite during the meeting "What do you think about all that,? Sorry, about not mentioning my plans for your matching algorithm”
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

Yuri relaxed as the meeting ended, finally leaning back in his hair to rest his head on the back of it. "You don't need to apologize," he murmured. "It's a bit unexpected but I have to say that it was a logical decision to come by so I can't fault you for it. An app, huh? All the numbers indicate that the poll and match were very popular but it might be a very different thing in the real world. High school students have no basis for real love and long-term matches. We'll have to watch the numbers over the course of the year to see if they hold up. That blonde kid was obsessed with the system as well so I'll probably ask his opinion. Perhaps we could do a small-scale test on some college students in the meantime? After all, we wouldn't want the app to be ineffective."

It really seemed that Lemon had thought about this a lot though. She had her plans and he enjoyed seeing her put them into action. It even made him proud that his survey had come so far. "Ah. Should we end today's club meeting though? It's already getting quite late in the day."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs “we should end but” she looked off past Yuri a bit “we can’t use any college student or any families... this app will be for high profile people like our family or the families of the students that go here so we need to find a group to reflect that” she tilted her head back and closed her eyes “also remember these families only care about their portfolios and less about the happiness of their children, it’s like when kings would marry off their daughter to make royal alliances, we are just trying to help families make beneficial matches where those who are paired together will be happy and content even if they don’t fully love each other” she opened her eyes and leaned forward grasping Yuri’s hand in hers “ not everyone can have what we have” she stood leaning in to give him a kiss on the forehead then smiled widely “ do you wanna get some burgers for dinner? I’m starving”
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

Yuri shook his head but he easily wrapped an arm around Lemon, falling into the softer mood that she had created between them. "That might be so but I'll still feel sorry if my app leads to unhappy relationships. We could do so much better," he sighed, thinking about his own parents and his stepmother in particular. Love was...complicated. He wanted to make it easier for other people in at least some small way. "Ah, but I guess it's fine for now. Yeah, let's get some burgers. I can fix the details of the app later." Standing, he took Lemon's hand and twined their fingers together as he led them both out of the club room, not bothering to lock it behind. After all, who would cause trouble with them. "Is Lenny's cafe okay with you?"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon loved the way their hands fit together as they walked “sounds perfect” she let him lead her down the hall and out to the rumbling town car waiting for them. “I’d rather walk” she drug Yuri down the road two large Bruces following after the two crossed the school gates. Several students walking as well pointed and stared at them soon following the two of them. But honestly Lemon didn’t care she knew if she closed her eyes tight enough she could imagine them walking was just as free as the day they went walking down the streets in Paris.

The next few days passed by normally morning breakfast with Yuri at the small table in her room followed by long classes and eventually the club room where they continued to work on the matching algorithm.

That was until Thursday morning when everything changed in a massive paradigm shift. The morning started mostly the same her and Yuri picked over the breakfast and made there way toward the car … Lemon looked up and there was a wicked crack of lightning across the sky. She jumped in the car and curled up next to Yuri until they arrived at school … where upon arrival Bronx was standing there a glare on his face. Before Lemon could do anything Bronx ripped open the door to the town car and jumped in slamming the car door behind him. His large frame making the space in the back seat extra small as it pushed Lemon into Yuri

“We have a problem” Bronx said as he eyed Yuri over Lemon’s head to glare then narrowed his eyes back at Lemon.
Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

Yuri was just starting to settle into their new routine. Sure, it was a bit domestic, but also not as private as their mini-vacation. However, he was relaxed, almost forgetting about the dangers of their world. That was, until he woke up on Thursday with an uneasy feeling in his gut, rain and the remnants of a nightmare fueling his mood.

He was pressed up against the car's door, his arms crossed and shoulders hunched when Bronx wrenched open the opposite door. "You?! What are you doing here?!" he hissed as he jerked upright, one arm going around Lemon as much to steady her as to satisfy his need to protect. He glanced at the driver but the man kept his head facing forward, the car still on and ready for any new orders. So it was going to be like that, huh? Leaning forward, he looked around Lemon so he could give their interloper a glare.

"If we have a problem, then hurry up and say it or get out of the car, Bronx. Because last I checked, you were the one creating the most problems for us!" He still remembered the look that the other boy had given them when he and Lemon first returned from Paris. It was clear that Bronx wasn't on their side but if it was family-related, at least for a little while they should be able to work together. Maybe.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Bronx let out a long gruff As Yuri spoke to him and there was a clear anger on his face “we have an infestation of international families” Lemon’s face quickly soured as she responded “what do you mean, I got no formal announcements from any families ” Bronx eyes again darted toward Yuri and whose arm was around Lemon. “They did but not send their announcements to you but to your father. They are here to court you after they herd we called everything off” Lemon’s hand made a fist, she knew her father wasn’t happy about Yuri since her father still thought Yuri was just a commoner. “But Yuri and I” Bronx shook his head abruptly interrupting Lemon’s words and said“You know how it goes LemLem” Lemon but her lip “what families”

Bronx leaned back “ the Camorra’s of Italy, the Bing’s of the Chinese Triads, Sianola of Mexico, and the Russians” he crossed his arms and leaned back. “This is a nightmare you two have caused, I will help you protect our families interest for now but you two need to fix this quickly ” and with those words the conversation was done, Bronx opened the car door. As he got out he pulled his jacket over his head to shield from the now sheets of rain falling he looked almost like the boy Lemon had known growing up and not like the monster he had become.

Lemon grabbed the umbrella in the seat pocket opening it outside the car door before stepping out. She stood in the rain waiting for Yuri to follow her. Her face was as cold as stone as looked toward the entrance of the school where several new faces stood. "Yuri" her words were short "this is not good, we have to stay in control here"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

*move move move*
Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

Yuri kept hold of Lemon's hand as he stepped out of the car. He'd stayed silent during the conversation, but not because he was scared or speechless. He'd been thinking and as the unfamiliar faces came into view, he reached a decision. "Lemon." He tugged on the girl's hand, slowing her pace they could stand alone in the rain, isolated under their single umbrella. That was the one good thing about rain. Everyone became isolated within it.

"Lemon, I love you in the best way that I know how to love. Maybe it's not the easy path and maybe I would prefer if we both ran away from this life forever. But, if it means I can keep you, I'll tell everyone who I am. Not just your father or the other families, but the whole world. I'll rise to my mafia blood and earn my place to stay by your side." He turned, then pulled Lemon in for a kiss right where everyone could see. For a second, they just stood there like that before he pulled back with a quick smile.

"Now, come on. Let's go show all those others that we're not a couple that can be messed with!" With that, he started back toward the school doors, his back held straight and body exuding confidence. Bronx was sorely mistaken if he thought something like this would get in their way.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

The tug on her hand stopped Lemon as she felt Yuri pull her into a deep kiss. All her breath left her she thought she loved Yuri but this kiss proved that Yuri loved her too.

Many students snapped pictures and several of the new students from the families. Looked their looks is becoming deadly.

Lemon pulled away and took a few steps under the covered walk way were a defeated looking Bronx quickly flanked the unoccupied side of Lemon.

Lemon looked fierce and imposing like a real Don with the two boys flanking her every movement. The students moved out of the way until she reached the sliver haired twins who stood. “Awe Voronsky And Ivan good to see you” then she turned to face a boy with a sharp angular face “and Boa is that you,” he smiled softly at Lemon and took a deep bow. “welcome to our amazing institution we can’t wait to have you all for dinner tonight, but for now I must depart” the boys all nodded as she pushed past them and into the building to the safety of the club room. Bronx closed the door after lemon and Yuri went in “I will take post at the door till Brooklyn gets here” Lemon shook her head as Bronx stepped outside watching the door.

“What do you think of your cousins” she laughed a bit at the thought of the twins reaction to loosing their position.
Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

It was a show that knew no equal. Yuri's statement with a kiss, their proud walk past the other students and the new suitors. It was a challenge without a doubt, and one they would have to make true on. But, for now, they had made enough space in order to escape. Yuri breathed a small sigh when they were safe in the club room and another when Bronx went out to guard the door. "Oh, my cousins? I suppose you mean the silver-haired two. I didn't think anything of them."

Taking his glasses off, Yuri ran a hand over his face before placing the frames back on his nose. "But despite saying what I did, I'm still not sure how we can deal with this. Most of them didn't look like they accepted our kiss. Maybe the Mexican boy...I don't think he actually wanted to be here...but other than that." Yuri shook his head. "Perhaps over dinner, I should reveal my heritage? Or is that too ostentatious?" After all, it would be a surprise to everyone except for Lemon and his own mother. He supposed they could always capture her and have her as proof of it all. Words from the lion's mouth as it were.

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