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Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)


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Yuri Satomura (played by Murkysoulwaters) Topic Starter

Yuri tensed for one second before he let out a smooth smile. "Ah, welcome. Please take a seat. Would anyone like some coffee while we talk?" he murmured as the other club's members entered the room. Yuri stepped away to the coffee pot, though he gave Lemon a look as he passed by. So they were doing this now, huh? Not that it mattered to him. It was just him and Lemon in the room. It was their element.

As they all sat, coffee's in hand, he started the discussion but then sat back, letting Lemon take over. Lemon may have thought that she was turning into her father, but the smile on his face was equal parts fond and proud as he watched her talk. This was the woman he fell in love with and he would always admire her power.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon took the head seat and crossed her legs leaning back in the chair. "Well, gentlemen if you open the portfolios you will see my two plans to discuss" "Plan one, kitchen staff and food are not controlled by a family affiliated with the school, meaning all that income is going to a third party" They went on for the next hour describing how her plan would work, how they would profit and how they would use the school kitchens to smuggle certain goods across the city. "Now the second part is this algorithm Yuri developed to pair off students in the school " She smiled softly at Yuri giving him credit. "Many mothers the higher social circles have herd just how perfect our last round of pairs worked at the school, they want to use it to create marriage matches between the high society families" She taps a figure on the desk "So that's why we need the math club, I need you all to figure out if there is profit into making this an app and at what price we should charge, until then I have some of the sociology/ psychology club students taking polls and doing research on the effectiveness of the matching" She answered a few of the others questions then she finally ended the meeting and the two men stood and bowed to her and Yuri before leaving the room.

"We look forward to seeing you and your families this weekend at brunch on our estate and I want everything in motion by the end of next week before we go on our trip over break" Lemon's eyes narrowed at the door as it closed behind the two boys.

She then uncrossed her legs and leaned her chin in her hands, closed her eyes tight before opening and looking at Yuri who seemed to have stayed rather quite during the meeting "What do you think about all that,? Sorry, about not mentioning my plans for your matching algorithm”
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)


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