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Setting: High school
Genre: Modern, romance
Post Requirement: Paragraph style
To Join: Just jump in! No DM or permission necessary~


Yuri sat at an empty desk, writing notes in neat little twirls of his pen. The rhythm matched the sound of the wall clock and the softer sound of laughter outside. He could even hear the distant bell tower call out the thirteenth hour and a game of basketball in the courtyard.

Not that Yuri cared for things like that.

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake rose from his speakers and out past the half-open door. The halls were quiet after school, but also not without noise. Covington School for the Elite offered many activities past the usual lessons and they encouraged children to start up their own clubs, projects, and study sessions. Yuri started this particular club in the previous year, but with its mysterious title and Yuri’s own sour reputation, it saw little success. A new year had started though and here Yuri sat, the same as every afternoon, with an elegant poster pinned to the study room's door.


No one quite knew what The Rose Affiliation did, but the door remained unlocked every day, just waiting for someone to dare and push it open. After all, roses begged for an adventure-like romance. One only needed to dare to dream...
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon had long platinum blonde hair that almost looked white next to the glow of her sunkissed skin. The girl has never wanted for any materialistic thing. However, She has always wished to be excepted by her peers but given who her father is and his shade connections to the underground most children of reputable families stayed far away. That was until she started dating the school's star athlete at the beginning of the school year. She was happy and thought she was finally excepted. Until, this morning when she caught him making out with a freshman in the supply closet. Now, the whole school was talking about how she was an evil crazy girl and as quickly as she was excepted everyone was avoiding her again. She just wanted to disapper she had never felt more alone then sitting courtyards. Finally, she stands up and heads for the old oak entry doors to the school but she barely makes it through doors when the tears stream down her face. She wonders down the hallway after hallway ending up in a part of the school she rarely visits. She sees a lovely sign on a door. Slowly she wipes her checks and mumbles "The rose affiliation." With a slight shrug she pushes the door open to see a young man sitting alone. "Umm hello... I saw the sign and...came in" She fiddles with her hands waiting for him to say something.
The pen stilled as Yuri looked up. The girl standing in front of him appeared to be in the same grade, though he didn't recognize her face. She, likewise, didn't appear to recognize his or his reputation. "Good afternoon. Did you perhaps come for the Rose Affiliation's services, or were you interested in joining?" He noted the tear tracks on the girl's cheeks, which made his eyes light up with interest. This might perhaps be the first time he found someone useful as a client. This was high school after all and what stronger reason to cry was there than broken love?

Yuri stood, that gleam in his eyes growing stronger, as he offered the girl his hand. "Sorry, it is rude of me to ask questions before a proper greeting. I am Yuri, the president of Rose Affiliation. Would you like to tell me your troubles?"
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

She tentatively offers her hand to the strange boy “ Lemon, Lemon Vanderson ....I came ...well actually I just was wondering and saw the sign” she stumbles over her words like everything she wants to say won’t come out in the right order. This boy seemed pleasant, but that name she knew there was something about it but she couldn’t quite place it. “My troubles.... well right now would it be okay if I just sat for a while, I can’t go home yet and I can’t be out there with them” she waves her hand toward the hall where students mingle. “I’m quite helpful if you need anything” she smiles softly at the boy but inside everything feels is broken.
Yuri waved to a seat before sitting again himself. This was quite an enigma. It seemed like no one really knew what the Rose Affiliation was, so it was hard to request services...or anything really. He thought the meaning was obvious with the rose symbolism, but Yuri had a tendency to think out entire essays and expect people to follow along when he offered only a sentence in description.

"Of course, Lemon. That is quite a strange name you have, but The Rose Affiliation offers its time and advice to anyone who might be in need. Even if that might just be a chair." He paused, looking around the otherwise empty room. "Er, at least I offer these things. I'm afraid that the affiliation is more of a singularity at this point. It's hard to play cupid alone like this..."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

She sits on the edge of her seat with perfect posture and a stoic face “My mom loves everything lemon related so it’s only right that my name was to be Lemon” she picks at her school issued skirt. “ so you are the schools Cupid .... maybe I could help” she mumbles the last part a bit. “ I mean I don’t know much about love but I’m good at advertising and paperwork”
"Indeed! We are a cupid among roses!" Yuri exclaimed, halfway out of his seat again. "It is The Rose Affiliation's sworn duty to help all in a romantic crisis, whether it be finding a partner, fixing the woes of high school drama, or simply planning a date!" Yuri flourished some of the papers from his desk. On them, a number of surveys were printed as well as flyers for popular places such as the aquarium and a nearby drive-in theater. It was clear he had planned for just about everything except how to get his club running. Which was...right, Lemon just offered to help.

Clearing his throat, he settled back as if his outburst hadn't happened. "That is, if you're interested in offering your talents to such a worthy service, I'd be more than happy to have such assistance. I could use a club secretary."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon ponders for a moment “ executive assistant” she slaps her hand down on his paperwork “yes that’s the title I want” she looks at him then moves her hand and softly smiles “first let’s promote the club and I have an idea” she flips a pice of paper over and scribbles out a plan. “A secret admire Program for the upcoming dance... boxes to submit information then we pair them up and bam they meet that night at the dance.” Her eyes twinkle bright as she rambles fast through her plan. As she slowed she sets the paper down and grabs his hand. Lemon was even surprised by this action she is normally so reserved and people pull away from her.
Yuri didn't quite chuckle, though his lips quirked into something that might approximate a smile. "Very well, you can be the executive assistant," he amended. This girl was quite strange demanding such lucrative titles, but he liked that kind of ambition. As she continued to ramble, he steepled his fingers and nodded along. It was a quite different plan from any of his ideas, but it had a spark to it. He was beginning to think their styles might mesh well together. At least, until she grabbed his hand. Yuri snatched his back, clearly surprised at the forwardness. "Ah...that's well..." He rubbed his hand along his jeans. "You have a quite good idea. We should get that survey written and to print as soon as possible."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

After he quickly withdraws his hand there was a slight falter in her face however her training taught her how to quickly recover. She digs in her bag pulling out her phone, she frowns at the picture on it for a moment before she unlocks it and hands it to Yuri “give me your number, I’ll make mocks and we can meet same time tomorrow?”

Sometime latter Lemon fines herself pacing in her room, mumbling over algorithms And questions. When there is a loud booming knock on her door. She opens it too see her father as red as a tomato. “Hello father” their conversations escalated from there. Mostly her father scolded her for making a fool of the family and how she ruined a business deal for him by not sucking up the fact that boys will be boys. He grabs her face “you are but a tool for this family, do what I say”

She slowly sinks to the ground and cry’s for a while. Eventually she turns her sadness into drive to finish her work. When she eventually looked at the clock it was half pass 6. She rushed quickly to ready herself she hadn’t been so excited to attend class since her first day of primary. She looked for Yuri all day but could not find him. She even asked a few girls if they saw him but the just giggled at her.

She could not get over how strange people were when she asked about him. Finally when the last bell rang Lemon ran as fast as she could to the old classroom bursting through the door “good afternoon Yuri!” She drops a stack of papers on his desk where he had been working “what do you think?”
Lilly Crow (played anonymously)

Lilly, hold one arm on the other, slowly walked up to the two of them and asked" May I join as well? I'm not sure what I can help with but I would really like to try." Lilly never seen these girls before. Which made sense seeing how this was a new year and a new school for her. She didn't want anyone to know about what happened to her at her old high school.
After Yuri gave Lemon his number, they parted ways. Which was just as well since he had a lot to think about with this change of pace. He stayed in the classroom exactly one hour after school, like he always did, then returned home. Almost as soon as he opened the door, his three younger siblings rushed at him with a thousand tales of their days. They tripped over each other with words as much as with their feet, never pausing for a second. It was nothing like his days at school and he couldn't help but smile as he let them pull him away. In the mirror, he caught a stern look from his mother's eye, but that was fine as well. Everything was fine.

The next day, Yuri finished all his classes and had just settled in the classroom when Lemon came bursting through the door. "Oh. I didn't expect you so soon." He picked up a paper, eyes scanning before another interruption gave him pause. This was quite strange indeed. He hadn't even had time to set up his music yet.

"Join?" Yuri questioned. "I suppose the club could always use more help. Do you have any experience in love?"
Lilly Crow (played anonymously)

"Um", she had to think for a minute. She never been asked this question before. "I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean like setting people up then I guess that would be a no." She looked away. "I had trouble with love at my old school." She looked lost in her own thoughts. She quickly turned back to Yuri. "So, no I haven't really had the chance to have any experience in the field of love. I do have some experience in writing music though. Most of my songs are about love and I have a award for best poetry from my last school." Lilly handed Yuri a paper with some of her work.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Whit a whip of her head at the sound of the door Lemon sizes up the new girl like a lion sizes up a zebra. After a few moments and the girls explanation of talents Lemon’s smile spreads across her faces and her eyes start to glisten “you sound like you could be our clubs own poet laureate” she rolls her eyes towards Yuri’s stone face awaiting an answer.
Yuri pushed his glasses up his nose as he took the second to ponder the new girl's words. "Poetry is certainly the language of love, though it's not quite the same as being in love," he sighed. "Still, I suppose that could be useful. I just wish I had someone with a lot of love experience to rely on..." Yuri's own experience amounted to nothing at all. Despite having started such a club, he never felt anything like love toward another person. He figured that didn't matter though. Motioning for the new girl to take a seat, which was enough of a welcome in his book, he picked up Lemon's papers again as well as the poetry.

"This all looks very good. What do you think about the survey didn't say your name," he murmured as he handed one of the papers to the new girl. Since apparently she was now part of the team.
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon can control herself she bounces in her seat waiting for them to read over her work. First, she tries to calm herself by reading the girls poetry but she just keeps bouncing. Bounce, bounce, until she bounces right out of her seat. Lemon lays sprawled on the floor and a moment later she starts to laugh uncontrollably. "I'm okay, I'm Okay" she reaches up looking for something to grab when she pull hard on Yuri's arm.
Yuri watched Lemon expel such tremendous energy, wondering if perhaps there was something wrong with her. From her first entrance, she struck him as a bit odd, but this was even stranger. "Could you please contain yourself," he huffed a half-second before the blonde girl tumbled to the floor, leaving Yuri wincing in his seat. "Yes, it's good that you're okay. I say you should contain yourself for exactly this-!" His words turned into a strangled yelp as Lemon grabbed his arm and managed to pull him onto the floor as well.
Lilly Crow (played anonymously)

"Oh my name's Lilly. Lilly Crow." She took the seat that Yuri motioned to. Lilly saw lemon fall out of her seat. She kind of laughed but then thought better of it. "I'm sorry for laughing. Are you okay?" After she said she was okay, Lilly nodded "okay". "I'm glad you like my work. It wasn't a problem at all. Thank you for making me a member of the team."
Lemonmay (played by Clumsylemon)

Lemon laughs a bit longer as yuri lays on the floor next to her. She pushes herself up on her elbow " Sorry Yuri" she laughs even more and pats Yuri's arm "oh come on laugh" As she slowly stands up " I'm sorry again, I was so excited about my work, don't worry Lilly we don't spend much time on the floor I promise" She leans over and holds out her hand to Yuri "Need help?"
Yuri huffed, pulling himself to his feet without Lemon's help. "You're alright, but I hope you'll refrain from such actions in the future," he cautioned. As he took his seat again, he spent a few seconds placing his papers back into order. It wasn't that he was upset with Lemon or even at Lilly for laughing at them, but such close contact with people tended to rattle him. ", where were we? Ah! The survey! I'm thinking that we should print it on pink paper? Or is that too obtuse? Maybe white with floral decor?" he questioned.

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