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Gabriel (played by Kruhee)

The character above you is hungry, what would your character feed them?

I'll start by pretending there's someone above me ;)

Gabriel would feed them Crackers and 'Tomato Soup." Defiantly no blood mixed in there.
Scotty (played anonymously)

Scotty would pump Gabriel's stomach full of holy bullets. That'll make him feel full, right??
Adelina (played anonymously)

Looks from side to side before leaning in to whisper, "I'd feed Scotty some pickled eggs!"
Avri (played by Alien_Princess)

"Oh wow," Avri states with an innocent stare at Adelina, "You're pretty." Her eyes an smile linger a moment before she snaps back to reality with an audible sound. Reaching in the pouch to her side she pulls out a half eaten loaf of bread and proceeds to unspool the cloth wrapping around it.

"I have bread! It's not really fit for a noble girl like you I s'pose, but it's all I have...." Avri begins tearing the bread into two pieces as equally as she can manage, "Here, I'll share it with you."
Creatia (played by Lucretire)

Creatia gasped with delight at the adorable child. "O-oh, my gosh, a-are you hungry, l-little one?" Rummaging into her duffle bag, she pulled out a small bag of freshly wrapped cookies, topped off with a bright red bow and a small tag to a bakery attached to the side.

"I-I was saving, saving these for l-later, but uhm..." She held out the bag to the small girl with a bright, cheery smile. "H-here! Take them, hee-hee!"
Enio (played anonymously)

Enio looked at Creatia and grinned a charming smile, "Sup, toots?" Without further ado, he slammed a leg of some sort of creature onto the table. It was raw, skinned, and fresh enough to still be bleeding. It was large enough to be a leg of a cow...or a deer...or maybe even a llama. "Ya like meat?" he asked with an intense predatory gaze on her.
Isabella stood before the gigantic human Enio at barely 4 ft tall, weighing in at maybe 60 lbs. The child stared up with a solemn look on her face into the eyes of the brute for several long moments while still clutching her tome to her chest.

"I can take you," the little girl claimed with a sly grin on her face. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of sunflower seeds, not bagged and clearly just dumped into her pocket. She stepped forward and held her hand out, offering both the sunflower seeds, and the stray lint from her pocket to Enio. "Here, try them. They're good!"
Nikkolai glances to Isabella, she seems hungry. "Here." he says offering her the bowl of stew he had crafted himself for lunch. "Enjoy." he says casually.
Lexi (played by Lucretire)

"Man, I was 'bout t' eat dis, but MFA gotta be callin' me n' gotdamn..." The phoenix griped for a moment about having to ditch her meal before walking by Nikkolai. Catching sight of the man, Lexi paused midstep. Her lips curled into a sudden smirk as she hatched a quick idea for her excess food. "Heh." Hey, at least it won't go to waste...

"Yo man, wait up!" She called out to grab his attention, then held out a box of chicken strips. "Y'wannit? Can't eat dis, I gotta sum, uh... stuff t' catch up on. Think ovit as a hot meal f'r a hot man, y'know wha' I'm sayin'?" A playful wink and a coy smile punctuated her flirtatious statement.
Karma (played anonymously)

S.K. frowned at the idea of Lexi going without food and pilled a power bar out of her pocket. It's age and shape was irreverent, these things last forever.

"Naw, you gonna be needen' sumen'," The deformed cookies and cream power bar was shoved into the person's hand. "Betta'en empty stomach."
Evelyn (played anonymously)

Evelyn held a pan awkwardly towards SK, "Okay, so I tried to make some fried noodles. But I think I had the heat turned up too high? Or something's wrong with my stove. Or maybe I was distracted looking through Instagram. Aaaanway. Umm, some are a little extra crispy...?" Her eyes looked to the pan as she moved the burnt noodles and veggies around a bit, "Errmm...You know what? No...Sorry,'s okay. Sorry. I'll just order take out. Don't eat this, I don't want you to get sick. I'll toss it out. Pizza? Chinese? Your choice!"
"Fish, perhaps?" suggests the elegant and friendly looking blue-scaled aquatic dragoness, platters bearing an array of finely cooked fillets and a variety of raw preparations popping into existence on a table as she gestures toward it, "As both oceans and food are among my domains, I have plenty to choose from, and most certainly something that will suit your tastes, Evelyn, poor misfortunate girl. I promise that in my presence nothing will go awry with it, either. I would not let a bone stick in your throat from my food. Luck is also among my jurisdictions, you see."

She looks at the spread, a slightly bothered expression on her long-snouted face. "I do get bored of having it myself all the time, though... some other set of tastes would do me good, however much I hate to admit it," she mutters
Clyde Loewner (played by MangoNekros)

"Here, take an MRE, these things are all we ever eat back at base" he held a package out, completely unfazed of the Dragon before him. As he gave it he felt his stomach rumble, it was his last one as he rummaged through every pocket of his vest
Aora (played anonymously)

With pity in her large blue eyes Aora held out her hand in which she held a crisp cold apple, ice beginning to frost it's red and gold skin. "We should not go hungry, that would not do. You gave up your meal and we give ours to you."
Medieval Characters (played by MangoNekros)

"Please, except my offering" he said as he got on one need and held out a steaming bowl of cooked meat and rice. Despite his offering, that was his dinner, and was on a really tight budget, he does have the money for another meal
Roxie Heart (played anonymously)

"Here, can't do much with an empty stomach." She says and hands The Warden a bowl of three bean chili and fresh bread.
Adelia (played by North-Wood)

The Reaper offers a plate of steaming ham, stuffing, and mashed potatoes with gravy.

"Straight from the kitchen in the Light Lands. My siblings hate it when others go hungry." Leo, her protégé, offers buttered rolls, still warm from the oven. She would then lean on her scythe after the being took the food. "However, I'll stick around, in case anyone doesn't get food soon enough..." she smirks, letting the hint hang there.
Lian (played anonymously)

There was a large smile on Lian's face, showing off her mouth filled with needle-like teeth, "The Adelia is kind, so The LiLi is kind to The Adelia." A small lidded basket was held out and with a shy little flourish, the lid was removed to reveal a mass of writhing and wriggling earth worms. "You takes and eats and be nourished, yes?" she asked with a frantic nodding of her head.
Ettie (played anonymously)

Ettie looked from the beautiful fae down at the mold formed fungal protein in the shape of a chicken breast, pained and hard pressed to be close, but not quite right in texture, flavor or color. "I'm sorry it's not the most fancy, but it is better than what they eat in the factory levels." She shrugged and offered it up. "At least it's good for you, and I didn't forget to salt it... this time."
The Beast Tamer (played by MangoNekros)

He pulled out a dagger and cut the head off a chicken, watching it collapse to the floor, bleeding. "The meat is as fresh as it could be. Cook it while you can" While at it, he needed food for him and his animals

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