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Hi there, my name is Isaac. but you can call me Tsu. My favorite kind of rps are fantasy and modern rps. I hope to find new friends and people to RP for a long time. I've been RPing since i was 16. I love playing DND and even Just normal RPs are fun to me. No, i used to have a cat before i went off to college. My favorite subject in school right now is History. It has always been my favorite subject since 8th grade. Right now i just go to college so i can get better at computer science and hopefully get a good paying job. My dreams for the future is to find a girlfriend and start a family somewhere in time.

No i hope this site is just as fun as all DND.

rolled 1d20 and got a natural 13. After the modifier of +1, got 14
Nat20s rock!

Hello and welcome to RPRepository the best roleplaying website ever thanks to Kim.
Thank you so much. i'm glad i'm able to be here
*slides in* *falls flat on face* *swears for an exceedingly long time*

Welcome, to the RP Repository! I am absolutely stoked to see you here and glad you've made the absolute life-changing decision to join us all as we slowly plot to take over the world!

I am FlamingPsycho, virus extraordinaire!

I've been roleplaying for a while and would love to RP with you now that you are here, lol. I'd also love to answer any questions you may have.

So, if you need help or are just up for a roleplay, please please PLEASE PM me! I'm always around!

So, first and foremost, though, you should probably check out our rules here, just so nothing takes you by surprise! You can find them here:

If you ever get bored and hunting for a roleplay, feel free to check out our Looking For RP forum here:

If you’re looking for help from communities, check out our help forums, somebody is almost always lurking there:

Do you have artwork you wanna make, or do you wanna find some art for characters? Or do you have an AU you want to share? Check this out:

And finally…are people taking years to respond to your RPs, or do you just not feel the muse and want to just play some games? Well, we have just the place for you! Look here:

Well, nice meeting you! Enjoy our little haven here, and I hope to see you around!
Hi! Welcome to RPR, hope you have fun here!
Welcome Tsu! There's a good mix here of DnD type games (as well as some other games with different tabletop rulesets, but definitely not as many) as well as freeform RP. So hopefully you'll find some stuff that interests you! :)

You shouldn't have much trouble getting a good paying job with a Computer Science degree! (That's what mine is in too! Though I did have to move away from my home town for better career opportunities.)
Thank you. i really hope i get to rp with a lot of you.
and yeah Computer science is a great paying job but i'll probably won't be able to stay in my home town lol.

if anyone would like to. i would mine having some Pm rps with you folks :3
Heya welcome to RPR! <3 I'm positive you'll quickly find lots of great games and fantastic new friends. The RPR community is very active and kind, so don't be afraid to ask questions or talk to people.

P.S. There have been raffles, and game going on in Forum Games and Smalltalk where people have been giving away items due to the RPR fundraising event. Wouldn't want you to miss out! ;)
Hiya, it's Velvet! Welcome to RPR and I would love to RP with you! I love, LOVE fantasy so if we can RP that in DMs I would absolutely love to.
Sanne Moderator

I'm a little biased after being here for over 9 years, but I do think RPR is one of the best (if not the best) roleplaying site currently out there! If only because our community makes it so amazingly awesome. :D

What sort of job are you hoping to land, if you're comfortable sharing that?
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you find lots of fun here <3
Hullo, Tsu! o/

DnD is awesome!
I know we've got loads of fans here, so you should have no shortage of friends and partners :D

Welcome to RPR, enjoy your stay! :)

Welcome to RPR~ It's a loving and welcoming community, and I hope you feel at homeeee!
I welcome you to the wonderful place that is RPR! Here you can look for rps of your favorite kinds! Get tons of matches by putting in preferences!
Here you can get help if you are unsure of what to do! Or, click/tap on my profile and send me a message! Have a good day!
Cheers to making new friends and having lots of run RPs! Welcome to the site. :)
Welcome to the Repository

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