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A this place is just a fourm to post some thoughts you've had in the late night or early morning hours,so have fun but please don't go tooo over bored with the description of it's something explicit.

Beast boy can turn into any living thing, and it's not just limited to mamals,he could turn into sharks,or a turtle,or bird. So in theory,he could be a plant. Like a head of lettuce or celery,or vines,or a leaf.

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can vegans use sponges?
Wear black, eat pizza.

If your typical vampire's heart doesn't beat, how do they... move?
It was all just a dream.
*goes back to sleep*
It's wake up time.
I’ve pondered long and slow about how triggers set everything in motion.
When I woke up, I first thought... I need to draw. Just anything to get my artistic creativity going.
Hindsight is always 20/20.

Sh.... stuff happens
If I could turn back time
Anonymous Poster (played anonymously)

The phrase "don't you dare" is actually the phrase, "do not you dare."

And that is confusing as all heck
There's no way you can report yourself because the button isn't there on your own profile

But why is there the button to block yourself?
I really want some food, but it's too far away. Everything is always too far away.
If midnight means that it’s the next day wouldn’t it count as a continuation of the previous day?
Just remembering
People of any age are hyper in a power vacuum. When there's a sense of order and rules, only then do people put their talent to good use. Therefore, never apologize for stepping up as a leader when no one is doing it.
"If a fire truck has nothing but water in it,then why isn't it called a water truck?,why isn't the pokemon Charizard with the dragon type pokemon?" okay im done
Everything has consequences
If I get a DNA test with good ancestry info, that might open up options for more cultures I could pull name options from (as I look for options to replace my IRL middle and last name, having recently selected a new first name). I'd still need to research those cultures, of course, but appropriation would be less of an issue if I actually have it in my bloodline.

Down side: if I understand how it works right, since I'm most likely XX, my results will be maternal-line focused for lack of a Y-chromosome to trace paternal-line on. But those are both also treated as extras, so... I don't know?

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