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Maybe this C19 will get people to actually wipe their car steering wheels, shifter, door handles, brake, etc, down with a disinfectant wash.
Mulling thoughts of playing an old tabletop wargame with my brother called 'Panzer Leader'. It was a fun and fairly balanced platoon-level WW2 game. The scenarios are chock full of RP inspiration. There is a reason why I have three WW2 characters here on RPR.
As usual, i'm laying awake at 12 AM scrolling through the forums aimlessly while constantly figuring out small tweaks for my characters, with the usual contemplation about life and coming up with ideas for my novel. And for some reason as of late i've had an obsession with color hex codes and have been wondering what the codes for certain colours are for the last 10 minutes. I have very generic yet very weird late night thoughts i just realised.
Why can't I seem to get this RP post finished?
Although understandable, disinterest is still a hard pill to swallow.
Other people: Man, my hair is getting long during lockdown

Me: *hasn't had a haircut in 10 years*
Being married is way better than being single💞💋🍾.
Lol Riik.... there is something to say of long haired freaky people!

Pondering a rework of an old character’s bio this night.
Yaaaark. Is a thing people used to yell on hippie farms after dinner and people would tell yark back, and it would be this meaningful communal activity. Like wolves howling together. Yaaaark! They called it Yarking. It sounds like fun. And now that I know about it, sometimes I want to randomly yell yark, but no one will know what I'm talking about.
• Is a ‘late-night’ thought a thought you have at 11:59PM?

• At what point in time does ‘night’ become ‘late-night’?

• Is a midnight thought a ‘late-night’ thought or an ‘early-morning’ thought?
i am happy for all my blessed beautiful faithful true freinds I've made on here. thanks RPRepository
Pop spelled backwards is pop.
Totally destroyed and unrepairable
Forever demolished and destroyed.
Me: *Remembers one of those what-were-you-thinking moments from middle school*
Me: *Smothers face with pillow* NO! NOOOOOO! NO NO NO NO!
Remembering the time I fell for the old sales tactic of 'Bait & Switch'.
Since there are many different time zones, isn't it technically always late night somewhere?
AlexSilverX wrote:
Since there are many different time zones, isn't it technically always late night somewhere?
Indeed. Which brings back the question... 'When does 'regular' Night end and 'Late Night' begin? And to add to the mystery, why is there no 'Early Night, but there is an 'Early Evening'? Is there a 'Late Evening'? There is? then when does 'Late Evening' become 'Late Night'? And if I'm having the same thought as the second hand sweeps past twelve after 11:59:59, It means teh same thought is both a 'Late Night Thought' & an 'Early Morning Thought' ... Hmmmm.......
^ I personally like to think night is from sunset to sunrise, and late night is the part after the moon has reached its highest point in the sky.

Follow-up unrelated question; Are lesbian nekos technically cannibals?

Please don't explain why that makes sense to children... anybody awake...?

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