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Uh hello everyone!
This is actually a newly opened door for me haha so yeah. Just wanted to see through things and hopefully enjoy as it seems fun and intriguing.
I can’t really Rp with a character that’s so detached from me, tbh. So Val still has a twinge of myself. Hope to rp with most of y’all. Good day!
Hi Val. Let me the first to welcome you to this fine upstanding called RPRepository created by Kim.
Hi Val! Welcome to RPR!! I hope you have fun here! Be sure to check out the forums once you're ready!!
Welcome to RPR!

Hi! Welcome to RPR, I hope you’ll have lots of fun!
hello and WELCOME TO RPR!! :D <3
Welcome to rpr
Welcome to the Repository
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you like it here. Feel free to message me if you'd like to rp or chat.
Hello and welcome to RPR! Hope you're settling into the site okay.

Cheers to making friends and having fun RPs!
Heya welcome to RPR! <3 I'm positive you'll quickly find lots of great games and fantastic new friends. The RPR community is very active and kind, so don't be afraid to ask questions or talk to people.
Welcome to RPR!

I hope you have lots of fun here! ^^

There is the Looking-For-Role-Play (LFRP) section to find new partners by responding to ads or making your own plot pitches!
There is a "Find RP" search feature that can help you find things a little more quickly as well!
Don't forget there are roleplay groups that are open for people to join that are separate from PMs and the public forum!

I have noticed there is a little something for everyone, and if its not listed then don't be afraid to share your own ideas! The community is very kind and welcoming to all forms of creativity.
Hello val_evyn,

characters of nearly all kinds are found here on rpr, and if you feel most comfortable modeling your character after your own interests that's okay! This is probably the most accepting and tolerant site I've seen as far as different ideals and interests, and I'm fairly certain no matter what your interests may be you'll find someone who shares them.

If you have any questions or need help of some kind, feel free to mail to my inbox!

Welcome to RPR!
Howdy. Hope you settle in ok :)


Welcome to RPR! I am new myself and already loving the site. I am sure you would too.

So if got any questions then ask freely!

Hey Val!!!!
Welcome to RPR❤
Welcome to RPR!

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