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I'm SpicyConstellation and while I could take you down the rabbit hole behind the username, I'll instead introduce myself more nicely. I hail from far away sites and mediums to help satisfy my itch to roleplay. I saw the great days of Tumblr and it's fall when trimming posts became difficult. I lived through when AIM drew it's last breath and wrote on LINE when that was 'in'. My last destination had been aniroleplay, but I found the site wasn't managed well and the breadth of what was allowed to be limiting.

Now I travel to here, at the recommendation of Google, and I have high hopes!
I would love to make connections and form stories and to fall in love with the community.

I love all sorts of genres. To list things, it would start to look like "romance, thriller, fantasy, urban fantasy, modern, suspense, horror, gore, psychological, fluff" ECT ECT. I have fun with experimenting with verses, crossovers, and themes, too!

I like light things as much as I love the intensely plotted stuff, so please please please don't be shy to reach out. I love making OCs and I would love to create some that are unique to this site!
Welcome! I hope you find the site to be fun and enjoyable. There's a variety of roleplays here, and the character creation options allow you to go really in depth in creating them. And, again, welcome to RPR!
Welcome to RPR! By the looks of things, you'll fit in just well with this site! I hope you'll enjoy this site and have a great time roleplaying with other people.
Welcome, SpicyConstellation!

With your wide variety of tastes in RP, I have no doubt you'll be able to find some interesting stories here! :) There's a good mix of RPers and RP styles.

If you haven't already, definitely check out the Looking for RP sub-forum. That's where folks post their plot ideas to recruit players or partners.

Any questions about the site so far?
A very spicy welcome to RPR!

Welcome to this fine upstanding community created by Kim.
Hello and welcome to RPR!
Helloooooo and welcome to the site! Also thanks for telling us about you.

I hope you're settling in okay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as there are a ton of helpful people around that can answer questions. :D

Cheers to making new friends and being a part of lots of fun RPs!
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you like it here. Feel free to message me if you'd like to rp or chat.
Hey, SpicyConstellation! Welcome to RPR!! I'm glad you found us and I hope you ave fun here! Be sure to check out the roleplay forums once youre ready!

Hello SpicyConstellation! As a fellow RP web traveller who came here in January 2018, May I say welcome!

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