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Forums » Introductions » Being new here im looking for fantasy Rp

Soooo..... My mom shuts my wifi off at. 11 and im a night owl. Soooooo yhea Kids my age wanna exchange numbers for rp but pming me here is fine.... Just im also kinda clingy due to years of negelt from my dad so. Be patient so yhea its ok im good at roleplay and have a colorfull cast of characters and i will most likely draw our Ocs interacting in Rp but yhea, i kinda only do Urban fantasy sooo.... Pm if your interested

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Welcome to the site! I hope you're able to make friends and have lots of fun RPs.
Welcome to RPR, I bet you'll find lots of new friends and RP's!
Welcome to this fine upstanding community called RPRepository created by Kim.
Welcome, I hope you can find some great RPs to join! (I love fantasy rp!)
Hello! Welcome to RPR! I hope you like it here. Feel free to message me if you'd like to rp or chat.
Hey! Welcome to RPR!! I hope you have fun here!

Hey you! Welcome to RPR! Rebellion against parents is a universal thing the workday over.

Enjoy your time here!

You are on: Forums » Introductions » Being new here im looking for fantasy Rp

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