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Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades)

Yup! This RP Is Open To Everyone! Just Jump On In! And, I'll Go Ahead And Apologize For Such A Long Start! ;> But, Ya Gotta Start Somewhere!


~Nothing But Mild Cursing! Damn, Hell, Crap- Something Along Those Sorts. Someone Might Not Enjoy Cursing As Much As You Do. But, This Is A Rule I Don't Really Care For, But Just Keep It Somewhat Mild Around Most!

~Speaking Of Mild, Keep The Romance Under Somewhat Control. ( Basically, No Detailed Sex Or Anything Of The Sorts, Y'know? Not Forbidding Romance, Just The Particular Stuff On This Forum. Feel Free To PM The RPing Partner If You Wish To Do Said Actions. ;D )

~Any Amount Of Writing Length Is Fine! Just.. More Than Two Sentences Would Be Nice. :)

~Have Fun! Just Keep The Plot Going, And It Can Go Anywhere!

Now For The Rp! :D

A million feathery, winged creatures flew across the sky, which was a deep orange that faded into an azure blue. The clouds stretched across the sun, which was spread across the horizon. The morning was quiet, for the town and its people were still resting as the moon was slowly fading into its day's sleep. The stars cowered in the presence of the blinding light, and the forest that was rolled around the town's outer lining didn't seem so.. scary. The town, Erodyn, wasn't very people's due to this reason, and there was a season of which travelers came and went, due to the bright days that made walking through the forest rather easy. Few people had awakened, but they were mostly traveling salesmen or saleswomen. The farmers, what few there were, were bustling with their coops of chickens and fields of cows and vegetables. Busy setting up their posts and stations and vendors full of foods or odd jewelry, they didn't notice the herd of deer that gathered at the edge of the trees. Two children were dancing around the town square's fountain, smiling as their hushed voices were covered by the screaming and laughter that rung throughout the sky. Of course, the morning was like any other, yet-


Screaming and laughter? It caused a groan from one elderly woman's throat as she recognized the not so unfamiliar voice. The elder had dealt with the same situation in the past, and would most likely have to keep doing so in the future. She shuffled from her vendor, which was selling hand-sewn dresses and weaved hats, and searched for the one boy who had always caused the same trouble. Well, trouble was a strong term to use. But, perhaps it wasn't. The boy had never done any good, and when he tried, it never worked in his favor.

And, this time, he was failing yet again.

Rhys Celestia, a short sorcerer with a mind older than he was, was struggling to hold onto a now grown pony he had stolen from the farmer's stalls. Though the male was smiling, he was absolutely petrified. His wishes were to transform the pony into a pegasus, and the mythical creature would be given to the town's children as a gift. But.. his Magi- or magics, as most called it- had other plans. Rhys had been using a wand, but he didn't have very swell control over said wand, and, as it is seen, it causes.. problems.

"Mrs. Timberly!" Rhys's voice finally cracked, and the fear in his emerald eyes were caught in the light. In his current situation, his arms were wrapped around the neck of an oversized, sable black horse, which had grown three times its original size due to the miserable sorcerer's Magi. The pony had frightened him as it lifted onto his hind legs, but since Rhys was in the middle of chanting, the Magi had shifted due to the calmness of his emotions fading. The wand had swerved to the side when Rhys scrambled away, and the magics had hit the pony's legs, not its upper back. Of course, the wizard was a 'genius' and decided to try to take hold of the oversized horse's mane, but he ended up stuck on its back, afraid yet amused. "Mind giving me a hand? Or a stool?"

The elderly woman, Mrs. Timberly, shook her head in annoyance, wandering away with a sway of her hand before returning to her vendor. Rhys understood she was irritated, but he didn't understand why she couldn't help him! If he could just remove his hands for a moment to properly hold his wand..

And he dropped it. Dropped it! Of all things that could've happened, he just lost his grasp and let it go! The sorcerer gave a defeated sigh, but he was back to cowering upon the horse as it continued galloping furiously through the field rather quickly. The immense hat flew from his head, revealing his ruffled, fawn hair as it fluttered through the swift winds. Finally gaining some sort of courage, Rhys opened his eyes and scanned the direction they were heading in. Perhaps they would near his house, and he could retrieve his back-up wand, let alone another hat. Or, perhaps they would continue trotting towards the park, and furiously heading towards the bridge that hung over a fairly large amount of water. Prayers flew from Rhys's mouth, followed by curses as he was desperately holding onto the horse, wishing it would stop spinning and dancing on the bridge. He must've looked foolish. Well, the adjective was a good word to describe him. A complete and utter fool.
Sabrina (played anonymously)

Sabrina was walking and was with 2 young boys. She was walking up to the bridge when she saw a pony and a boy making a fool out of each other and giggled. “ you with the circus or is something wrong?” She asked calmly. She looked at him and just smirked at the whole scene. The 2 boys with her where smirking and laughing. She walked up to the pony and held it reins.

“ what the matter you seem upset. I’m sorry if my 2 brats are offending you or if I did. We meant nothing by it. We are new here and it not everyday you see a horse dancing.” She stated and grabbed the reins and leads the pony to the other side of the bridge. “ you should be ok now. Don’t tell me you use magic do you?” She asked bluntly.
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

As the horse crossed the bridge, Rhys inhaled sharply and thanked the stranger under his breath. "Well," The sorcerer smiled anxiously, his cheeks flushing with rosiness. The embarrassed blush faintly spread across his cheekbones as he ducked his head, "perhaps the circus would expect me, hm?" He chuckled at himself, raising his head once again to look over the woman. "Your... The kids didn't offend me, no worries, Miss. I'm quite clumsy when it comes to this sort of.. things, and I don't mind with people get a swell laugh from it." He flashed a smile. "I suppose you can consider this a, sort of 'welcome to the town!' But, to answer your question, I did use a bit of magic, but it wasn't meant to do... this." Rhys mad a small gesture to the horse by jabbing his thumb towards the majestic animal. "Oh! How inconsiderate of myself-" He extended his hand for a handshake, grinning. "I'm Rhys Celestia, the village's sorcerer. Or, as most seem to call it, wizardly fool." He chuckled, recalling the elderly woman had once called him the nickname. Perhaps, if he had introduced himself correctly, he had just managed to make an acquaintance. A friendly one, at that.

(( Apologies For The Late Response! ;w; ))
Sabrina (played anonymously)

she shook his hand. "nice to meet you. im Sabrina. The white haired boy is Apollo and the one with dark hair is Erebus." Apollo bowed. "I hope we can be friends. who taught you magic if I may ask?" Erebus waved and stayed quiet. Sabrina gave the horse a snack. " would you happen to know where we could stay for the night and eat? we have traveled far and need to rest for a bit. " Erebus sighed and thought about something. " why do they call you the wizard fool?" he asked.

( your fine. im sorry for my late reply but life busy sometimes. so your fine)
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Rhys nodded, smiling as his eyes scanned over the area he could see. After withdrawing his hand, he flicked his wrist and muttered a small chant underneath his breath. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Sabrina." He sent a glimpse her way, rolling his wrist once again. This time, instead of awkwardly waiting, his wand flew towards him, the leather-wrapped hilt meeting his palm. While paying close attention to the woman and her companions, he swayed the wand in a circle, than jabbed it to his right. "And it's a pleasure to meet you two young fellows, as well." Playfully, he returned the bow, tipping his pointed hat as it appeared on his head with a poof and a small smoke ring. Finally done with his little magic show, he tucked the wand on the loop on his belt and rose to his full height once again.

"Though it might be considered strange, there is a hotel to the north, perhaps two blocks away? But, beware of this, a pub is across the street, and it is awfully.. dangerous." As the darked-headed child- Erebus, was it?- spoke, Rhys lifted his brows with an embarrassed, anxious grin. "Well, as you can tell from this.. accident, I am clearly not that skilled with Magi- er.. magics. You see, I was attempting to cast a spell that would give the horse the ability of flight through wings, but it had startled itself and moved, causing the magic to cause the pony to grow instead. As for who taught me magics, I would like to say it was my grandfather, though we never spoke much."
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias walked into the town and marveled at how simply it was built, he was use to the spiraling tree houses of his people. He shrugged his shoulders and continued on when he heard the horse and saw the person riding it. Then he saw a girl and a couple kids walk up to the horse and stop it and the rider do some magic. the magic was what intrigued him. He would have to find out more.

Tobias walked over," hey what are you guys doing? I saw that little magic show, can you do any really magic or just parlor tricks? Like this." he said as he snapped his fingers and appeared 10 feet away and walked back to them.
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Rhys turned towards the male who approached, smiling awkwardly as he gave a quick wave. "Well, I was offering a bit of information when you approached us," The sorcerer blinked in slight surprise. "Parlor tricks? Pfft- Drunk men in a pub can barely due anything and call it magic. But I, on the other hand, am Rhys Celestia, the world's.. clumsiest wizard, at your service." He snickered quietly. "And who might you be?"
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

" oh" Tobias said unsure now" um... I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend, it's just I'm use to the elves and we all have much stronger magic, although less versatile than yours, all I can do is teleport. Nothing more,nothing less. My name is Tobias Clark"
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

"Oh, it's no problem," Rhys grinned crookedly, rolling his shoulders back into a shrug. "I mean, people have compared my abilities to nothing more than a few parlor tricks, but it doesn't offend me. Though, teleportation is.. a difficult skill to learn, so you have respect on my end, Tobias." He smiled, shoving his hands into his pockets. "I mean, I have no idea of how to even start with the magics and all, and I've been doing it for years! Pfft- For example, that horse? It was meant to fly, not grow three times its original size." He chuckled lightly.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias's eyes grew wide" you can make things grow! I've never met an elf that could do that.Wow! And don't feel bad, I've had to work at my magic for 13 years, and I'm only 15. day and night I was told to work at making it faster, farther, quieter. I was the council's ultimate assasin, or atleast I would be if I could get rid of my conscious. And you're aloud to just... do magic? Like whenever you want? I had to have a supervisor and even then they gave me this collar" he pulled down the top of his shirt to show the collar around his neck." in order to stop me from using magic when they didn't want me to."
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

"Well, I do things.. by accident? And it's not that I feel bad, it's just.." The sorcerer laughed, doing jazz hands. "I'm the world's clumsiest wizard, after all."

"But, to answer your question, yes. Well- no? I mean, I can do magic whenever I chose to, but the people in this particular town prefer if I don't. Of course, they have every right to think that. I've probably destroyed the fountain in the Towns Square three to four times, since I came here? Oh- There was that one time I accidentally set fire to one of the farmer's crops." He flinched at the thought. "He.. probably dislikes me."

Rhys raised a brow. "Supervised? And why of all glorious things above are you wearing a collar? Do those people treat you like a dog?" His peculiar accent smothered most of his words, but some were understandable. He hoped.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias's mouth opened and closed a few times before he answered" um...well...hmmm... yeah I guess they do treat me like that. But it's for my own good, I'm gonna be on the council of elders and they need me to know when to use my magic. Or, atleast that's what they told me."
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Rhys nodded, thinking for a moment. "Well, why don't you rebel? If they treat you like you're an animal, why not tell them to stop? Of course, leading and everything must be.. difficult, but why do you let them treat you like that, eh?" He held up his hands. "I mean, I obviously know nothing about what you culture is, let alone how to lead, but.. still.."
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias chewed his lip unsure what to say. " well, I mean I was an orphan and they took me in. And they're the only family I've ever known. I guess I just... never thought about revolting, they've always told me that if I did whatever they told me to I would become a leader."
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Rhys almost flinched at the thought of what he had said to the elf. "My apologies, Tobias. I didn't know you were under such conditions." He leaned back on his heels, lifting his hand to rub the back of his neck as he sent a glance back at Tobias. "How's being a leader? Well, y'know.. being trained to be a leader?"
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

" Oh that's fine, you didn't know. Umm... It's nothing special. Elves are creatures of light, so as long as you spend atleast an hour in pure sunlight you can last all day without sleep, not that it's healthy.Anyway so they would have me study the inner workings of both elven and human courts and politics in the sun, so that I would be able to work out both physically and mentally day and night. Running miles and teleporting further." Then he shot an arrow and teleported, catching it in his palm before shooting it back towards Rhys and teleporting back, all before an average person could breathe. He wobbled as his recent overuse of his power and strength drained him of the energy it took to balance. " So now I'm there greatest hope at leadership"
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Rhys nodded, recovering from the slight shock of the arrow and teleportation. "Well," He smiled, "it already sounds like.. a lot, but I'm glad you went through with it. If you hadn't, that arrow would've made contact with my chest, and I wouldn't have been so approachable." He chuckled lightly.
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

Tobias smirked at Rhys's comment about the arrow." I would never have shot it back if I wasn't confident that I could catch it." then he looked at the ground as the world began to spin. He had done too much. Tobias looked over and found a bench to sit on until he revovered.
Rhys Celestia (played by AmberShades) Topic Starter

Rhys raised a brow. "Are you alright?" He paused, forcing a small smile and a weak laugh. "Well, magics do have their up and downs, don't they? One being that energy is far too valuable in most situations. I mean, it's good to know that we all have our limits, but.." He shook his head, closing his eyes for a moment. Distracted. "Are you alright?"
Tobias Clark (played by Tugboattom)

" I'll be fine." he explained between gasps of breath. " I just over did it. Normally it wouldn't be this bad but two teleportation with that little of a recovery period seems to kill my energy. Otherwise I could probably go clear to the other side of this country. Well more like maybe." He laughed as sweat poured of him.

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